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  1. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    Just pointing out that you can just go to Calpheon Library and talk to NPC to forget knowledge. I have guildmates who just have an alt parked there since all it costs is energy.
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  2. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic Beginner Heating   

    You need gathering Apprentice 3. Check it here. Or do this quest first.
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  3. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    It ended exactly when they said it would. You're confusing it with the end date of the 'We Are Family' event. They never adjusted the dates for these two events.
    1. Seal of Maehwa
    Start: April 20th 10:00 UTC (After maintenance)End: May 4th 10:00 UTC (With maintenance)Starting off our new events each day when you login there will be a new item to Claim, Maehwa Seal.  Combining these in your inventory will unlock different rewards depending on how you arrange them.
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  4. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic Potential New Adventurer Here!   

    Mount costumes (not mounts themselves)
    Function, such as inventory expansion (not worth it imo since it's character bound), storage expansion (family bound) etc.
    Dye (this is evil)

    If I recall correctly, dulfy.net has a proper listing and with pictures or links to pictures. Cash shop items are very expensive, pets being 900 and 1100 pearls which translates to 9 and 11 euros, for instance.
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  5. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    You haven't received a title because it is still ongoing.
    2. We are Family!
    Start: April 20th 10:00 UTC (After maintenance)End: May 11th 10:00 UTC (With maintenance)Four our second event we would like to take a moment to welcome these new classes to the Black Desert Family with a family portrait!  Everyone who follows the instructions and uploads an appropriate screenshot will earn the a new title, read more >Here<.
    New Title - We are Family
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  6. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 4th   

    Witches got 3. Check yourself in the cash shop. Two of them are named similarly, Lahr Arcien and Lahr Arcien R.
    On an important note, has anyone found the From Small HP Potion to Medium HP Potion NPC yet? Don't say Lara in Heidel, that's beginner to small
    Edit: Never mind folks, it's just the quest for the alchemy recipe and not an NPC that trades it for ya. Seilane in Glish, for those interested.
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  7. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic What did you like/dislike from the BDO TV ad?   

    I definitely did not get flying mount from the dragon thing at the start. To me it looked like something that would eat me if I didn't hack it all to hell

    I liked how they presented the visuals because they didn't doctor it up like so many other games. It was a true representation of the game graphics as is without having a monster of a PC.
    What I also liked is that, even though it was very little, it basically showed you what's in the game. Not what it might be in the game and what might get taken out of it.

    What I think could be an improvement, show a little bit more gameplay with the UI etc. Maybe even a group taking down a big ol' baddy.
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  8. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic Will marriage be coming? and instruments?   

    Not to mention it'd be damn near impossible to have strictly F/M setup. Not all classes are available for both genders.

    Anyway, I'm all for marriage and instruments
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  9. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    You are correct. I'm in CEST and we had 15 seals, claimed 2 rewards. Maybe they'll extend it a day or two, I really hope so for NA and new folks
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  10. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic PSA Cherry Blossom Event   

    Not a clue. I just gathered some seeds, planted it and got the rewards. The earrings are family bound, which is nice. You can use the 1 set on any character you have on that's on the same server.
    The pots just look really nice in your house
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  11. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    There are a few that are main quests, in the sheet they're marked as 'Black Spirit'. Other than that, I don't remember.
    Glad she was able to get some extra through Loyalty! Just remember to make sure that the entire thing lights up before you hit 'confirm'.
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  12. Mrs.Bauchelain added a topic in New Adventurers   

    PSA Cherry Blossom Event
    Just a post to let all the new folks know that you only have two days left for the Cherry Blossom Event!
    It takes approximately 8 hours to grow the trees and they can yield anywhere between 5 to 15 petals.

    Cherry Blossom Event
    During this event players will be able to obtain Cherry Blossom Seeds by gathering from the following resources with their bare hands; Dry Thicket, Wild Herb, and Desert Herb.
    Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals give the following 30 minute buff when consumed:  Attack/Movement/Cast Speed +1, Critical Hit +1, HP & MP +30.
    Cherry Blossom Seeds can be cultivated in a garden, although they are a bit larger than most plants and require 2 grids of space to grow.  Once the Cherry Blossom Tree is fully grown you will be able to harvest Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals.
    Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals can be exchanged at seed vendors found in Heidel and Calpheon.    
    Exchange 10 for a Cherry Blossom Pot which gives 20 interior points when placed in your home.
    Exchange 30 for a cosmetic accessory, Cherry Blossom Earring.
    Cherry Blossom Seeds and Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals will disappear after the event has ended.
    Cherry Blossom Seeds and Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals can be sold for 10,000 silver to NPCs.
    This event ends May 4th.
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  13. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    No, it doesn't work in storage. It has to be in your inventory. Just do the quests, I linked the overview in an earlier post. It really doesn't take that much time
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  14. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events! is Unfair to new players   

    Yep, I have a ton of space in my storages. I have well above 80 contribution points and over 100 energy already
    Never the less, it's not unfair to new players. Leveling up to 25 is not that big of a deal, especially if you following those specific inventory quests because quite a few come from the Black Spirit. So you're just following the story anyway. It doesn't take a lot of time and it you barely have to grind for the levels even.
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  15. Mrs.Bauchelain added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    You can do the inventory quests, it really doesn't take that long. You get up to 31 extra inventory space. Click here for the quest list.
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