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  1. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic When they will add Plum?   

  2. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic Poll: Would You Elect to Play PVE-Only BDO If Given The Option?   

    No PVE servers, it will split the community and it will be harder to find groups for raids or group quests. Even though i avoid pvp games i would like to toggle it on and off, If i feel like pvp i can turn it on, if i just want a nice day to grind and kill stuff without worrying about pvp freaks then ill turn it off and leave them alone and they will leave me alone
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  3. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic PSA: Daum is aware that outfits are expensive but will not lower prices. End of discussion.   

    Its not about whether people can afford the costume or not, its about not getting value for the amount of money you spend on the costume, $30 for 1 costume for only one class is not worth it at all, basically new costumes will come out and people will buy the new one leaving the last costume in the bank or worst deleting them. That is basically Daums plan, bring something new to cashshop people go and buy them without thinking.
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  4. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    Would rather then not make any costumes at all if they're only going to be cash shop only
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  5. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic Chances for blader/plum on wednesday are slim [Update]   

    I actually stopped playing this game because all the classes are boring to play, originally i wanted to play kunoichi/ninja but we never got it at launch
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  6. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic Whiny PVE players.   

    I think a simple turn off and on your pvp is good enough, if you dont want to pvp dont flag yourself if you want to pvp flag and go nuts
    Forcing PVP is never good
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  7. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic How to make BDO a better MMORPG than WoW [suggestions only]   

    Im already bored of BDO after about a month of release, guess they can start with that
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  8. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    You know what sucks about the new costumes?
    DAUM will never release costumes for in-game, new costumes will always be cash shop exclusives, which means i will never get any costume, ill be stuck with a potato sack all the way through the game...boooring.
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  9. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic Any new MMO coming out?   

    Yeah i have been doing all the life skills also.
    Maybe i got burnt out by playing it every day. but that usually happens when i only have one game to play at a time
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  10. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic Official Fluff Fan Club   

    I have my own Fan club....My family loves me
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  11. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic Pictures of new Korean costumes (March 30)   

    Its a shame that all the good costumes are from the cash shops, It is impossible to look awesome if you are using the in-game rags.
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  12. Jedite1000 added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Any new MMO coming out?
    Any new MMO coming out soon or in few months? DBO is fun to a point and i have been playing everyday since release but right now after the mediah patch i just cant seem to wanting to log in. I haven't even experienced the new patch yet but something is pulling me back from playing the game. Maybe a new game will occupy me till a new class is introduced to BDO i dunno
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  13. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic Guest Pass   

    Really...People still trying?
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  14. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic Do some of you actually play this game just for PVE?   

    At the start i loved to take my time and explore and waste time doing mindless thing, but it comes a time when doing it for too long is tiring, i am not even level 40 yet and i think i had enough of the area im in and just want to level up by grinding mobs but it is still taking too long. Fun at first but gets boring quick
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  15. Jedite1000 added a post in a topic 3600 Pearls for costume? (Yes, this again.)   

    I'm Jelly cause you were able to waste money in this game just like that while i need money to spend on bills, food and brothels
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