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  1. xKairos added a post in a topic request: character creation Sorc   

    I finished the creation thanks to all for your advice I am very happy to see created the sorc, thank you very much to all!

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  2. xKairos added a post in a topic request: character creation Sorc   

    Thanks alot !
    By the way this character creation you will not have it?
    Thanks to the base that you said I have been able to make myself the most similar
    So I could recreate it in the sorc

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  3. xKairos added a post in a topic request: character creation Sorc   

    I'm from the EU, is it from KR? Can you get the creation? By the way, thank you very much, you are doing an awesome job helping me
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  4. xKairos added a post in a topic request: character creation Sorc   

    Where do I look for them in NA or EU? Do you know the name of the created or the title to look for in the beaty album?
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  5. xKairos added a post in a topic request: character creation Sorc   

    T.T I believe you I have tried without success and I am bad creating but with that disadvantage that you say it is normal that I did not go wrong (I do not tell you or I do not let you go so you can sleep)
    and thanks for help I really appreciate everyone's help.
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  6. xKairos added a post in a topic request: character creation Sorc   

    Yes? Could you tell me what those templates are called to look for?
    And a request if possible please, would you be able to recreate it in the sorcerer class?
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  7. xKairos added a post in a topic request: character creation Sorc   

    Thank you, but I am disastrous you can not imagine how bad I get and I have surrendered if I continue alone will cause me a stress and anxiety, that's why I ask for help is not today this took a long time but today try with all my effort and came out Even worse so I'm sad
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  8. xKairos added a topic in Art & Media   

    request: character creation Sorc
    I am trying to create a character creation for my sorc and wicht but it takes weeks and I do not get the result that I want erasing the previous creations starting from zero and nothing
    If someone can help me or has the creation and can pass me it would be helping me a lot I prefer it for the sorc but if you have it for the wicht or other kind I do not care so I make screenshots of each trait of the face and then recreation in the 2 classes I want to sorc and wicht but I will have exactly the details to create them in the 2 classes I love (prefer sorc)

    You are my last hope
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  9. xKairos added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    [solved] Liverto Kriegsmesser Pre-order bug

    Good afternoon, I've been trying to buy liverto for pre-buy and there's no way I've even tried to put a different amount to see what it puts me and says I do not get the money (logico when you put 11 liverdos xD) so I put it back One single and that message that you can see in the image I closed the game and try again and there is no way, I sold my liverto the sorcerer to buy the dark knight class, can help me or if they know if it is something of The options (I have not touched anything but if there is something I should tell me please) came very excited to try the class after being without internet 1 week (worse than the dependence of smoking D;) and it seems that I have bad luck now with the Marketplace TT
    thanks in advance, sorry my English'm still learning and I need a translator for some phrases  ^_^u
    PD: The marketplacer npc stayed the same as me with the message xDDD
    Close the post already solved sorry for the inconvenience and thanks alike cya! ^^
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  10. xKairos added a post in a topic Old players get noel costume for free?   

    Ok but still I am surprised that those who play from the beta do not receive the suit to the best my question was not well formed but it was a what I was referring to, And if it says only during the event but I was surprised that it's just like that, your first response was a little irritating or I take it wrong I apologize for my behavior and I'm sorry
    PD: Recently I have returned and I am somewhat uninformed and I do not move well by this forum or where I have to watch the news
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  11. xKairos added a post in a topic Old players get noel costume for free?   

    can you read ? ... 
    pls look and read you, for this link is my question ....
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  12. xKairos added a topic in Suggestions   

    Old players get noel costume for free?
    Those who have the EXPLORER'S
    PACKAGE since the beta will also receive the noel costume?
    Or is it only for the new ones who buy it now?
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  13. xKairos added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Markeplace Liverto Blade solved
     solvedIn Markeplace when I go to buy the "Liverto Blade" sword I put the code and then gives me an error and then the word " purcharse " this dark and not give can go back to , and passed me these 20 hours trying to buy the sword and times I have had the opportunity to buy the gun at least 5 minutes without buy my gives me that error and I can not buy it and then spend time and buys another , I do not do me any grace this error be happy with the new class raise the money to buy the sword and I have to leave that mistake ? ... Could not fix it? because I seem to laugh at me ... look at the history of how many times has given me the error , please could not do anything? that how happy I am to have the new class that until i will buy a suit with money raised and I spend all this? ... please help me
    Look "Purchase"

    close the post pls Request #94174
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