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  1. JohnLocke added a post in a topic Lies, deception, false advertising, those people have no morals & are incapable to feel shame. (Articles regarding this change from game sites inside)   

    Spanish gaming site article:

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  2. JohnLocke added a post in a topic PSA - Decorations update - duplicate items do not add to interior score   

    you need to quit 1 item and put it back then the points will show correctly, but yeah this has been a big hit for me too. I went from 60k to 8k (after seting more items on it) on one house, the cap must be around 15k without pearls at the moment.
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  3. JohnLocke added a post in a topic value pack - we got outplayed   

    It wont be posible really soon, the cap for non pearl user must be around 15k interior points atm.
    As how much worthy it is just try to find online spreadsheets of the 50m banks, not gonna tell you my numbers sorry.
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  4. JohnLocke added a post in a topic value pack - we got outplayed   

    i couldnt care less about the "cuteness" of the houses, im one of those stacking jukeboxes and paintings just to get to top 1.

    the point remains, only pearl shop furnitures stack now, pay 2 win.
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  5. JohnLocke added a post in a topic value pack - we got outplayed   

    lolfail, banks are a nice passive income, you need top 1 house for banks, silver = power, and housing is p2w since this last patch.

    no big mistery about it.
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  6. JohnLocke added a post in a topic value pack - we got outplayed   

    i agree with this post maker, it should had been removed/fixed already, i still give them time but this starting to look bad.

    specially if you consider they made housing totally and unarguably pay to win on this last patch, hoping they fix but already making up my mind they probably wont fix any of the 2.

    this is sad, gaming industry has a big problem, this game is awesome but its geting screwed, drop by drop.
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  7. JohnLocke added a post in a topic PSA - Decorations update - duplicate items do not add to interior score   

    thats weird i added one and it only added 205 points, added another and no stack.....

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  8. JohnLocke added a post in a topic PSA - Decorations update - duplicate items do not add to interior score   

    im on the process of building points on all my houses got rank 1 back on all of them as i will just tetris every aviable item in game inside my houses so i get rank 1.

    Still we need a list of stackable items and not. (i will still tetris anything stackable of course)

    Theres a big problem with pearl shop items, this is pay to win right now, imposible for anyone not buying pearl furnitures to outrank someone buying and aiming for top 1.

    I will fix my houses to to keep rank 1 (got all them back, building improving and fixing right now) but i feel like im wasting my time as soon as someone willing to pay real life money comes around and just gets it.

    So there needs to be a real fix for this, either make banks aviable for everyone, increase the stack cap so theres room for some competition against the paying users or i dont know, but this right now is not cool at all. We also need something to deconstruct the jukeboxes or get its npc price increased. This is not nice at all, made heavy investment and now its useless.
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  9. JohnLocke added a post in a topic PSA - Decorations update - duplicate items do not add to interior score   

    ye i actually stacked the 1.1m round ones, they were best space/points.
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  10. JohnLocke added a post in a topic PSA - Decorations update - duplicate items do not add to interior score   

    im one of the jukebox stackers and paintings stackers, i acept this change and understand the point, yet i want some kind of compensation, theres other people like me with 300m+ invested on paintings and jukeboxes that are now useless.

    As for pearl items i hope i can still get rank 1 houses without buying pearl items.

    I agree a cap of 4 each item would be ok to somehow keep a balance between stacking and "cuteness".
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  11. JohnLocke added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    1. You should update the in game description of those items.
    2. You should have posted the list of items.
    3. You should make some compensation for people with high amounts of those items. (specially for jukeboxes and paintings)

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  12. JohnLocke added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Remove the effing tax thing from the sub.

    I read the post until page 7, too much to read so im just posting myself too.

    Theres one coment i liked a lot, "the internet remembers" well we better start colecting the real life names of every responsable on Trion, Pearly Abys and others, and make memes about them, get them effing out of the busniess. Now.
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  13. JohnLocke added a post in a topic We are Family!   

    submited it via tool as its required but gona post what i sent and another one just for the fun
    Family Name: JohnLocke
    Character Name: Irdia
    Server: Jordine

    sent one

    other one but it was too late to play with angles for the screenshot already

    Thanks everyone that participated!
    pd: tried to edit so screenshots are shown, but gave up
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  14. JohnLocke added a post in a topic Delete RNG from Combat-related stats + [Hidden Stats and Combat formulas]   

    Remove the RNG stuff from char lvl up. +1
    Show hidden status. +1

    Ill keep playing hoping this is changed as soon as posible.

    No point on saying anything, if koreans like "every char to be unique" (they actually dont thats why the game seems to not be doing ok there) good for them, we clearly dont like it at all, and want it removed.
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  15. JohnLocke added a post in a topic HP per Level seems to be random!   

    i read the first 15 pages of the post, its a shame i still see same troll trolling on last page before posting.

    do we already have a time or anouncement confirmed this "crap" (speaking softly) is going to be removed?

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