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  1. N1ppe added a post in a topic Show your progress!   

    Degraded some stuff, burned out on trying to TET Kzarka and kept break for a few months.
    Had some luck with enchants this week thou ^^ (still no bossgear wtf)

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  2. N1ppe added a post in a topic TET Kzarka or TET Dandelion?   

    I found a box. Patrigo only sells swords at the moment so if you want to see it from that guy you will need to wait until the patch comes out.
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  3. N1ppe added a post in a topic TET Kzarka or TET Dandelion?   

    Good points.. Kzarka gives 4AP for awakening and Dandelion gives 8.
    Most people have said Dandelion is harder to enchant (assume that's why it also has much higher price?) Maybe I should just start a new stack for the Kzarka and keep 71 for Dandelion?
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  4. N1ppe added a topic in Ranger   

    TET Kzarka or TET Dandelion?
    I'm sitting at 71 FS from trying to TET Kzarka bow and ended up getting Dandelion today..
    Since bow keeps getting nerfed all the time, would you guys consider TET'ing Dandelion to be a better investment for those stacks?
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  5. N1ppe added a post in a topic Equipment tailoring coupon   

    What about +1 AS / CS that lets you slot another +5 AP +2 Human Damage gem in your weapon?
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  6. N1ppe added a post in a topic Awakening Prep   

    Blow all the money on accessories because it is still more than 4 weeks until we get our sword.. That's more than enough to save up 500m again.
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  7. N1ppe added a post in a topic Release ranger awakening   

    Class that needs 50 more AP than any other class in game to be considered anywhere near viable and relies on 1 KD when most people are running around with 60% KD resist.
    Siege wars end up being 1 button spamfest when we try to make enemy Hwacha notice us by spamming (nerfed) DC trying to destroy enemy buildings.
    I don't see why anyone would want awakenings on rangers /s
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  8. N1ppe added a post in a topic Gear and player gaps. Too much for average player?   

    If you are constantly being crushed in node wars maybe finding a smaller guild and going for lower level nodes might help? I highly doubt 420+ APDP people are fighting for T1 nodes. Once your gear is better, then consider joining the bigger guilds with goals.
    Just look look at how WoW was before, you didn't join the top end guilds to get carried for gear. You worked your way out with lower guilds and hopped once you reached certain point of gear.
    I would also say that getting TRI is reasonable even for people who play less. After that RNG diminishing returns really start kicking in and gear upgrading becomes VERY expensive. The cost for full TRI is probably same than getting 1 TET (unless you are lucky)
    In the end, casual player with good RNG can have better gear than someone who spends double time grinding money.
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  9. N1ppe added a post in a topic Show your progress!   

    Didn't really mean to get that armor.. Oh well.. xP
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  10. N1ppe added a post in a topic Post your Night Vendor loot here!   

    Pretty sure this item can't roll a cheap price..

    Bought just to sell in AH, there is almost no loss

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  11. N1ppe added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    That is the wrong way to approach the issue. There should be Loyalty costumes or login rewards that grant the same cash shop bonuses, even if they end up being uglier. Why does someone have to gain advantage of you being poor irl?
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  12. N1ppe added a post in a topic Post your Night Vendor loot here!   

    Another 4k energy spent, only really looking for 2x boss pieces now.

    Also found 2 bows (1st for 220m, second for 160m)
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  13. N1ppe added a topic in General   

    Give us Subscription servers with NO CASH SHOP
    If you don't want to lose half your player base with these new "cash shop accessibility" changes, please give us option subscribe for 15€ a month and make everything in Cash Shop Loyalty only.
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  14. N1ppe added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Fixed that for you:

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  15. N1ppe added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Limiting it to 5 items is not going to change anything, people just find the most expensive items to sell and cash in that sweet ingame $$. Brace for TET Ogre Ring and PEN weapons guys.
    If dyes sell for 5 mil (50 peal box), will 3k pearl costumes sell for 300 mil? That is 1.5 billion you can get with credit card?
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