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  1. Dusteh added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I only hope that I can get my 450£ I spent on the game back because it was clearly stated on release that cash shop items would not be sold in game does not matter how many items can be sold in what space of time it is PAY TO WIN and no one in this community wants a pay to win game and I know I will quit 100% if this is implemented I'd rather play steam games than waste hundreds of hours for someone to be able to pay their way past me its a horrible system that does not work. 
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  2. Dusteh added a post in a topic Proxima is Recruiting! | UNO | PvP | NA | www.proxima.gg   

      There is now no gear or level requirement to join Proxima. However you must conform to our ethos regarding the desire to PvP at a high level and be very active as well as support the guild in en devours like guild missions and wars. Voice communication is Highly encouraged, we use Discord for this. If you feel this is what you want from the game regardless of your current level and gear then please contact us in game.
     Officers: Leuie (Keiie), Torero (Pobre), Dusteh (Ellanoria), Omni (Scient), Starrkiller (Death_Ruin), Traheaern (Lilyanna_Chan)
      During node wars we obtained two nodes a level one and a level two. We managed to fight off two top 15 guilds both with 87+ members and a top 30 guild holding 66 members. We currently have 45 members in Proxima, how it is we won against these guilds be it tactics or gear maybe even slightly more skill I do not know but Proxima believes in quality over quantity. So please only apply if you want to carry the Proxima flag and be apart of our family to achieve goals and high standards we set then please to apply to one of our officers or reach us via proxima.gg.
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  3. Dusteh added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

  4. Dusteh added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild Index   

    Focus: Competative PVPVoIP: DiscordWebsite: http://Proxima.GGRecruitment thread: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/91401-proxima-is-recruiting-uno-pvp-na-wwwproximagg/Uno ServerIs it possible to take the inactive/disbanded guilds out? Just browsing through I can tell you several of the Uno ones no longer exist but thanks for the post its appreciated and helpful! Keep up the good work, Dusteh.
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  5. Dusteh added a post in a topic Proxima is Recruiting! | UNO | PvP | NA | www.proxima.gg   

    A few perks of joining Proxima.
    -Vast knowledge base
     Over the past months since the game released even including beta's,KR & RU releases we as a guild have been storing all information related to the game present and past over our forums and discord. If you was to join Proxima you would have access to this information and it is key for newer players who slightly feel out of depth or just have not heard of the little tips and tricks regarding the game.
    -Not just a BDO guild
     Proxima is a guild that spans multiple games however we are NOT a gaming community we are just a large family that move as a group who strive to always play as a guild with people we are used to and friends with but that does not mean we do not like to take on new members and want others to join our family.
     We are not going to burn out or quit! We are a group of friends that has been gaming together for over 12 years now and it is something that is not going to stop. We create strong bonds and will not be leaving BDO any time soon so if you was interested in joining Proxima you can be assured that we will be here to stay and you can grow with us. We are very patient and as much as we like to get strong and PvP we view the game as a marathon and we are in for the long run.
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  6. Dusteh added a post in a topic Proxima | NA | PvX | Uno | www.proxima.gg   

    Just an update regarding our current stats as a guild and recruitment. 
    Members: 76/100
    Regarding recruitment~
     We are more than willing to help new people to the game that find the depth of understanding somewhat hard to take in. The core of our members all purchased the conqueror packs so getting people up to date and sharing our knowledge to help strong players grow to their full potential is something we would like to do. Players who have been looking for a specific guild in mind that adhere to our aspirations as a guild are also something we seek when recruiting. We are very PvP orientated but we also find PvE to be important for gearing up members one is a stepping stone to the other. Life skills are also important for a multitude of reasons but it is by far the least of our focus. If you are interested to know more about Proxima or have any questions regarding recruitment and the guild itself please PM Ellanoria in game. 
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