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  1. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Adding AFK Channel or derender AFK People   

    Because combat / safezone.
    But some platyers still AFK in combat zones and than are salty as ----- when they have been killed, so they ask for a safespace when there is already an existing one.
    Like what you are doing right now.
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  2. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    Last time I checked, you were a joke saying absurd things.
    You still are.
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  3. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    What you want already exists.
    It's called single player games. You should try, some are very good.
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  4. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Karma Bombing - It's the best   

    You know that ... err ... How can I say that without sounding offensive .... nobody gives a damn about you, right ?
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  5. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic killed while horse training   

    Players don't bother selling their valuable horses, the price is shit for the time invested.
    On the other hand they don't give a shit about you selling horses on the market neither, doing some kind of imaginary sale denial blackmail, they usually got their best horses with horse races.
    Long-Story short: If you want to do something valuable with horse training in order to make money with horse market .... Do something else.
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  6. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    That is the fundamental bias in your reasonning I think (which is too binary also). PvE players are nice and of good faith / PvP players are mean and driven by malicious intentions.
    That's not how it works. At all. The players you try to defend today, these imaginary kind and nice PvE players could be the first to litteraly shit on you all day if they were in position of power. Like everybody else.
    It's not a question of who does PvP and who does PvE, who does the 2 at once. It's a question of who has the power, whatever shape this power takes, howerver it manifests, to unliaterally impose their will to others. And it can happen without PvP.
    A pure PvE wizard can effectively lock you out of grindspots very easliy without never having to flag.
    Edit : and yes, on this point we all agree, Valencia still needs to be more attractive.
    They put some BIS accessories there to create some incentives (crescent rings, bask belts ...) but it's clearly still not enough when Sausan and Pirates can give you twice the revenue in half the time.
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  7. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    Stop with that privilege argument when you have not even a slight idea of who I am or how I play, please. Deluded paradygms, biased axioms, victim complex and wrong postulates can't bring you right answers.
    There's no luck in that. Just will. People tried to attack me while I was gathering or chopping trees. I defended myself and burried their corpses under said trees, not complained.
    The only problem, if there is one, is players that don't assume the explicit rules of the game they chosed to play and try to change it afterwards
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  8. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    Towns and cities don't lag anymore since the most recent patches.
    And no, safe zones, combat zones and general geography of the game are here for a reason.
    You want to make big money while fishing -> active fishing.
    AFK fishing is for smaller, but guaranted income.
    Are you even realizing that you manage to complain when a game already gives you tools to generate guaranted wealth without doing or risking anything, to the point that you don't even need to actually play ?
    Is this some kind of joke ?
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  9. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    Regarding new players, they have Olvia channels where rates are over the top, and when even lvling on classic channels is already very fast nowadays, new events that shower them with BIS accessories and stuff, and they still manage to complain ?
    And by the way yes, a PVE channel would be even more of a mess than one with OPvP regarding how the core systems are designed.
    Player saturation on every valuable spot, but no way to regulate.
    It would just cause general killstealing with players desperately jumping on every mob that spawn like rabid dogs, because starvation due to saturation (you can't share somtheing when there is nothing left to share to begin with), and you would see even more disparities between classes on top of that.
    A warrior can be as skilled and geared as he could be, a Wizad with similar gear on a horse will always grind much, much faster than him. There's no "if he's really more skilled he'll grind faster , blah blah blah" in that, That's just a stupid argument that only shows little knowledge of the game design and classes mechanics.
    Frustration would rise again very quickly, causing a new shitstorm of complaints.
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  10. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic New classes should come with this...   

    The Striker's answer

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  11. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Aegis Costume for Musa PLEASE!   

    Yes and no.
    Shinken (modern japanse sword) and Jingum (korean sword) are close, but not the same nonetheless. Tell a Korean that his jingum is like a katana, or a japanese that his nihonto is nothing more than a miêu dao adapted and customed to their fashion with more advanced forging techniques, he could not take it very well (evn if it wouldn't be totally wrong actually, but chauvinism can be > all)
    You can find straight double edged swords in Japan history too (tsurugi), but in China or Vietnam also for example, and I'm not talking about modern jian or kiem, but swords from the bronze era mostly (mostly derived from antique China models), and, on the other hand, thin single edged double handed blades in these countries and martial arts sytems too (miaodao, tang dao, guom viet...). Even if you can find similarities obviously, there are still differences in manfacturing methods and combat styles.
    These countries fought each others, so of course their fighting methods and gear influenced one another. If an influence of a system over another should be found, then it's really ancient actually.
    And if you push further, yes, a Hwarang, a Samurai or even a Knight are technically the same thing. A a social entity of high extraction (nobility), which has acces to education, is literate, trained to the arms, and with military functions.
    But nevertheless, chauvinism is still very strong between these countries alas, symbols still have strong value, and that's what's usually problematic with these questions.
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  12. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Aegis Costume for Musa PLEASE!   

    Not the BDO history, but the history and cultures of the market you sell your product in. BDO, has every game on the market, has been created to be a money maker before anything else, it's the postulate of its existence.
    That's the exact reason why, for example, there is still no Cantha region (the asian inspired continent of the GW franchise) in GW2, and they suppressed the canthan district in Divinity's reach, because asian players didn't liked at all seeing some of their cultural elements mixed with some from other countries in the first game, like mixing chinese with japanese or korean cultural elements.
    There is not much love in these countries towards their neighbours to say the least. Japan is particulary bad viewed on a regional level, nobody likes them (Koreans, Chinese, Russians, countries of South east Asia ...some grievances are more difficult to burry than others), and they like nobody neither.
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  13. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic LOL DK is op   

    The devs already acknowledged that DK, Wiz and Witch are actually OP.
    They even made apologies for that
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  14. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Aegis Costume for Musa PLEASE!   

    There is nothing japanese in the original Musa design. Nothing at all.
    And I'm not hating on other people aesthetics.
    I talked about Korean and Japan culture and shared history, the reasons they don't like each others much and are very conservatives with their traditional figures.
    You are the one dumbling it down to simple "aesthetics", making you sound like an uneducated weeb indeed.
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