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  1. Erio added a post in a topic Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool   

    Unfortunately, I am not capable of creating a web version of it at the moment
    Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that! THANK YOU!
    Just an update, the Investment module is almost done which will hopefully roll out as an update tomorrow or the day after.
    With this module, you will have a ledger which keeps track of your bank investments (gold, silver, gross, gain/loss %, net, etc) on the different banks scattered across the BDO world.
    After that will be fixes to any bugs and then I will start working on the Alchemy module and/or improve Cooking. 
    Thanks for reading!
    EDIT: Invest module is out! Please go ahead and check it out and let me know if it works!
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  2. Erio added a post in a topic Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool   

    You are welcome! Hopefully I can find the cause soon!
    And to everyone, can you please do me a favor and tell me the names of the investment banks other than the ones from Calpheon (e.g. Basquean Ljurik, Luolo Grebe, etc) if you happen to invest on them? I tried searching the web but couldn't find them! Thank you in advance!
    This will greatly speed up the time I finish the investment ledger tool in the app
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  3. Erio added a post in a topic Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool   

    Thank you for letting me know. I'll run some tests and check what's causing it. Have you also tried reinstalling the app?
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  4. Erio added a post in a topic Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool   

    Hello! May I ask what phone and what version of Android you are using?  And does it still crash after restarting the app?
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  5. Erio added a post in a topic Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool   

    Programming on 2 platforms at the same time is not time-efficient so I am focusing on Android at the moment. That and Apple having more restrictions, and longer approval times will be a lot of work and waiting. Plus, it would be easier to polish it on Android first to make the porting and updating easier.
    It will come soon!
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  6. Erio added a post in a topic Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool   

    Yes! Definitely need some translations in the future! Thank you!!
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  7. Erio added a post in a topic Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool   

    Thank you! And yeah, I'll make sure it's not obstructive cause I hate ads too! Haha.
    Also everyone, I uploaded an upload that fixes some calculation problems. If you see an update, please apply it!
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  8. Erio added a post in a topic Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool   

    I haven't actually added any ads yet (though I did indicate on Google Play that there will be). Until everything is fixed, it's ad-free for now!
    Added to the list. I'll see what I can do! Thank you for the suggestion.
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  9. Erio added a post in a topic Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool   

    Thanks guys!
    Also, I am currently fixing an issue with the slider, [-10] and [-1] buttons giving wrong values. If you see an update, please apply it Thank you!
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  10. Erio added a post in a topic Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool   

    Hmm, good point! I'll definitely look into it but it seems like you are right because it refers to the seeds of the plant (corn, wheat, etc)!
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  11. Erio added a post in a topic Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool   

    Thank you and you'll get there soon! There are lots of good resources out there. And thank you! I appreciate the help!
    Hello! It reminded me of the quipus that I learned about long ago that was used to collect data/keep records 
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  12. Erio added a post in a topic Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool   

    You're welcome! You definitely should try making one!
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  13. Erio added a topic in General   

    Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool
    Hello guys!

    I just wanted to share an app that I've been working on ever since I got into Black Desert Online cooking and alchemy. It started with the usual Google Spreadsheet but then alt-tabbing was too much work and I always had my phone on my dock near me so I figured, why not make one? It's definitely not the first but I am actively working on it to improve it further and add more features! So here it goes...
    Currently on Alpha, Quipu is a simple yet packed with features recipe tool and calculator for cooking, alchemy (soon), and more for Black Desert Online (NA/EU).
    Complete recipe for each dish with the ability to adjust the quantity needed  Sort dishes according to skill level, ingredients/materials and effects (incomplete, only by skill level at the moment)  Ability to search dishes through keywords  Note-taker to quickly save any recipes, notes or reminders  Favorites to quickly access most cooked dishes
    Planned Features
    Alchemy recipe/calculator  Easier access on ingredients that also require cooking (chain recipes, e.g. Dark Pudding requires Oatmeal which requires cooking too)  Alarm/timer for farming and other time-sensitive materials  Better UI  An iOS version  Have an idea? Let me know and I'll see what I can do!Download it from Google Play!
    If you are worried about the *permissions* that it requires, don't worry as it is a limitation with the platform that I have used to make the app and I am unable to remove it at this time. It does nothing as you can see from inside the app~ Also, special thanks to http://bddatabase.net!

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