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  1. Fathia added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Yes or No?   

    Going to necro this since I spent some time thinking about this game earlier.  There are a few things I dislike about the game but  the one that triggers me the  most is the lack of a legitimate community.  While this game has other problems I would probably come back if I felt progress could be shared. if it felt like a social experience.
    I would of enjoyed being able to share items but the game as it stands feel far too selfish and single player.  If I win an awesome item I cannot use, I cant say give it to someone that  that I both care about and would like to help make stronger.  I have to SELL the damn thing to them, and vice versa and that's not always a guarantee. You cant farm for another player, and they cant farm for you so you have no real choice but to just go off into your own little space until someone decides to pvp you.  More like dark souls in those regards then a legitimate MMORPG.
    With the built in spam blocking options chat spam is moot, and if the only thing we need to police is wallet warriors then I'd accept that while having freedom.  The gear in this game is a bit easier to obtain then some other games in terms of skill effort(but not time).  The only people that get super sour are those that decide this is their new life, when your skill level should outdo any wallet warrior if you've worked hard enough.  If that's not the case then regardless of money they spent you're the worst player, or there is a problem with game balance.
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  2. Fathia added a post in a topic Red Battle Field is bad.   

    There is one thing Tera did right, its that you could fight  another player on a competitive level with the lowest grade pvp armor even if they had a higher grade of gear.  They did significantly more damage to you, and would most likely win but if you were on the top of your game and were on 2 levels or so above them in skill you could muscle your way through beating them.
    It gave people that farmed gear a legitimate advantage over other players, you wanted the power and it definitely showed when you used it.  But if you were a poor player, no amount of gear was going to let you beat someone  significantly  better then you.  Ya know people that spend the time to learn their class, and "git gud" at the game but might not have the same gear as someone that was fed.
    If this game focused more on a skill cap then gearing and one shots it could be absolutely amazing.  More reliance on hidden combos rather then just spamming your highest damage skill in hopes of getting a free KO.
    That said, someone 5-6 levels above you should be a significantly harder fight, not a reward for grinding but just logic. All games are built around grinding to some extent where levels, gear, and skill should come together to make the holy trinity for pvp.  Where it should be Skill > Levels > Gear.
    As things stand right now, pvp is a waste of time unless you're geared and leveled.  You can't hit anyone, and you melt like a Klondike bar in lava.  Which means there's no pvp in between grinding and gearing up.  You're just fodder for the enjoyment of others, which leaves a sour note.
    (I understand the nature of "old school" MMO's, and i've been ahead of the curve before.  It was fun for me, not fun for others and that is why MMORPG's evolve)
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  3. Fathia added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Enemy Hitboxes are sometimes off.
    I play as a ranger with aim assist off, so I usually notice changes in hit boxes which require me to adjust slightly..  And while most are fine, some humanoid enemies have incredibly tiny hit boxes that often don't extend the entire body.  Especially the Giant's, you'd think they would be about as easy to hit as any enemy of their size but their hit box feels like a tiny circle on their gut with close to zero slack.  (An example location would be the cultist in the Southern Mountain Region)
                                                                        Problem Hitboxes                                                                 

                                                  Working Hitbox                                                              

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  4. Fathia added a post in a topic Spam filter?   

    Pattern based auto detection is hard to beat~
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  5. Fathia added a post in a topic Spam filter?   

    Reviving this thread, I found a allowed mod for Tree of Savior that helps deal with the influx of spam. http://tosmod.com/lkchat-alpha-v03
    Its a clever little mod, and shows it can be done in an efficient way on the end user level.  Something of this nature doesn't put unneeded strain on the server (which is an issue I have with the first post, server resources are at a premium.. always) nor will it ever interfere with their "customer" base as filters are enabled by the player and managed by the player as an option.  But of course nothings free, and it would come with a monetary price to the devs.  Programming hours and testing cost $$$ or Won in this case, nor am I saying the implementation is the easiest thing in the world because I really don't know. But the concept makes sense, and is very functional and imo should be available by default in all of these games.  The amount of spam as of recent is just immense and insane in all  MMORPG's.
    Sorry for the unrelated game, I just wanted to use it as a basis of what even a  basement programmer can do.
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  6. Fathia added a post in a topic Server transfer coupon   

    +1 I'de rather be on Orwen for the community.  Unless someone can point me to a place where the chat isn't trash and salt 24/7.
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