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  1. Holocron added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

    Thought i had his special title again.
    Checked my coupons list and nada.
    Well, i too really wanted the title. Been chasing it since berserker. Really tried to get it since Maehwa. 
    I was at the hasrah cave part rushing to finish asap solo again. There werent many Dark Knights around so i thought i had a jump on the ones in my channel. I was swarm pulling the required mobs and killing them in bunches. I got about 1/2 way through that part of the quest and began wondering where the dark knights were. 30min later, players were all over the channel group asking for awakening  groups. 
    I am thinking if i didnt get it, i must of missed the initial early wave of dark knights.  i was in around the normal time though and didnt find out the servers were up earlier that morning for me. 
    Its 300 na/eu dark knights (is it 150 each?) and the players who got it before arent eligible for another title. still have hopes up i make the secondary list for the title.
    If not, it was fun doing the questline again and the gear enhancement blitz i did to get my dark knight a fighting chance. 
    i guess i have at least 2 more chances with striker and the next class.
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  2. Holocron added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    good job on the dark knights. Y'all got some nice looking characters.
    I spent little time in the dark knight character creation. Its been months messing with it. Really wanted to spend some time with creation process like most if not all of you have. However, I ended up making mine from a drow template posted in the beauty shop during the event. Don't recall the template (sorry) but it just gave me ideas to work throughout the creation process. I wanted an EQ Dark Elf looking character in all honesty.
    I did minor adjustments then named her but couldn't return to fix her appearance until Dark Knights went live. There were some details I wanted to add and features I wanted for this character based on a KOTOR character.  I thought naming her wouldn't lock me out in the creation event. I also thought the tattoos could be moved too. oh well...

    anyways, here's my dark knight at home during a break from the grinding.

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  3. Holocron added a post in a topic HELP Golden Desert quest coin bug   

    yeah, this quest was bugged for me on the digging site. That topic you mentioned says to /reloadui in game to expand the digging spot. I did & just completed the quest where the 5 coins are just as the screenshots pointed to. I spent some time comparing screenshots there and my in-game circle.
    I wouldn't of known to /reloadui was NEEDED for this quest. The circle the quest gave me was too small even at the max size minimap. Simply put, the digging site I got didn't cover where that NE corner is on the screenshots. 
    So... if your digging site doesn't match the screenshots, do the /reloadui command. itll save you time and effort.
    The OP has a different quest bug though. Its shown in the video. The TC's problem is about this particular quest and the quest widget.
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  4. Holocron added a post in a topic HELP Golden Desert quest coin bug   

    have you tried digging for it yet? maybe itll update into that window once you get one.
    I don't keep a plentiful quest log and try to actively do them when I get the quests. I believe I have 6 quests active on my game. My low levels have more. Some quests don't show up as well but update as I explore or whatever. If the quest has more steps its brought up in the window.
    I think youll be fine as long as you see the "area" on the map.
    ...speaking of which, I have gone through 300+ shovels and haven't got one yet. I dig at the NE part of the circle and the unmarked Northern part of it. The following digging session I brought 1000 shovels and still digging.
    I'm recovering energy soon with +gathering timers wasting away now
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  5. Holocron added a post in a topic SAVE US, WE ARE IN THE SEA   

    shark bait!
    oh ha-ha
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  6. Holocron added a post in a topic Spending $$$   

    I wait for sales. I started this game month or more after the release. Kinda regret not knowing of this game back then. Think I spent $100 every three months until the Halloween and December sales. The 10k pearls seems to be the better buy. I couldn't pass up the discounts after playing this game throughout last year. 
    In that time, I got 1 Kzarka box from my playtime. It's sale pretty much put me back to null and/or beyond it (I tell myself that lol). Well, I got into the pearl shop through the initial daum cash bonus. The regular transaction these days is 11.5k pearls for $100. That 1.5k pearl bonus is equivalent to a pet+ a few hundred pearls left over or a 30day value pack. The +Zaka weapon I sold was over 93million silver. Doing the math in my head, its sub20 million silver for a non-awakened costume pack.Yeah, I'm still ahead because rngesus zaka'd me and the comps seem of happened every other month. I used the millions of silver to buy stuff i wanted for my characters. It should've evened out for me right...wait, is that right? meh~ thinking about it makes my head hurt. 
    Bottomline is I like to think I spend my money for the sales later lol
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  7. Holocron added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Witch and Wizard   

    dang, I thought I had a shot for the title too but I did it at a later time + it took me longer to do solo.
    I didn't even have a chance lol
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  8. Holocron added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Maehwa and Musa   

    aw didn't get runner up. I thought I'd make the 100 for maehwa for the title. I finished the quest before 10:35am on release day. Took a screenshot to show guildies after making a stop in Heidel. The quest took about an hour for me to do after the running around and getting dc'd a bunch while running through Mediah. Wasn't sure I had the Awakening Kerispear as it was named Valkyrie Rare or something before they fixed it.
    Just what was the completion of this awakening quest? was it gaining the Kerispear itself after completing the questline for it?
    was it getting the moon wall ability?
    I'd like the title Destroyer of Dreams before the Awakening Event ends. Guess its time to get my last alts to 56 for that chance.
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  9. Holocron added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Hunting Khalk - stuck in tree after its death
    I was hunting this weekend and this happened.
    It happened on Hasrah Cliff. The Fugitive Khalk's body got stuck on the tree which was ungatherable. I was too far and not able to gather the spoils of the hunt after shooting it over time with 3 other gunners total. It was a slow hunting session.
    The location is the first of three tree stops the Khalk makes on top of Hasrah Cliff. The base of the tree has a rock that I am standing on. That rock does have the Khalk lay there if the Khalk dies on that tree. In this particular kill, the khalk fell to the ground as my group said before I told them that I see the Khalk on the tree. 
    Now, everyone else was able to loot this because the Khalk's body fell to the base of that tree. Figured something went wrong on my side based on what was happening on my game and the 3 other gunners. I did give it the last few shots as it died so I was in range of the kill.
    I didn't know what to do.
    I tried running out of the area and returning and going to character select twice. 
    This particular Khalk was still up there in the tree.
    Here's a cropped screenshot of it after my 1st character screen return.

     Out of options, I decided to relog completely. When I returned in under a minute, the corpse was gone for me. All these actions I took happened within a couple minutes.
    I am hunting these whenever I have the time. I try to kill these hunting targets at least 3x daily.
    Never heard of this happening before so I thought I would post it here because this issue/bug did happen.
    Did any other hunters had this happen to them?
    Was it the same area?
    Was it this particular tree?
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  10. Holocron added a post in a topic We are Family!   

    here's the one I got.

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  11. Holocron added a post in a topic We are Family!   

    Edan. Here's a few folks from the channel gathering together for this event.
    Thanks for the heads up!
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