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  1. Dusty_Monk added a post in a topic Ingame Options not working   

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  2. Dusty_Monk added a post in a topic (Guild Chat) Use Family Name!! /AFK Flag/More Guild Ranks   

    This would be so helpful. Also if afk flag could prevent receipt of guild pings that would be great. I just lost crystals and exp due to levelling horses afk
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  3. Dusty_Monk added a topic in Suggestions   

    Named Training Dummies
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who would really enjoy bashing a training dummy named "Daum". There are probably a few other popular names for training dummies.
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  4. Dusty_Monk added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 08th   

    I lost the crystal in my weapon due to this last night. Woke up standing by heidel stable with a destroyed wagon and -1 yellow weapon crystal
    I'm thinking I'll just start using my karma to kill afk fishers. If I can't train horses, why can they fish?
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  5. Dusty_Monk added a post in a topic Cant Exchange T5 Conqueror package Horse!!   

    I was thinking we should get all the people with conqueror pack horses to line up in game with their horses and signboards saying "I got scammed by Daum"  RIP $50
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  6. Dusty_Monk added a post in a topic Teleportation   

    The issue is related to the fact that the two boats the character is teleporting between are clipping into each other. It's like the server can't work out which boat the character is standing on.
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  7. Dusty_Monk added a post in a topic Conqueror's Pack Horse   

    I levelled my conqueror horse to 30. I reset its death count (for breeding purposes obviously) and bred it with a t2 horse as I was planning to use a breeding reset then exchange. I levelled a t4 female to breed with it and just recently decided to exchange it instead and save the breeding reset for a male with 2 breeding slots. Which was when I looked for and found this thread.
    The T5 horse was the primary reason I upgraded from the explorer pack to the conqueror pack. The secondary reason was the costume which I haven't actually used since the end of headstart due to having purchased a more aesthetically appealing costume.
    I am extremely unhappy with the upgrade, and am still waiting for Daum, the Nigerian Prince to forward me the gold bullion I paid for.
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  8. Dusty_Monk added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Unable to attack unflagged targets while flagged
    The guild I am a member of, ImminentDefeat were fighting (trying to) the guild Ghost  on channel Calpheon E2 on server Edan.  Ghost attacked ImminentDefeat while ImminentDefeat were fighting RedNose daily summons. When ImminentDefeat flagged to retaliate we could not target/damage the Ghost members until they flagged. 
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  9. Dusty_Monk added a post in a topic Blizzard unusable on Mount when freeze skilled?   

    Tooltip is wrong. Blizzard is still shift+LMB+RMB when mounted.
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  10. Dusty_Monk added a post in a topic CBT-2 Events   

    I have the same issue. Tried yesterday and today.
    Family: Dusty_Monk
    Char: Algara
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  11. Dusty_Monk added a post in a topic Horse Suggestions   

    If you (conversation - F5) your horse it has a chance to regain some stamina. One of 3 things happen when you (conversation) your mount. 
    Movement speed buffIt regains HPIt regains StaminaYou can (conversation) your mount once every 20 minutes. 
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  12. Dusty_Monk added a post in a topic [PVE] Alternate channels for PVE Only   

    I am all for OWPvPvE, my concern with BDO (having not played it before CBT) arrises from the fact that I am seeing two kinds of players.
    Those that mostly want the PvP (and have perhaps sated themselves on 1-50 PvE and learned the lore) and will rush to 50,Those that are perhaps new to the game like myself and wish to experience 1-50 and learn the lore at a relaxed pace.Now when the second group gets to 50 (or whatever level PvP starts) and looks to join the PvPvE'ers we'll find ourselves met by a bunch of level 55'ers who will school us so hard we'll consider quitting until a new server starts or we find a guild with a bunch of 55'ers that don't mind carrying our under-levelled and under-geared butts.
    TLDR If I don't rush to 50 I'm putting myself at a disadvantage when I do get to 50.
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  13. Dusty_Monk added a post in a topic Vigor/Energy System [DETAILED Breakdown]   

     If you completely remove the energy cost of processing/crafting then the value of processed/crafted goods becomes the sum on the value of the ingredients. Then there is no value in processing/crafting beyond what you need for yourself and/or friends. If minimum prices are set so there is still a profit in processing/crafting then bots will used to mass produce said goods. Then bona fide player-crafters are unable to make sales due to the sheer volume of the goods they are trying to sell that the bots are producing. e.g. Trying to sell 100 [item] when there are 1000000 [item] on the market. With energy required for processing/crafting there will need to be many more bots to saturate the market.
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  14. Dusty_Monk added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name: Algar
    Family Name: Dusty_Monk
    Cheeky Screenie: http://i.imgur.com/yAwyHix.png

    Yeah I dried it and sold it on the market before screenshot
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