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  1. Anomys added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    ITT Free stuff? :BabyRage:
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  2. Anomys added a post in a topic Dark Knight "Mana Problems" SOLVED and Some Hidden Flows   

    This is true and you bring up a great point that I neglected to mention. The mana regeneration on the DK only really works on enemys that can tank multiple hits from you for the return to be greater than the amount spent. (Most of the abilities state "EP +x per good hit" or something like that, so the more hits = more mana)
    Thank you for bringing that up.
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  3. Anomys added a post in a topic Dark Knight "Mana Problems" SOLVED and Some Hidden Flows   

    Mute your audio and/or play your own soundtrack. Problem solved.
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  4. Anomys added a post in a topic Dark Knight "Mana Problems" SOLVED and Some Hidden Flows   

    That's a gear issue
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  5. Anomys added a post in a topic Dark Knight "Mana Problems" SOLVED and Some Hidden Flows   

    I wasn't following a particular rotation set in stone, simply using the abilities that I listed that I know will regen mana off of cooldown (as well as others that are filler like cooldown Spirit Legacy and Soul Snatch).
    Getting comfortable with the cooldowns and understanding the full skill descriptions is key to playing Dark Knight without drowning in mana pots in PvE and that's hopefully what people can take away from this post.
    I do not use Grip of Grudge at level 60. While grinding back on pirate island at 59 I did use it in a pinch before getting accustomed to the rest of my abilities. I also struggled since I had relatively low AP at the time so it was nice while solo grinding for the almost guaranteed back attack. Would really only recommend the skill if you have the extra skillpoints to spend after getting almost everything else.
    EDIT: Soul Snatch is a animation cancel for almost all your abilities. It also cancels the ability effect so user be warned.

    P.S. I accidentally added the pictures below that were intended for a different post and can't figure out how to remove them so I'm just giving up lol. I need an adult.

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  6. Anomys added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Took me ages to finally be satisfied with the looks and dyes

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  7. Anomys added a post in a topic Mana management for DK?   

    Hey I made a post that hopefully answers this (very common) question. If you are still are struggling I recommend you read through it might help you manage your mana better.
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  8. Anomys added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Dark Knight "Mana Problems" SOLVED and Some Hidden Flows
    Ok so I've been hearing a lot of complaining about people playing the dark knight and chugging pots in PvE. I'm here to tell you that it's unnecessary. I wanted to help people out and illustrate some of the abilities we can use to recover that oh so precious resource. 
    W+RMB, Shift+LMB (no flow), Shift+RMB (off CD), Shift+F, W+F, Space (Off CD after most abilities), and Sidestepping (Shift + A or D)
    All of the above skills will recover your mana. I have left out the obvious side attacks and autoattacks. Also I recorded a brief demonstration of just how all this comes together. I drained my character of mana and engaged a few centaurs to show just how much mana regen we have when skills are (relatively) properly rotated. Sorry about the resolution as I play on an ultrawide display. 
    In PvP I chug pots likes an unapologetic alcoholic in a fraternity so I am not claiming this is all true when engaging players. Feel free to drink yourself to death in that department. If you are still struggling feel free to slap some extraction gems into your main hand weapon and watch the mana flow back into your bar. Not exactly optimal in PvP but if you aren't ready to join the DeSync fuster cluck it's fine.  
    There are also some hidden flow combos that I was experimenting on with Rinku Talks (https://www.youtube.com/user/rinkucantalk), who made his own guide last night that you can check out on youtube as well. Here's what we found:
    Seeds Shatter Shatter Seeds (standard)
    Seeds Shatter Shatter Seeds (distance)
    Shatter Seeds Seeds Shatter (standard)
    Shatter Seeds Seeds Shatter (distance)
    Shatter Seeds Shatter Seeds
    Also a note to make when trying out the combos:
    Seeds Shatter Seeds Shatter - DOES NOT WORK
    You can stitch these abilities together without interrupting them to pull of some spicy combos (albeit most likely impractical). Again I try showing off exactly what this looks like to hopefully clarify.
    If anyone has any more information as to how to make this effective in PvE or PvP it'd be awesome if you could share that knowledge. For now it's just for style points.
    Any questions, comments, or concerns I will be happy to address.
    Happy Grinding
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  9. Anomys added a post in a topic Bug Report -- The Patch Deleted All My Equipped Gear   

    Ticket number: 92748
    Thank you for helping me work through this.
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  10. Anomys added a post in a topic Bug Report -- The Patch Deleted All My Equipped Gear   

    Thank you so much Dew for your quick response, it really means a lot to know that the devs are listening and helping people through issues like this. Unfortunately after swapping channels for a while it still hasn't resolved the error. I bought an weapon set just so that I at least have SOMETHING to defend myself with, but those aren't the items in question. I'll continue to swap channels for now but the 10 minute restriction is daunting. I hope this works though.

    I've channel swapped to every channel available in the game back to back and it hasn't seemed to do anything. I'm still having the same issue. Please help.

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  11. Anomys added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Bug Report -- The Patch Deleted All My Equipped Gear
    So I logged in after the Musa/Maehwa patch on the Orwen server, channel: Valencia O3 server with a feeling something was off. For some reason in the character select screen my sorc wasn't decked out in her usual outfit, but instead had the default gear skin. I log in and check my inventory and ALL MY GEAR just gone, pearl shop items included. Frantic I run through all my storage and find my pearl shop items sitting pretty; unequipped in my pearl shop tab of my inventory, but none of my actual stuff. Full Grunil: +14 chest +12 helm +10 boots and gloves, POOF into thin air. My weapons and accessories fared no better; witch's earring, earring of concentrated magical power, scarla necklace, 2x Tri rings of good deeds, Tri Kalis Belt, +15 yuria amulet of temptation, +15 jubre talisman, without a trace. I had a fluid collector equipped and that was returned safely to my inventory somehow. However, the militia amulet I kept in my inventory (that I used to create fail stacks) was also deleted and that one wasn't even equipped. I checked the marketplace and they weren't there. I don't see how they could've been traded since I was in the same spot I logged out of, and most of that stuff didn't even have the max durability to be listed either. I also checked the transport items and there was nothing there either...
    Anyone else see or experience anything like this? I submit a support ticket and really really hope they can fix this, but if they can't I just want to know what happened at least. I really love this game and something like this just really soils the experience, and hopefully this can get resolved before it permanently breaks the game for me.

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