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  1. Ravare added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Yea i've ran BDO with these games running as well. Just put BDO minimized in your system tray and make sure your comp can handle it.

    Games Tested with BDO running: GW2, WoW, GTA Online (FPS drops a lot), Overwatch, Warframe (big fps drops), Blade & Soul.

    Sometimes I play these games when I am doing Processing or turning in drops in BDO
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  2. Ravare added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    I still play both off and on since I like them as Themepark games.
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  3. Ravare added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Simple........because the combat in those games is boring and shitty
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  4. Ravare added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    Careful Sizer.........Steve Harvey was the announcer, we need to confirm that award is correct.

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  5. Ravare added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    Maybe Valencia wasnt tuned to crank out a lot of money?
    Maybe Valencia came out in KR when they already had some time to build up their tradeskills, passive income etc so there was no need to make it the new Max EXP/Silver ration grind spot.
    It's a choice you make in the end game. Do you focus more on EXP? Or do you take a hit to EXP so that you can get a little more income going as well?
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  6. Ravare added a post in a topic Actual situation of our BDO   

    What exact Pearl Abyss policy are you talking about.
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  7. Ravare added a post in a topic Good gosh almighty. Fired this game up again today, what the...   

    Ohh look, Frostfire2k has posted another Troll thread complaining about BDO.
    Everytime its "I cant believe this game is still going, its soo bad".

    Yet here you are..............month after month, complaining once again.
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  8. Ravare added a post in a topic Shroud Armor?   

    I made a mistake and you do not have to do the quest to get the Design. Just get it from Ahto at the farm.
    To steal from and NPC, I believe you have to be behind them and you will see the menu pop up to hit "R" to steal. I haven't done that in months, but i am pretty sure that is how it works out from memory. If you fail, there is a chance that a City Guard who sees it will attack you.
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  9. Ravare added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    You are free to express it. But I will ask why do you keep expressing it?
    What are you trying to accomplish? Are you posting this to have a debate with people? To draw comments? To just clear the air and rant?
    After a while of continous "Game X is better than BDO, and so is Game Y", it starts to get pointless.
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  10. Ravare added a post in a topic Do you think there will ever be an MMO that looks as good as Black Desert in the near future?   

    If there is one, it will most likely be more Themepark.
    The newer MMO trends right now point to Themepark, Survival Sandbox, Space Sim (with the few SuperHero Kickstarters round now)
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  11. Ravare added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    Then either go play those games, post a suggestion to the Devs in the Suggestions Forum, go build your own "golden MMO" or just go play something else.

    Coming here complaining about Beta/Alpha footage from 4 years ago when clearly the game has shifted directions a little bit makes no sense. You had 4 years to make a decision. You had countless videos from KR that you could have watched. You had more than enough data to do your own personal research in order to make an informed decision on how to spend your money.
    Your choice at the end of the day.
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  12. Ravare added a post in a topic No Mother's Day Event RAGE!   

    You have to do the summoning ritual to bring the Forum Flame Riders.

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  13. Ravare added a post in a topic New Forums are NOT secure   


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  14. Ravare added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    That's a long reaching statement there unless you surveyed most people.
    Otherwise, its just the normal forum riders who take up their personal banner of righteousness. 
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  15. Ravare added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    It's kind of obvious looking at the videos while they changed it if people are talking about movement speed and attack speed.
    I can easily see how that would be considered "slow" combat nowdays.
    Most likely they got feedback on it. I would have given the same.

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  16. Ravare added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    Yea ok.
    So you post 3 videos. One of Seiges, Two of low level characters grinding (slowest part of any MMO game) and one of some weather effects.
    Then you post a video of one Ranger at max level grinding on some Light Green colored mobs.
    What happened to BDO?.................people leveled and can kill stuff faster.............<mind boggle>
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  17. Ravare added a post in a topic New Crafted Costume - Male Shroud Armor   

    I went and bought the design from Ahto at Ahto's farm I believe. The design costs 35,000 silver.
    The one thing I did do before buying the design was re-run that level 32 Calpheon questline that they reactivated for us. It took me maybe 30-40 minutes to get it done. (cool thing is you get another HP+50 AP+5 gem for your off hand)
    I'll check on the stats when converted when I get home in a couple of hours. I converted it and checked out the dye slots. Its an ok costume, but definitely one I probably will not wear. My main gripe with it is the legs, I wish we would have gotten some boots or at least not have the ankles be "baggy". I'll post a pic of the dye slots as well.
    Currently farming the mats to make the Travel Suit and Sailors Costume today/tomorrow and will post pics of the male versions.
    So this one does have the +1ATK+1Cast speed.
    Here are a few pics to see the different dye points. Then two pics of it dyed Black/Gold


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  18. Ravare added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    Or...........most of us finally caved in and learned that the whole game isnt just grinding.
    We now actually have to level our tradeskills and use those mats on a consistent basis in order to maximize our own personal income and gear levels.
    So many.........there is just more demand. And also, possibly there are more players now of level or gear level that need those items as well.
    I remember in my early to mid 50s, I didnt even care about browsing the MP for any kind of mats because I easily had enough saved up in my Warehouse. Once I started trying to get stronger gear, I burned through that stuff and was at the MP like everyone else, trying to buy up some more mats.
    Factor in the events that were giving out chances at Ogre Rings, Blackstones etc have slowed down. So we burned through that inventory. And honestly we probably just got used to seeing those amounts on the MP because Kakao had the events going for so long to compensate for some of the sped up content releases.
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  19. Ravare added a post in a topic Instant Accel & Sprint Nerf   

    I dont think anything changed. 
    I had been breeding somewhat casually from release in order to get a few T7s. I only had a small portion of my horses who had Sprint or Instant Accel.
    I used to ride my T6 more because it had Sprint and none of my T7s had it. Then this past week when the horse stuff was on sale, I had enough Pearls for a skill reset and got lucky and got Sprint right off the bat.
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  20. Ravare added a topic in Art & Media   

    New Crafted Costume - Male Shroud Armor
    Just posting this so those can see what it looks like before you decide to craft it or convert it. Keep in mind the legs are "baggy" and are not form fitting near the calves/ankle.
    The sword on the hip is the costume, not my weapon.

    All in all a cool looking costume. My only gripe is the legs since they make it look like you are wearing baggy pants or pajamas.

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  21. Ravare added a post in a topic GET RID OF THIS GOD AWFUL MECHANIC   

    It does kind of get annoying when trying to buy a page full of items, then all of a sudden..............10+ Bid items pop for lower amounts than what you were buying for.
    It probably would bloat their database, but it almost would be better to just have all Bids be on a separate tab. If you want to play the Bid game them go ahead for cheaper prices. If you want to just Buy then do that on the other tab. Once all the Buy Now ones are gone, you will have to result to the Bid tab anyway until people post more.
    And maybe if you post an item as a Bid, you get like 10% off the tax rate since the Bids are typically lower than regular postings. I dont know something like that
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  22. Ravare added a post in a topic What on earth is this fresh nonsense?   

    You got caught looking at porn.
    That's what the detective guy is for. 

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  23. Ravare added a post in a topic Ahon Kirus Armor   

    Male Shroud Armor (Ninja)

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