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  1. Keysys added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Hey, go for it anyway, winners are randomly chosen by RNGesus ! Even with a potato screenshot of Red Nose you can have a chance to win
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  2. Keysys added a post in a topic Concours de capture d’écran des Tulipes [Liste des gagnants]   

    Je sais pas qui est dans le jury cette fois mais j'espère qu'ils prendront un peu plus le temps de choisir les screenshots cette fois-ci, pour celui de cherryblossom on dirait qu'ils ont un peu choisi au hasard au vu du nombre de participants.
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  3. Keysys added a post in a topic T9 Horse guide   

    I was looking for a good guide for days, and what do i see ? 
    "Posted 1 hour ago"
    You sir, and the man from the beta-forum post, rocks a lot
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  4. Keysys added a post in a topic Thanks for the new 5k and 10k hours rewards !   

    Yeah, thanks a lot for that ;D
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  5. Keysys added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    I posted some on FB, but i'm gonna link them here too since some are doing it : 





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  6. Keysys added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    It would be nice if we weren't forced to use social media, can't we just use the forum, as everyone is asking ?
    Usually nobody wants to go to a forum, but here, we're asking you to lol.
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  7. Keysys added a post in a topic rng or bad game?   

     Yeah lol, but +14 to +15 is like failstack heaven, so having to either make it downgrade to +14 or re-build another item to 14 is kinda boring, even though it doesn't take long
    It might be me who's just a lazy ass
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  8. Keysys added a post in a topic rng or bad game?   

    PRI to DUO is something like 30% chance, no matter what you do it will stay 30% chance. Which mean you can still have a success on frist try, or be unlucky and chain 8 fail or more.
    RNG is RNG, this is the reason why sometime you can build up to 30 failstack on a +14 failstack gear, and sometime get to +15 instantly and regreting it
    Edit : Also i don't understand this Vote lol, question is "Good/Bad" and anwser is "Yes/No"
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  9. Keysys added a post in a topic Custom MarketPlace Tabs   

    Please do
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  10. Keysys added a post in a topic Do I even need +15 armor?   

    Playing with no armor on is fun and all, until you get a CD and die in 2 hit, or until someone wants to steal your spot.
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  11. Keysys added a post in a topic Awakened players in Calpheon, why?   

    Also some Guild Quest sometimes, which requires a lot of monsters to be done. A very tiny guild can be here, killing manshas/green orcs for hours if they don't have an ultra good gear
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  12. Keysys added a post in a topic Fail Stack Calculator HERE!   

    Hello, I'm late to the party but i would like to know, Is this spreadsheet still up to date ? 
    This one obsiouvly, the one from this forum
    Edit:  cause i just got my kzarka and can't wait to make it go all the way to mini dura and spend millions repairing it
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  13. Keysys added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 1st 2017   

    What the man above said, you probably selected the wrong server. You know, just like the Launcher warn you about since it changed.
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  14. Keysys added a post in a topic Remove players   

    Came on the forum for the same thing too.
    Hiding players would be super nice when you're in a city because let's be honest here, overcrowded areas are what makes you lose the most FPS.
    Plus, when you leave your game on in SysTray it still takes some ram if your computer isn't the Last RAM-Bender.
    I really hope too that someday we will get this simple feature. I mean, if we can hide everybody's pet, why can't we hide everybody's player too ?
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  15. Keysys added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    There's my lovely tamer, i don't have any picture of my main, so deal with it

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