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  1. Xlight added a post in a topic PSA: 1-click performance improvement   

    Average of 125FPS?
    What kind of PC do you have? it might only help cheaper PC builds, if you can run the game at those FPS you clearly have a TOP one
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  2. Xlight added a post in a topic Can we talk about the fact that the game engine actually handles showing damage text ?   

    Maybe only as an option, i dont wanna have my screen filled with huge numbers right in the middle of the screen
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  3. Xlight added a post in a topic PSA: 1-click performance improvement   

     Cool, ill try this for sure when i get home then
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  4. Xlight added a post in a topic PSA: 1-click performance improvement   

    have you done this yourself? i will try it when i get home...
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  5. Xlight added a post in a topic What's the best solo mob farming (for silver) location right now?   

    Have you tried Elrics? altho there are usually some ppl farming there the mob density is great and they are good for money too, if you are 50 with decent AP/DP they shouldnt be a problem, imo they are the best solution when Sausans arent available.
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  6. Xlight added a post in a topic funny character names you've seen?   

    I havent really fixated on a char name, but theres a funny guild name that goes by: She_Said_She_Was_18, pretty funny
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  7. Xlight added a post in a topic How long from 57 to 58   

    Yeah i might get one myself, i already made a wizard for it, ive tried ranger but i didnt liked the gameplay, guess i will spend some time away from my Musa....
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  8. Xlight added a post in a topic How long from 57 to 58   

    I see, yeah i cant really leave my PC on all day long, i can try to leave it AFK at night, ill see, i also have no idea how workers actually work, ill have to check some guides about it, the boss alt isnt any good?
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  9. Xlight added a post in a topic How long from 57 to 58   

    and how do you recommend building gear? im on a hiatus with that myself, im a casual, i dont invest alot on lifeskills and i cant leave my PC on all day long fishing, my stats atm are 169/226, what should i do? make a boss alt to farm? invest more on my lifeskills?
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  10. Xlight added a post in a topic How long from 57 to 58   

    how many hours per day did you grind at sausans? im 56 and in like 3 weeks ive only done 40%, i dont play much everyday tho and most of the times its only 30mins with the 200% bonus....
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  11. Xlight added a post in a topic How many times did you fail at TRI ?   

    my only TRI so far is a liverto blade, had 36FS saved, bought it DUO and made it TRI at the first try, i havent tried anything else ever since....
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  12. Xlight added a post in a topic How do I get rid of these quests?   

    yea i accidentally removed the secondary wep from my inv as well, so you can get it from Ronatz? cool, thanks for the info, my guildies didnt knew about it, now i can complete it.
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  13. Xlight added a post in a topic How the hell do you get to Pirates?   

    Sausans and Elrics are right from Heidel, check the map, sry for the poor quality of the map, im at work so this computer sux.

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  14. Xlight added a post in a topic How the hell do you get to Pirates?   

    At 53 you can grind at Sausans or Elrics, i havent been to Pirates myself but at that lvl i was gettin good XP in those places
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  15. Xlight added a post in a topic In game FPS Improved?   

    I havent noticed any difference at all....
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