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  1. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Valks Cry? Pls no   

    Where did you say that I wanted everything given ?
    Are you hearing voices ?
    How many are you in your head ?
    Seems like you have a young child personnality amongst them, you have a strange way to communicate and seem to burst in tears a lot.
    Anyways they are 2 at least, you and an imaginary version of me that told you stuff, in your head ... Because assumptions is all I see.
    I'm talking about your logic.
    Not in the form of a CS item. That's what you don't seem to understand.
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  2. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    Use yours.
    You have 36 channels. If you don't want to fight over a spot because a PK is in the area and don't want to lose time, just change channel ....
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  3. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Valks Cry? Pls no   

    It was not Jouska nor Tytes, even if Tytyes also left eventually, it was Olivier Derache, aka "Oli" or @CM_Oli,  who told us about "no Valk's cry", who left Kakao even before the game's release, in december 2015
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  4. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Calpheon is based on an Italian City named Assisi   

    Nobody mentionned Carcassonne nor Rocamadour, where Durandal is supposed to be ? Really ?
    Really sad since it's some of the most prominent references when it comes to medieval and / or fortified cities. Not even mentioning Arles or Avignon or numerous other cities or villages.
    Sorry picture heavy response.


    Durandal in Rocamadour

    Oh and and by the way, a lot of  cities with strong medieval heritage also have Roman elements.
    Most of them were established and built by the romans first, and still organised according to a Cadro Maximus / Decumanus Maximus road network model.
    Otherwise @Xaqq is right, very right about the necessary preliminary work involved to produce good designs.
    A lot of a good concept artist worktime is spent doing researches. It's very obvious when it comes to armor or weapon designs in games (like this one for example, where the best and the worst can meet).
    Most of the artist never ever took a sword in their hands, watched an armor closely or just simply asked themselves if what they were drawing could even work. That usually leads to shitty designs. but as they are made for players as much if not more uneducated than them, everything is fine.
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  5. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Valks Cry? Pls no   

    A CM who who already left Kakao before the game's release told us.
    What has been said in the past, by somebody who doesn't work here since more than a year, can easily be forgotten.
     It's always a blessing to have customers like you when comes the milking time. Stockholm Syndrome applied to marketing.
    You know, about RNG, they could also just .... Simply enhance succes chances when enchanting.
    You "logic" is quite a good lol provider indeed.
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  6. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Would you want a magical girl robot skin?   

    It's not Cyber Troopers Virtual-On
    An no, don't want, completely stupid and out of touch in BDO's universe. It has already been dragged down enough, no need to add even more bad taste. Palyers already astonish me enough with their crappy tastes. Sometimes i have the feeling that most of the characters surronding mine were designed by 13 years old teenagers, with everything that statement implies, and the more it goes, the more the costumes released wy the artistic teams are ugly and badly designed (sometimes even badly executed, and bugged). The quality of their work is going down. Sad.
    I sincerely hope you are not Artistic Director by the way.
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  7. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Kibelius Wings ever coming back?   

    I hope not
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  8. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic PVE   

    In BDO's world, Castle are the prize of sieges, a collective effort by nature. That's what make their value. So no siege, no castle. Quite simple indeed.
    Back in the days, you sometimes never finished games because they were quite hard. Nobody at that tilme whined because there was content "that one would never see"
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  9. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic You should NOT be using Boss Armor   

    Somebody forgot Accuracy and Evasion ....
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  10. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    Apologies on my side too, I went quite Berserk on you, sorry fior that.
    It's just the tendency of trivializing serious words like -----, torture or things like that that tends to get me go rampage, because there are real victims in the real world out there. and the general attitude of players consummers (I paid, you must provide at any cost, even if I didn't bother to research if the product was actually suited for my needs), which behave more like children in adults body than anything else. It's astonishing, really, to see how people can't barely stand a simple "no" or "you are wrong" these days, and of course quickly resort to irrationnal arguments before calling names out of nowhere for whatever reason.
    But it's not just you, it's more generalized and diffuse. You were the unlucky one and didn't deserve that much, once again I apologize for that, because I'm far from perfect too.
    And to be honest, I not the kind of player who jumps on other for no other reason than just for the sake of it. I have arena games for that, but BDO is not a mindless arena game, and yes, a Karma system or something approaching is still needed in such games. Lienage 2 had it after all, and it's the prime reference of BDO regarding open PvP.
    But, where our points differ is about the solution to these issues
    I want players to find solutions ingame, because they exist, they are already there. And if the social compound of MMOs wasn't lost since 10 years, they would be obvious : social lever.
    That was what happening back in the days, and all this brigants (PK) and knights (anti PK) dynamic, with geopolitics on top of that, brought life to server. Server life, yes, that was a thing at that time.
    Some people will tell you that Ultima eventually saw his numbers drop and split, but I still think today that these drops in population were more the fact of an emerging fierce competition in what was still a very niche genre with limited audience (and very chronophagous gameplay mechanics), pre WoW era (with the release, in disorder, of Ryzom, Everquest, DAOC, T4C, SWG ...) than purely the PvX aspect of the firsts iterations of Ultima.
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  11. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Is BDO a PvP game or a PvE game?   

    PvE and PvP occuring in unity of time and space, feeding each other.
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  12. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    Talking about psychological issues ... .And torture ? Torture ??!!!.... Are you serious for just a second ? I'm sorry, I don't usually resort to rude language, but ----- off.
    I'm totally ok with people who don't like PvP, but really just ----- off.
    My grandfather was actually tortured during war. His missing fingers and foot talked for him . And he's one off the lucky to have survived through this. That was torture he endured fighting against a totalitarian regime, against nazism, for freedom, for you, self entitled crybabies, to have luxury of lazziness, stupidity and talk about torture about a video game, a -----ing bunch of pixels.
    Your attitude, egoism and self entitlement is just despicable. You are totally out of whack and deeply, deeply insulting for people who have actually been tortured. Muzzle your ego and watch something else than your belly button for once.
    Have some sense of decency.
    You have no respect and sould feel ashamed of such assertion.
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  13. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Karma is just plain stupid   

    No, that was a bug with flag overlapping with node wars and GVG, so don't even bother to link these articles when you seemingly weren't even part of KR CBT's
    Stop spreading misinformations, open pvp and PK were considered in design since at least 2012, I proved it numerous times with the right sources, older than the article that you could link
    That was what the bug was about.
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  14. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic Less than 4.9% can enjoy Kamasylvia! (This game caters to Hardcore players, something needs to be done to closen the gap between new and veteran players)   

    Usually, high level players are proficient in lifeskills also. Most of lvl 60 players probably have more energy, nodes and CPs than you, have already been everywhere around the map and got all knowledge, with high lvl for the mobs that are relevant.
    You need a lot of money at high lvl to sustain things like enhancements costs. So they grind and do lifeskills too.
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  15. Capitaine Courage added a post in a topic when is the kamasilve update NA   

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