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  1. Blimey added a post in a topic Investing in Nodes where Field Bosses Spawn?   

    You still would not get any of the goodies. These are in a different loot table. If I am not mistaken, this second loot table is distributed who dealt the highest damage to the boss. Since this is always referred to as DPS (damage per second), one could argue it is the highest burst damage but I suppose it is the highest damage from start to finish. Hence every death is one too many, as you will lose half a minute or more to get back to the action each time you die.
    Investing in the node may increase your chances of getting one of the goodies IF you make it into the other loot table in the first place. Though, I have no statistical data for that increased chance.
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  2. Blimey added a post in a topic Why haven't you rolled tamer yet?   

    Alright, although your words sound politically incorrect  This should suffice to level the Tamer a bit more.
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  3. Blimey added a post in a topic Why haven't you rolled tamer yet?   

    Moi quois? mais j'ai un et il est appelé Wild_One.
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  4. Blimey added a post in a topic Why haven't you rolled tamer yet?   

    Has anybody with a Tamer ever conquered the known world? Because Julius Caesar did it without one!
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  5. Blimey added a post in a topic Node War Status   

    There should be an icon to toggle it like other information on the map.
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  6. Blimey added a post in a topic cash shop   

    Why would you buy pet food from the shop? If that is your only reason, you will need a new stance.
    As for other items, it is a bit annoying but there is a good reason why they blocked it. It allows gold farmers to launder their crooked money. I'd rather have the limitation in place and slow down these muppets than have all the convenience I'd like. But that's just my opinion.
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  7. Blimey added a post in a topic Daum is killing the playerbase   

    I won't argue the 'not long enough'. Having 50 days and 13 hours of game time on the clock. You say if that is long enough or not. Very subjective thing to determine.
    As for 'I can stop now', if I can stop doing things on my way to achieve something, whatever it may be, it'll be the day I stop playing the game.
    The only point where you and I probably agree there is a real grind is boss gear and end game accessories. Getting the final weapons and armor that cannot be crafted is a tough one unless you are exceptionally lucky. In a way, the weapons are the only things that currently appeal to me, as I cannot get "almost as good" through crafting. Armor-wise, I can happily live with Grunil, which is not a grind to obtain because it drops from monsters, can be obtained through amity and can easily be crafted. The annoying thing about accessories is the RNG when improving them more than dropping them in the first place. Yes, that is annoying, too, but the chance of ruining all that due to bad luck at enchanting is ugly.
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  8. Blimey added a post in a topic Crashing Overnight   

    Not on my computer right now but I believe the game is writing to a log file (can't remember if I looked for it when I was baffled by my disconnects). If there is, you should be able to find it somewhere in the installation path.
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  9. Blimey added a post in a topic Crashing Overnight   

    Is it really crashing? It took me some time to realise that my ISP is resetting my connection once a day. Initially it was 6:34 pm and after a few weeks shifted to 1:22 am, which is more palatable but obviously stops all overnight afk gaming. Mind you, after seeing the increase in my power consumption, I stopped doing that anyway. :O
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  10. Blimey added a post in a topic Daum is killing the playerbase   

    Ya, it is absolutely impossible to fund a game with continuously running (and probably increasing) server infrastructure just through new sales of the software. They need a means to make money 'on the side'. I personally don't like subscription-based games because it puts pressure on me to "get my money's worth" in playing time. If I pay a monthly fee, I feel like I need to play to make the investment worth it. With a game I paid right out to start with, I can play or not whenever I will. The EUR 30 for the game pay off after three months compared to many sub-based games. Add the EUR 60 that I spent in the cash shop and I'll be clear after nine months. That's something I can live with, even though I pay less for a single player game of the likes of Elder Scrolls.
    In my opinion, the cash shop is terribly over-priced but there is indeed nothing in it that we need to be successful in the game. I got myself a horse outfit and the riding outfit along with two pets. The former two make my life levelling my horses faster and the latter help looting. This is my convenience, not a P2W that I am paying for.
    Some of the other outfits look sexy but not enough so for me to get one because I don't see a point in spending 29 EUR without it giving me anything of value in return. If they did have no stats and only cost 5 EUR, I'd probably pick a pretty one and be done with it.
    Since I like working with horses, I think the breeding reset coupons stink. Well, actually it is the single breeding of female horses that is retarded and an obvious cash cow for Daum/PA. 
    Just to toss some numbers in. In a professional environment we consider the cost of a single server to be between EUR 1500 for low level and EUR 3500 for higher tier per month (that is including support staff). I don't want to guess how many servers are driving BDO but it'll be plenty.
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  11. Blimey added a post in a topic Next on the agenda...   

    I partially agree. Wouldn't immediately tie it to game time of 12 hours in game on the clock. This would include free pass players as well and make sure people touched the game. Trouble would be, you cannot actually seek advice before launching yourself into it. Such cases could possibly covered by game or free pass registrations or 'game installed', as I am sure they are logging that.
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  12. Blimey added a post in a topic Daum is killing the playerbase   

    Quite possibly less free time than most people here. But probably my definition of grind is a different one than yours. I want to put in some work and effort to get a reward. Instant gratification is something I strongly dislike because it is totally meaningless. Things worth having don't come easy.
    Obviously, there is a fine line between tedium and challenge and that line is not carved in stone. However, BDO has no task that I consider a grind with the exception of dropping things like Witch Earrings and Ogre Rings etc. But half the time, I don't NEED to drop them myself if I spend my time on tasks that I enjoy more that I can turn into silver to buy those trinkets. Well, I don't buy but the option is always there. The beauty of this game is that you can engage in tasks that are tiresome but you don't have to. It is the "I want now" mentality that shifts the line from challenge to grind. I go once in a while to fight the monsters that drop this stuff, usually only when I have a related quest or when I am in the vicinity anyway. So 'grinding' that stuff for 20-30 minutes is bearable to me. Having to grind it for several hours would be unacceptable ... but I don't have to do that. You know, it really is just a matter of how we want to enjoy the game. I play to relax, not to replace pressure from work life with pressure in a game.
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  13. Blimey added a post in a topic Stone Golem Nerf / Bug?   

    They still hit like a truck and that at range. I have only tried doing that quest in solo mode and it may be a lot easier with a  group. But heck, did they surprise me first time I was there and died after about 20 seconds of ignorance.
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  14. Blimey added a post in a topic Marketplace Question   

    You should have a button at the bottom "My Registrations" or similar. Click that and you should then be able to register your items.
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  15. Blimey added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Coolio. Thanks so much. I shall get the last level and a half on the second horse 'in town' then.
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