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  1. Gumo added a topic in General   

    If you wanna visit the old Forums layout!
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  2. Gumo added a topic in General   

    Here is what I don't get about these Pearl Shoppers!
    OKAY so, a lot of people nowadays sell items or want to buy items with pearls involved.
    It usually goes like this!
    "WTB Dandelion Greatsword, will only give you the pearls from successful purchase!"
    LOL OKAY! Here is the thing. Wouldn't the successful purchase depends on YOU? So why would the seller have to risk a Dandelion BOX with a chance that you might not have enough silver to win the bid phased? Wouldn't it make more sense to give the pearls to the seller first since the entire bid phased depends on YOU? It wouldn't be his fault if it went on bid and oh... guess what! I didn't have enough silver to win the bid phased. Tough luck dude, go kill 150+ more KARANDA.
    BUT HOLD ON! I'm not giving my pearls first. YOU ARE A STRANGER.
    Well... if thats the case, wouldn't the seller be in the same shoes as you? You are a stranger to him as well so...
    YOU GET IT?! this is why Pearl Trading is -----ing stupid.
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  3. Gumo added a post in a topic tri or duo?   

    So 10 months for a Duo Ogre Won't be patient enough so I'll probably end up buying t8 or epheria boat
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  4. Gumo added a post in a topic NERFING hurts a lot of players   

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  5. Gumo added a post in a topic Increase the name length please!   

    yes please
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  6. Gumo added a topic in General   

    How many Shakatu Seals can you get?
    I heard you can get 10 per month and now I'm hearing 30 per month!
    Also, I'd really like to know what other people are thinking is the best reward to choose with these Shakatu Seals. A lot of people are probably thinking of getting the Duo Ogre Ring but even then, its like a 1/4 chance of blowing up getting to Tri and you are looking at around 4-8 months of saving for a 1/4 chance of it going to Tri with good failstacks.
    I was thinking the T8 and or the Epheria Sailboat tbh
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  7. Gumo added a post in a topic Anyone know how to make a Human like Ears for DK?   

    nothing is working
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  8. Gumo added a post in a topic Pre Ordering (Witch) Dande Aad Sphera?   

    Around 900m+ TBH
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  9. Gumo added a post in a topic I used to be able to play on High / Medium but now...   

    SAME. I don't know why some of my friends dont get this problem while I do. Opening the market place, then going to view items and closing marketplace does help.
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  10. Gumo added a topic in General   

    I used to be able to play on High / Medium but now...
    I used to be able to play on High / Medium but now... I am running low - very low to optimized mode.
    I used to be able to play with minor problems, now it seems like my computer gets memory leak every now and then. Random freezes here and there and random loading screen left and right.
    As the game ages, its becoming more and more unplayable.
    Hey... why do you care what I have to say right? I'm just saying... if this shit doesn't get fixed, I think the game will die and this is coming from a person who usually laughs at people who makes thread about the game dying.
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  11. Gumo added a post in a topic How long does it take to get GS at least 450?   

    bull -----ing shit
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  12. Gumo added a post in a topic Night Vendor system rollback?   

    You are out of luck, I had the same issue and my friend had the same issue with his tree armor.
    The hold button is broken and don't bother creating a ticket cause you'll only get an automatic copy and paste respond.
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  13. Gumo added a post in a topic Don't like waiting for a ticket response? Don't worry!   

    You welcome

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  14. Gumo added a topic in General   

    Don't like waiting for a ticket response? Don't worry!
    DON'T WORRY. I'll predict their response for you so you don't have to waste time opening a ticket, waiting and be left with an automatic response that doesn't seem to help.
    Feel free to post your own prediction of a particular response Here is mine;
    #1 You have a problem with Black Desert Online? An issue with connection or simply logging into the game?!
    -- Greetings
    Thank you for Contacting Black Desert Online customer support. I apologize for the late reply. We currently have an increased load of tickets, which can delay our response time. My name is GM _________ and I will be handling your ticket. I am sorry to hear you are having this issue, please try the following to resolve the issue:
    Make sure that you have enough free disk space on your HDD/SSD (40gb for installer - another 40gb for the client)
    Delete UserCache folder in the "Documents" - "Black Desert"
    Delete the Cache folder in your game installation folder.
    Delete the service.ini in your game installation folder (if present).
    Delete the service.ini in your game instalaation/bin64 folder (if present).
    #2 You have a problem with someone harassment? or a bug / exploits you would like to report?
    -- You are receiving this in response to the ticket you created. My name is GM __________ and I am an ________ __________ at Kakao Games, tasked with handling your ticket today.
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have flagged this for investigation and our bug hunting team will act in accordance with our policies.
    We appreciate these reports as they help us make the game better. While we do not have an ETA as to when this will be resolved. We advise you to keep an eye out on the forums for future patch notification and updates.
    If you have any other issues or if you find anything that bothers you, please don’t hesitate to create a new ticket.
    Thank you for contacting the Black Desert Online Customer Support and your interest in the game.
    We do not support the use of 3rd party program, and if this cause issues or if Xigncode detects something, we will not be able to assist you. Thank you for your understanding.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us again, should you have further questions or need assistance! 
    #4 You have a question about something in the game be it knowledge, patch notes, life skills or class related questions!
    Thank you for contacting Black Desert Online Customer Service. My name is GM ______ and I will be assisting you today.
    Our Knowledge base is regularly updated with current issues, It will answer some of the most common questions and save you having to wait for a response from a Games Master.
    You can access the knowledge base by following the link below.
    You can also follow our social media pages for news and announcements.
    https://www.facebook.com/BlackDesertOnline/ https://twitter.com/BDO_news   
    #5 You would like to change the games files, fonts or whatever it is you want to change!
    Hello, I am GM _________ and I will be assisting you with your ticket today.
    Thank you for contacting Black Desert Online Customer Support and your interest in the game.
    I understand you have some questions regarding changing the game (files or font). Any modification of files of the game client is not allowed if they changed the effect of game play and violate the Terms of Use. You can find more information regarding the Terms of Use here:
    Furthermore, there is no guarantee that Xigncode will allow this and let the game run as normal. I hope this information is helpful.    
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  15. Gumo added a post in a topic WHY? I can't LOCK Night Vendor? (Rip Muskan Shoes)   

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