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  1. Kanaan added a post in a topic The Big 3. (A closer look at ManCodeity)   

    The mercing into smaller guilds for node wars wouldnt be such a problem if not for the fact that alot will pool into one singular guild rather than spreading out.  This leads to a steamroll rather than actual pvp in the smaller t1/t2 node wars.
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  2. Kanaan added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Witch Combos
    Are there any combos for witch?
    Also on a side note, what add ons do you use for both pre awakening skills and awakening skills?
    • 1 reply
  3. Kanaan added a post in a topic Mae skill add ons   

    thanks for your useless addition to this topic, posting in the hopes that your forum "reputation" increases
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  4. Kanaan added a topic in Maehwa   

    Mae skill add ons
    What skill addons do you think would be best for pvp at 58?
    • 6 replies
  5. Kanaan added a topic in Maehwa   

    Maehwa Awakening Weapon Name
    What kind of weapon is the plum awakening?  whats its RL equivalent name?  same question about Musa if anyone knows.
    • 12 replies
  6. Kanaan added a post in a topic to all the whiny entitled kids   

    carebear wandered into the wrong forum
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  7. Kanaan added a post in a topic Imbalanced and impractical open world pvp   

    Unfortunatly no, many guilds that grief are also "protected" from being decced on.  Had a guild mate go extreme negative because during a guild mission, 5 (all from the same guild) rolled into his spot and after he killed them they insta rez (pearl shop) to then continue attacking him.   His spot was a single platform, and they just laughed once he was forced to leave the area because of karma loss
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  8. Kanaan added a post in a topic :Warning: Do not buy 2nd copy of the game on sale for alts   

    So you're bragging that your guildie died but you didn't?  Thats not cool man.  Anyways, for future notice, please don't roll up to someones spot and steal from them, and then Karma bomb them and BM.  Have fun now
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  9. Kanaan added a post in a topic :Warning: Do not buy 2nd copy of the game on sale for alts   

    just got done with karanda, figured id kill you again
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  10. Kanaan added a post in a topic :Warning: Do not buy 2nd copy of the game on sale for alts   

    I count only 1 time
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  11. Kanaan added a post in a topic :Warning: Do not buy 2nd copy of the game on sale for alts   

    Then why do you keep sending message after message
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  12. Kanaan added a post in a topic :Warning: Do not buy 2nd copy of the game on sale for alts   

    not really, it costs like 10k to track someone once.  I didnt die, nor did it take more than 5 minutes outta my day.  And my guild, and everyone on the internet, were rewarded with a ton of ramblings.  The entertainment value is immense.
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  13. Kanaan added a post in a topic :Warning: Do not buy 2nd copy of the game on sale for alts   

    ok links, Ive seen your youtube channel, just videos of you sitting, and probably stealing music from Imagine Dragons


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  14. Kanaan added a post in a topic :Warning: Do not buy 2nd copy of the game on sale for alts   

    I've posted these into my discord for the lols, other members have walls of text from you as well.... this is also just 1 of 5(all from the same 1 hour period).  

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  15. Kanaan added a post in a topic Current Karma System is Ok.   

    So, if you are farming a spot, been there for an hour, only to have someone come and steal your spot...  channel hop isnt an option because all other spots are taken.  You kill him, and he comes back, and this repeats till you're negative (i.e. Karma Griefing).  I guess your fine with that?
    Wait, just saw his icon....
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