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  1. Minathyri added a post in a topic Just got the game!   

    If you are the "one class forever" kinda player, then maybe you shouldn't go for a class just because its easier to get used to. You won't be new forever. If you are into the Dark Knight then play her.
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  2. Minathyri added a comment to this issue Seit einem Monat Ticket offen   

    Also allmählich fühlt man sich hier wirklich verarscht. Erst warte ich über einen Monat auf eine Antwort, damit dadrin dann alles vorgeschlagen wird was ich bereits im Ticket an Lösungsversuchen schon genannt habe und bekomme als nächstes die Frage ob mein PC die Mindestanforderungen erfüllt, obwohl ich mein komplettes PC-Setup ebenfalls im ersten Ticket genannt habe! Was soll der Quatsch?
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  3. Minathyri added a post in a topic Do the devs hate me?   

    Write a ticket and make yourself ready for a long wait. My Ticket is still open and the first answer I got took over 1 Month. Now I am waiting again 'cause the problem is not solved in the least.
    Meanwhile you can test a few things on your on and hope they work. I wish you good luck!
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  4. Minathyri added a comment to this issue Seit einem Monat Ticket offen   

    Ich bin mir nicht sicher, was "hier" ist, aber ich nehme mal an du meinst das Forum. Und ja, habe ich. Ich habe die lange Liste der Versuche das Problem selbst zu lösen ebenfalls im Ticket geschrieben und die meisten der versuchten Problemlösungen waren aus dem Forum. Hätten sie was gebracht, hätte ich den Support nicht angeschrieben.
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  5. Minathyri added a issue in Technische Probleme   

    Seit einem Monat Ticket offen
    Am 28ten Februar habe ich ein Ticket geschrieben aufgrund massiver Probleme beim Einloggen. Angehängt sind auch schon sämtliche Dateien. Am 7ten März erhielt ich die Meldung das ich noch ein bisschen warten soll und bald eine Meldung erhalte. Jetzt ist es fast einen Monat her, dass mein Ticket eröffnet wurde und das Problem besteht weiterhin.
    Kann da bitte endlich jemand reinschauen? TicketID: 274940 @CM_Praballo
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
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  6. Minathyri added a post in a topic Murmeltier Schlafmütz´s BEST Ticket Support   

    Am 7ten März? Ich hab noch ein Ticket mit einem technischen Problem vom 28ten Februar offen... ^^
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  7. Minathyri added a post in a topic Game locks up/crashes after clicking Enter on a server.   

    Same here
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  8. Minathyri added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Events and more   

    Haha that could be true Maybe I can't get the tamer out of my blood!
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  9. Minathyri added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Events and more   

    This is my attempt at creating my first Dark Knight! She's gone through several changings but now I think I am satisfied with it. Good luck everyone with the competition! There are many Templates that deserves a prize! I scrolled through the whole album and the new but good templates really suffer from not beeing uploaded earlier. Its a shame but it's not only Kakaos fault. We all can look through the full album to try to make it fair again but the most of us doesnt so I think that it's also an community problem.

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  10. Minathyri added a post in a topic Warum ein Pferd nicht Fleischwurst 89 heißen sollte!   

    Mir ists egal wie die Leute ihre Pferde nennen, sobald sie im Pferdemarkt VOR dem Kauf angezeigt werden. Dann kann jeder selbst entscheiden ob das Pferd dadurch für einen an Wert verliert oder nicht.
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  11. Minathyri added a post in a topic Sold before finished calculating   

    Someone explained it to me this way:
    If an Item appears in the marketplace we all see it popping up at different speed because of our internet connection but everyone has X seconds to bid on an item before it goes in the calculation phase. At moment when you see you "Show results" Button the system has already dediced who get the item. The Winner has x seconds to actually buy the item before it goes "free for all" in the marketplace. So if you click the "Show results" Button it doesnt matter at which time you see it IF you aren't the winner. The bidding phase is already done at that moment. No one cheats on you, you just didn't won.
    I believe the bidding phase and the buying phase of the winne is around 30sec.
    Best regards
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  12. Minathyri added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    Getting constant dc's since patch today. After 6 Logintrys now I give up... Its not only the disconnects but if the game shuts down it takes an eternity to start again...
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  13. Minathyri added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    I would like if someone gift me the chance to buy a Pearlitem from the marketplace. I am having it on notice for weeks now and it never popped up for me (Not even as whole set!). The Item is:
    [Tamer] Cavaro Armor R for 1600 Pearls (Red Feathercoat! Aww so fluffy! <3)
    My Familyname is Benette and my Tamers Name is Kalinkah. I am on the EU Server. Please contact me via PM in the Forum or directly ingame though ingame I might me afk/off until late evening.
    Happy holidays to you all and may your wishes come true!
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  14. Minathyri added a post in a topic Horrible New World!   

    I am too from Alustin and I wouldn't call it a dead server but a quiet one. And hell breaks lose before I record my shoppingtour. Even IF I show you a video you could never be sure if I tricked you with it too. So either way if you believe me or not is on you. I have my memoryfragments and am still happy.
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  15. Minathyri added a post in a topic Horrible New World!   

    I've bought Memory Fragments of the AH and succeded twice (With two attempts)I've found a free Grindspot on a Sunday three timesSuddenly I got invited to a group instead of killing each other as Sausans was taken (But that could be a coincidence)My items in the marketplace get sold out more regulary and faster (Money money money.. )Regulary I see Pearlitems in the Marketplace nowThere are more nice Horses to buy and more buyer to take my own 
    Sooo all in all I am perfectly happy with the new world system!
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