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  1. Bloodbash added a post in a topic [Lvl. 55] Combat Level-Up quest has been added.   

    Anyone else offer help please? I am lv 55, talked to the Spirit thru the guide. Went to the three otters. Talked to them all and they do not offer the quest to me. I have logged out 3 times, talked to them all about 8 times. Talked with the spirit thru the guide 4 times to get sent to them again. I have deleted a regular quest and a black spirit quest, just in case there were too many. It did not help. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  2. Bloodbash added a topic in Berserker   

    ATTN: Knowledgeable Zerkers-advanced gear question
    Thanks for taking the time to look at this post. I have a few questions about boss gear and when to change. This will require those of you who are great with numbers, know the class and perhaps are theorycrafters. My zerker is lv 54 closing in on 55 within a few days, wearing the 2/2 Taritas-Grunil, all +15. So, taking into effect the two different set effects, as well as all gems being what most recommend, at what point do you swap to boss gear, when I am able to start getting it. If I am wearing +15, obviously the Bheg Gloves, Muskan Shoes, Giath Helm and Hebetate Tree Spirit Armor would need to be at least PRI before swapping. Of course I know higher is better, but one step at a time. When do I break the Taritas and Grunil set? If I get Bheg Gloves make it PRI, would I break the +15 Grunil set then or wait until I have 2 of this boss set? Same for each piece. If I get only 1 piece and get it to PRI, do I break any of the 2 sets? Is that the same for whatever boss piece I get, or will it be different depending on the piece? Taking this even further, let's say I got the Tree Armor and the Bheg Gloves. Would I break both the Taritas and Grunil sets to bring these 2 pieces on board? I tried to sit and figure this out number wise, but the problem is the hidden bonuses to the boss armor. Advice with an explanation would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. Bloodbash added a post in a topic What the absolute F****   

    This was a nerf for sure! I do not want to hear use this or that instead Or who cares about this in PVP. Bottom line it was taken away from us. Warager has it exactly as it is. This was a major change to zerkers from grinding. The spin hp recovery is crap. When I am grinding mobs leveling and spin, my health bar is not even moving, except down. This was unfair and Daum swung the pendulum way too far in the opposite direction. Restore this please.
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  4. Bloodbash added a topic in Suggestions   

    Make the "How to contact the BDO Team" page useful
    Putting the page up with all the contact info was a great idea. However, if one email does not work-PM_Jouska (I tried the email 3 times and came back as error), or if one does work-I used CM_Aethon, then answer it. I have a petition in for days now. Like many times I have read no response is received to an issue that is really important to the customer. If they do not answer and the GM's listed this page do not answer, then this page is only for show.
    The lack of help, I believe more non-existent help, is not a good thing for this game. Your customers get problems. They need help. If you do not provide help, or only send out automated emails that do not even address their problem, then this is bad customer service. If bad customer service gets attached to your game name, you will get a percentage of people who will never try your game. I love this game! But, it does need some improvement. This is one of the improvements at the top of the list. If there is not enough staff to handle it, then it is time for some hiring. You just cannot leave your customers with problems hanging in the air. I am making this constructive criticism, because I love this game and want it to be the best.
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  5. Bloodbash added a post in a topic Can we have a PvE channel?   

    I bought this game knowing it was PvP. I avoid it and do not like PvP. I love this game! I would be on a PVE channel in a moment. I brought 3 people over to this game, who say the same. I have many friends who will not come over because this is a PvP game. Why force those to play PvP who do not like it. It will not affect the PvP players. Whatever happens on our channel(s) would not affect the others on PvP channels.
    Comments by PvP's in this post saying, " oh those channels will get filled then they will have to put on more PVE channels." Yes! That is true. But, it is also what Daum wants. More people on PVE means they will get and/or keep more customers. Sell more BDO. That is a game's ultimate goal. Not just make players happy, but make money.
    Anyone who would complain that letting people on a PVE channel would then dislike this game, or thing that is wrong tells me something likely about them. Darn, less non-PVP's to PK.
    Daum, I could easily see your game sales going up by 50-100% if you allowed PVE channel(s) only. It is very easy to test, Change one channel, or add one channel making it PVE only. Let's see what the numbers are after 90 days.
    Last comment. A few are talking about ok make PVE channels but give them less than the best loot of PVP servers. That way if they want the best they have to come to the PVP servers. Why? Again, do not try and force PVE's to PVP channels. They will co-exist on PVE channels and won't threaten your glorious existence as the phat loot king on PVP. It will be like 2 different games. BDO PVP or BDO PVE. Daum should allow characters to transfer initially and put some kind of restriction of hopping between PVE and PVP. After initial transfer you are there. Want to transfer to PVP, make it a 30 day wait and pay cash to have it done. After all, you strong PVP would not want to come over to a PVE channel to farm, garden, fish etc just to avoid PK. You want to be PVP, then you stay there.
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  6. Bloodbash added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Why does the "loud minority" always jump and scream whenever small things are made available for real cash. Nothing in the value pack will change the game for you. It will not allow others to go racing past your standing in the game. It does not make this game P2W at all. P2W would be when I can come in and buy all the boss armor and weapons. As has been mentioned in other posts what this does allow are those with very limited time to at least make some additional small gains in the game. There are those that have maybe 10-12 hours max per week on one end and those that have 40-80+ hours per week, on the other end. A value pack will allow the limited time person to at least feel like he is able to make small gains in the game. That person will never come even close to the other with 5 times or more time because of a value pack. They will not even be in the same galaxy!  I understand many of the complainers cannot or will not spend the money for a value pack. I get it. But, that should not cause you to rag on the value pack and those that can make some smalls gains with it. Some of the worst suggestions, take out the 30% market gain.Then the value pack becomes a lot less attractive, as I am sure you know and the reason some are suggesting that. Don't threaten to leave the game because of the value pack existing. I understand a small amount could, but most say it but never do it. As such, that argument is very rarely given any weight. All of us have seen those argument in forums of every game since the invention of online games. If I spend 10 hours a week and have the value pack, I will never come even close to all of you who are the top. Ever. But it makes me feel like I am not still at the very bottom of the game, after playing since launch. When I start to feel that way, I get bored and look for other games. Almost everything in the pack has already been available via pearls and/or loyalty. Bottom line:
    Value Pack=No danger to the top end players
    If Daum makes more money on this game, it allows them to put more developers and more time into its future. The game will be better and last longer.
    Daum, you asked for feedback on the price as well. I do not see myself buying it a lot the time at its current price. Drop the price to $10 for 30 days, without implementing any changes some are asking for, and you will see me, and I am sure many others, buying constantly.
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  7. Bloodbash added a topic in General   

    Does performing a full rest of combat skill also reset your awakening skills?
    At level 45 we receive a full Combat Skill Reset. I have searched the forums and your articles for the answer, but cannot find help on it. I play a Barbarian/Giant. For my awakened skill I have the +4 Heal on Hit associated with the Raging Thunder. I do not want to lose that due to the difficulty of obtaining it again. If I use the Combat Skill Reset and reset all my skills, will I lose the Awakening skill +4 Heal on Hit associated with the Raging Thunder since that will be reset like all the other skills. I plan on redoing the Raging Thunder after the reset, but do not want to go thru the many, many times it may take to get the Awakening +4 Heal on Hit skill again.
    GM, please an answer.
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