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  1. roshok added a post in a topic Update : Eu mem market improvement   

    I haven't bough a single scroll in ages, all from grinding. Without events blackstones are a bit harder to come by, hence I grind a bit harder during BS events!
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  2. roshok added a post in a topic tri cadry guardian ring preorder   

    2B worked for me (yes, cadry).
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  3. roshok added a post in a topic Critical crystal damage sample   

    Damage varies even with the same setup and 100% accuracy, 100% crit.
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  4. roshok added a post in a topic Increase exp for Group play = improve the game   

    Not permanently but I could see group XP events working really well.
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  5. roshok added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    Need more superarmors.
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  6. roshok added a post in a topic Give every class an on command healing ability like Wizard   

    Stop asking to nerf the Witch/Wiz heal, they might end up nerfing Bloody Contract on Sorceress instead :c
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  7. roshok added a post in a topic Could we get 1'000€ Daum Cash packages please ?   

    You fail to understand that there is always MORE SILVER.
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  8. roshok added a post in a topic Calpheon is based on an Italian City named Assisi   

    Here's road sulfur works:
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  9. roshok added a post in a topic 2/15/2017 Accuracy tests   

    And here I am having sold my TET RCE because he told us accuracy is a lie. feelsbadman
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  10. roshok added a post in a topic Awakening AP / mainhand AP / universal AP testing   

    3/7 ~= 0.43 which matches the other test.
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  11. roshok added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Occasional lags after login FINALLY FIXED!
    I am not sure what exactly changed but I didn't get any laggy logins (see http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/97686-huge-lags-when-changing-channel-swapping-character/) since the latest patch  This makes me really happy as it was always a gamble on switching channels / swapping characters. I usually had to relog until I got a nice login.
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  12. roshok added a post in a topic TRI basilisk belt vs TRI tree spirit belt   

    Especially violation!
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  13. roshok added a topic in Suggestions   

    Please release awakening weapons of the older costumes!
    There are awakening weapon skins for costumes like Kibelius, yet we still don't have them. Please release them so I can spend my pearls on them!
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  14. roshok added a post in a topic How much do you make a week, and how?   

    Well people tend to spend their money
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  15. roshok added a post in a topic BDO Fixed in Minutes   

    Speed is what matters the most for any grinding spot. For most of the valencia spots you need a fairly high amount of AP already. Killing harder mobs with low AP doesn't get rewarded because those zones are balanced around those high AP values. However once you get some fast killing speed at crescent, bandits or pila ku, those spots are really good. In fact you can put your superior gear to work at crescent or pila ku to make sure you don't get griefed and just go -1M if needed.
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