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  1. Abech added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    Please keep the blackstone events away. Ty.
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  2. Abech added a post in a topic Anyone hate the Valkyrie Awakening?   

    Valk's doormat status, noone should play it. Aesthetics are garbage, mah immersion ruined due a little girl wielding a lance larger than my d... 

    (Probably should play another class if you feel so negative about Valkyrie.)
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  3. Abech added a post in a topic Awakened Weapon - FS comparrison for reference   

    Too painful to register the road to Tri by now. But Dandy first tap TET'd at 80 FS so it's all good in the end.
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  4. Abech added a post in a topic Kakao Games to Publish TERA Developer's New MMO 'Project W' in NA and EU   

    Well, at least Elin 2.0 looks sweet. They better bring back the commercial success of school swimsuits for them, and no censorship this time around.
    Tera was probably the best MMO I played, except it ran like shit with horrible fps issues caused by the UI. Maybe this project will not have this problem.
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  5. Abech added a post in a topic Why Awa skills in latin, pre-awa english?   

    Because Deus vult. Obviously. It has to be latin.
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  6. Abech added a post in a topic Can we just take a minute to appreciate the massive buff to grind speed for the Valk   

    Tested the awakening a little bit on the first day before breaking my dandy. 

    The feel is just right for me, the heavyness yet the bursty quickness gives just the right amount of awe inspire as our class as the holy knight should give out. 
    I just hope it's as fun to play against players with. Skills felt to run together very smoothly along with our previous kit. Having tested Ranger awakening prior to this which was amazingly boring to me I have to say Valk awakening really delivered on my personal enjoyment of the game after the long wait since seeing the KR release.

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  7. Abech added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Eh guess its time to alt for a small moment to get a bit of boners. And to get that triple loyalty for the short while I can.
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  8. Abech added a post in a topic How many valkyries going for the first 100 lancia   

    If the blizzard lets me get home in time, sure.
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  9. Abech added a post in a topic Tri Blue Corals or Tri Witches?   

    After failing tri witch's 10 times. I choose blue corals. 
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  10. Abech added a post in a topic [POLL] Which boss armor did you get?   

    Got Giath sniped Bheg from AH, wife got Red Nose. Neither is salty about the results. Free stuff is free.
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  11. Abech added a post in a topic Skill Locking is amazing   

    I feel dumb for not thinking of these myself now. Thank you for this post.
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  12. Abech added a post in a topic Bouncing back after a rough session with RNG   

    Rule of thumb in gambling, only gamble with what you can lose. So you don't feel bad when you inevitably do.
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  13. Abech added a post in a topic [Updated] Shovels & Bottles Temporarily Disabled   

    ^same problem
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  14. Abech added a post in a topic I can't farm , get killed everytime   

    Crescents have been fairly uncontested. Apart from the weekend. The other description of Jordine is right though. PK:ing/Rotation stealing is so common practice that I wish there were a bit more channels to spread our population out even slightly. I personally don't mind getting killed although I generally stay to fight a few times over until I go elsewhere, need to dust off the rust from a long break somehow after all.
    It's especially bad on node war times. And because of needing to work I generally do grinding at those hours. Not in the middle of the night or at dawn when the chances of being nice and comfy in lonesome is higher.
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  15. Abech added a post in a topic Here is Content that is coming the future.   

    ded gaem
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