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  1. jeffrey8777 added a post in a topic More random stuff about Musa and Maehwa   

    lol also one interesting fact about Maehwa is that Maehwa had biggest breast in game because originally Maehwa had a male body with breasts on them which made their breasts bigger because of the male chest. After they fixed the body to look more like a female body they decided to keep the big breast thing because that's why many people originally started playing Maehwa.
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  2. jeffrey8777 added a post in a topic More random stuff about Musa and Maehwa   

    Yumi(弓) means bow and Daikyu(大弓) means big bow. Since the term Yumi is used to refer bows only in japan we call the Japanese bow Yumi.
    I wish I could know what the devs were thinking. First they name the character Maehwa which means nothing more than the name of the flowers of Prunus mume, then they give that character a spear with a weird wavy blade of unknown origin. I feel like the devs thought people will just play Maehwa and Kunoichi no matter what they do just because they are female characters, and they actually put effort in Musa and Ninja because they think unless they are cool nobody would play them.
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  3. jeffrey8777 added a post in a topic Tamer original concept and stuff   

    Samurai shodown is a fighting game like KoF developed by SNK. It's a very old game (First Samurai shodown was released in 1993) so not many people will know it unless they are super into fighting games. If tamer actually had the hawk then she could have been better in mass PvP. Heck, if tamer even had one ranged skill in her awakening she would be performing much better in mass PvP than now due to awakening weapons having better scaling and having the range advantage.
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  4. jeffrey8777 added a post in a topic More random stuff about Musa and Maehwa   

    The Kerispear in game has a wavy blade, which is only seen in Flambards and Kris knifes. The naginata has a curved blade, which is closer to the Woldo or the Guandao. Naginata is often viewed as a weapon used by females and many females in Japan learn using Naginata instead of the Katana because of the stereotype that exists in modern Japan, although historically males used the Naginata very often due to Naginata being a long reach pole weapon.
    Also in Japan traditionally the bows are made only with wood. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yumi Japan is much more humid than Mongol and Korea, so horn bows were not common. The Korean horn bow uses Croaker bladder glue to keep the materials together and I am assuming other horn bows use similar material as well. The problem of croaker bladder glue is that it is sensitive to humidity and heat, and the strength of it's adhesiveness becomes weaker when exposed to too much heat and humidity, making it useless in Japan. That is why the Samurais used the Yumi. Since it is made with wood or bamboo it is more resistant to humidity so it suits the environment in Japan much more than horn bows do.
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  5. jeffrey8777 added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer original concept and stuff
    The link is an old article made before Tamer was released in KR. It is an interview of the creator of Tamer and they speak a lot about how they started designing the Tamer and stuff. For people who don't speak Korean, Tamer was named Tamer because originally they tried to make a class that actually tames character, but BDO is more of an action based game so they didn't make a Pokemon-ish character. Also the effects of Tamer's skill was created to look like ink being sprayed around and the motion capture actor learned Wushu to create a more Asian like animation. The inspiration of Tamer was Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown, but the hawk was removed because Tamer having ranged attack and close range attack would be overpowered in both PvE and PvP (Awakened Ranger, Musa, Maehwa, Awakened Wiz/Witch with pets, and Awakened Dark Knight???) so they had to remove the hawk concept. The tamer has low HP so she will be played like a bouncing rubber ball. (I guess they scrapped this as well with the awakening) And there are other not so interesting
    So tamer was originally supposed to be Nakoruru, but they made her into Rera for balancing.
    Another interview with the creator of Tamer. Here there are some interesting things. The original name of Tamer was Tamer, but since there is no taming the name became 금수랑. So PA threw away the name tamer and after years we get the recycled name for NA/EU. Great. Also the designer mentions AI scaling as level and skill increases. I guess they scrapped the AI scaling too.
    So... what happened with the whole "having both ranged and close quarter is op" thing? What happened to the AI scaling? I heard rumors of the designer of Tamer resigning, but that doesn't mean they should neglect this character.
    Also one last thing. If PA ever makes a male Tamer can he have the hawk please? The male tamer having a hawk and being more focused on ranged combat will make him unique and more interesting to play.
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  6. jeffrey8777 added a topic in General   

