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  1. deathleecher added a topic in New Adventurers   

    AP to low :(
    Hi everyone
    Can any of you give a new player some tips how to get higher AP. I have around 85 AP . how would you get it higher ?
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  2. deathleecher added a post in a topic Devs need to fix EXP and mobs!   

    Im from EU, havet seen so nice people on US yet,. and every one i try to ask if i can come kill mobs, just say ----- off
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  3. deathleecher added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Devs need to fix EXP and mobs!
    Hi Everyone, 

    So im kinda a noob to BDO and new. But i think 1-51/53 is easy enough and is quite fun, but after 51+ it gets SUPER hard to do anything solo, and finding a group is a pain for a new player so im kinda stuck at lvl 53 on my witch, If they made it so mobs where easyer to kill and gave little more EXP i would really love this game to death, but as it is right now im kinda borred of the game as im hitting a wall of leveling? I love to hit wallls if its on a boss or hard WB or Quest, but not random lvl to get to the good content.

    Hope they will fix this for new players as i think alot will stop because of this
    • 14 replies
  4. deathleecher added a post in a topic what do you think there is wrong with BDO=   

    True. people dont like RNG, they would pref. to have to earn stuff, even if its SUPER hard and take a long time.
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  5. deathleecher added a post in a topic what do you think there is wrong with BDO=   

    with that comment you cant be very old, ill not look at your comment forward on  Hope you get older with time
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  6. deathleecher added a post in a topic what do you think there is wrong with BDO=   

    No you are the problem m8 people like you, 

    How do you make a game great after its out? Simple, players go to the forum ang post tips to the devs what they want, then they know how to make it better for all the people. You should know this
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  7. deathleecher added a topic in General   

    what do you think there is wrong with BDO=
    So as the titel says, what do you guys think there is wrong with BDO? 

    The reason why im asking is because i see a lack of players in the game and on the forum, so something must be wrong, so Could people try to come up with some reasons why people disslike BDO?
    Imo i think the game should be free2play with this kind of cash shop,  as costumes are REALLY high in price for a b2p.

    Other then that i think they should get more PVE besides grinding maybe some cool stroy lines, Open world dungeon with a boss in the end.  The ultimativ thing would be a PVE/PVP Raid where the raid was open world, but people could come gank you whill you do it and so.

    Would say the ocean patch looks REALLY cool. 
    • 49 replies
  8. deathleecher added a post in a topic Wizzard / witch awakening ?   

    Is there a official post on that?
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  9. deathleecher added a topic in PVE   

    Wizzard / witch awakening ?
    When do we get Wizzard and witch awakening  to the EU/US ?
    • 3 replies
  10. deathleecher added a topic in PVE   

    lvl 52-60
    Hi Everyone,
    I just came back to BDO, startet a blader, i got to lvl 52. Now im Stuck/borred a bit, meaning im stuck, hate to be stuck, . So im melee and i get owned alot by AOE farming mobs. And finding a group in BDO atm, is SOOO hard, i dont see a single one typing in general chat ;S Or even meet a person leveling.
    So can you sdee what im doing wrong? Or are melee just harder then ranged to lvl?
    AP : 98_
    DP: 130
    • 3 replies
  11. deathleecher added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    plz make more PVE!!!!
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  12. deathleecher added a post in a topic Wizzard Vs witch?   

    So i can see in the futur witch will be lightning and earth as awakaning.
    and wizzard gets Fire and water?

    So when that is out, is witch still the best?
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  13. deathleecher added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Wizzard Vs witch?
    So as the title says, what will do the best job in pvp? And what will do best in PVE? Witch or Wizzard, and now im talking about the 2 classes ink. awakining wep.
    So i only play this game for PVE, Grind. World bosses etc.  Will Wizzard or witch be best for me ?
    • 33 replies
  14. deathleecher added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Top dps with awakening?
    As the titel says, what class will make the most dps when awakening weps are out ?
    • 4 replies
  15. deathleecher added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Dead game or all high lvl?
    So i just back to BDO, logged into my 50 Zerk. But in the 2h i was online i saw 1 typing something the chat. And its impossible to get a group for farm of mobs for lvling.
    Is this game in a bad state atm?
    EU btw.
    How is US?
    • 7 replies