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  1. Pithian added a post in a topic Ninja and Kunoichi Update Events!   

    @CM_Aethon : Thanks for the great game. Hope this event is as fun as some of the others! Just wish you guys could patrol the chat at least a little. It's pretty horrible (racist & sexist in a most sever manner (kid related).I had most son quit the game due to the severity of the chat. Sadness.. He's from Seoul and really wanted to play this game... Anyways, the game is great and I'm looking forward to the new event!
    Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.
    – Abraham Lincoln –
    대개 진실이 중상모략에 대한 최선의 해명이다.
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  2. Pithian added a post in a topic Launcher Error (-336)   

    After chasing down the wrong rabbit for a few days, I finally resolved the Error (-336) issue. If you are using a Windows OS and you use IE, open the Tools option on the menu bar and select Internet Options. Go to the Connections Tab and choose LAN Settings. Uncheck 'Use Proxy Settings" only if you are not actually using a proxy. I found that this was checked on my PC. When I turned this option off, BDO started working again. So...
    Open IE-->Tools-->Internet Options-->Connections-->LAN Settings-->Uncheck Use a proxy server.
    If you use a Proxy, either this is not the issue for you or you may need to investigate your proxy settings. Even if you use Firefox or Chrome as your default browser, the BDO launcher may still pull default settings from IE, so keep this in mind.I found some articles that some Windows PCs have this proxy option turning on from time to time. No idea why, but mine did. Hope this helps the player base in general and Daum.
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  3. Pithian added a post in a topic suspicious program detected.Teamviewer ?   

    I use Team Viewer on 2 different PCs I play BDO on and did receive that same notice on one of my PCs, but not the other. It only happened once though over a 7 week period. I agree that Xigncode3 might not be the best anti-cheat software out there, but we should all agree that Daum has to use something. If you have a question about an applications cross reacting with XignCode3, you might try contacting Wellbia directly (Wellbia makes Xigncode3 by the way). I have no idea if they will reply, but it might be worth a shot. South Korean company, but they would be able to get the gist of your post. Heck, I sent something over to South Korea and used Google Translate and the company got a real kick out of it and sent me a reply.
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  4. Pithian added a post in a topic patch download stuck   

    I was at Checking File for maybe 45 minutes or so and it finally finished. Now, I just need the other error fixed so I can use both of my PCs. (Due to work, I stay in split locations.) If anyone knows how to fix a Browser Failed to Load (-336), that would be great! Happens when I run the launcher.
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  5. Pithian added a post in a topic patch download stuck   

    What did you do to resolve your issue? I am sure others would love to know.
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  6. Pithian added a post in a topic Tamer Pet Heilang no longer killable?   

    I noticed that my pet did not dies either. Thought it was odd that he/she used to die and no longer does. I'll sic'em on a baddie and sit back and watch later and see what happens.
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  7. Pithian added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Launcher Error (-336)
    I've been playing BDO for about 6-7 weeks without any technical issues at all till a few days ago. When I started the game, I receive the error "Failed to load the browser. Please restart the launcher. with error (-336)". I restarted the game like it said, but received the same error. I took the following steps to resolve the issue:
    Restarted the PC.I temporarily removed and anti-virus software and also checked for malware just to be sure.Removed BDO, cleaned the registry for any reference to the game, rebooted, re-installed.When I went to the account page and downloaded the installer, I noticed the error on the launcher again while downloading the game.Checked the Windows (Application, System, and Security) logs and found nothing of concern.Verified that ports 12005-6, 12008, & 12009 were not being blockedI logged into the same successfully on a different PC, so this issue is on this PC and not software related I am guessing.I was glad to see a patch come out today hoping that this might resolve my issue, but it is still happening.Here is a link to a image of the error: BDO Launcher Error 336
    BDO Launcher Error 336.tif
    Seems like I found anew way to break BDO! /sadness
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  8. Pithian added a post in a topic Guest pass Mega thread + DualShockers: New 500 keys added,   

    Hey guys,
    I've been ab avid gamer for about 30 years and have been playing WoW for 11 years, FFXIV since launch. I heard recently about this game and would love to try it, but I am hesitant to lay out any amount for a game I can't try out. I typically play in US servers, but i do play FFXIV on a EU server. I believe I'd preffer an unclaimed guest pass since i assume the claimed ones have buredn some of the seven day time limit? Anyways, just send me a PM if you'd like to help me out. Our son was born in Seoul, so this game might just interest him too. :-)
    고맙습니다- Pithian
    Edited for clarification:
    Requesting Guest Pass: NA
    Contact Method: PM
    Claimed Status: Unclaimed?
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