    More random stuff about Musa and Maehwa
    More history and RL related stuff. If you are not interested in history and RL, then there's nothing interesting here for you. Move along.
    First I am going to talk about Musa's awakening weapon, Woldo. I'm not going to talk about Maehwa's awakening weapon because I don't know where the heck they got the idea of a wavy spear. The only weapons with wavy blades I know are Flambard, a Renaissance European weapon, and the Kris knife, which is a Philippines weapon. Kind of straying away from the original topic, but looking at the awakening weapons makes me think PA is sexist. Musa (Korea inspired character) with Woldo (Korean weapon), Ninja (Japan inspired character) with multiple Katanas (Japanese sword, but even the Japanese only used 2 max.) And then there we have Maehwa (Korea inspired character) with Kerispear (Origin unknown weird spear), and Kunoichi (Japan inspired character) with a hula hoop nicknamed chakram (People claim it's India inspired, but Chakram is a small ring shaped throwing weapon, not a hula hoop with blades.) Of course BDO is a fantasy game and PA can do whatever they want to do with their game, but when this creative freedom only occurs when it's a female character then it's a little fishy. Back to the Woldo. https://youtu.be/q55H_3otHCc This is a video of people performing the sequences written in Muyedobotongji. I tried to find a better video, but there aren't much videos of it out there. Anyway as the video shows there are a lot of spinning motions. The woldo weights 3근 14냥 (1근 is 16냥 and 1근 is approximately 600 grams so it should be 2.3 kilograms. For U.S. people who use pounds it is 5.1 pounds. DISCLAIMER: I used the conversion written on Wikipedia because I have no idea what 근 and 냥 is. So the calculations could be off.) and when the mass is mostly focused on the end of the weapon it is hard to control the motion of the weapon, so they do a lot of spinning the blade to take advantage of the momentum and make it easier to control the blade. Spin 2 win is confirmed. Totally legit, historically accurate spin2win never seen before in other games (I am joking.)
    Next topic is the stub arrow. The Korean name of this skill is 편전 (pronounced Pyeonjeon) and well... It is a very very misleading name. Pyeonjeon is a special arrow used with a tool called 통아(tong-ah? pronounced something like that. Not pronounced like the nation Tonga.) https://youtu.be/LgmBO-TeC-8 This is a video of a random man using the 통아 to shoot a Pyeonjeon. As you can see in the video, pyeonjeon is a very short arrow and needs a special rail in order to fire it without the arrow going through your arm. Pyeonjeon is definitely a fitting skill for Musa and Maehwa, but the problem is the skill name is Pyeojeon and yet Musa and Maehwa shoots normal arrows. If PA made Musa and Maehwa use real Pyeonjeon then it would have made them much more unique than now. Ranger using a longbow and normal arrows, Musa and Maehwa using a recurve horn bow with Pyeonjeon. Makes them much more unique, but PA decided to just name it pyeonjeon and give them normal arrows. Very very disappointing.
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  7. jeffrey8777 added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Wizard/Wtich awakening related news(kind of?)
    I was reading some of the posts in the Korean  website and came by this interesting thing.
    According to the other posts this image was posted by an Indonesian player who plays in the KR server. The Indonesian player got it from a friend who also got it from other people(claimed it is a database leak) He also said that these images are very basic and it is most likely to change.
    It's not official images, but I thought many people would be interested in it so I posted it here.
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  8. jeffrey8777 added a post in a topic Blader awakening concern   

    As you can see in the video using mobility related skills drain a lot of WP and also using attack skills drain a lot of WP. He is using the Concentrated herbal juice every time it is off cooldown. When farming with the Awakening weapon it uses about 2 times more concentrated herbal juice compared to farming with the sword. If you can't make that much concentrated herbal juice then you will have to change your weapon to get the WP back.
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  9. jeffrey8777 added a post in a topic Blader awakening concern   

    I don't have any experience with the awakening myself, but the information I could gather from reliable sources(a.k.a. my friends) the Musa had to change his weapon constantly or chug pots with the awakening weapon to keep his WP up. The awakening weapon has high damage for PvP, but you need a lot of WP to move around and use skills and it does not have much ways to regain WP so to keep using the awakening weapon you have to A. Use pots B. change weapon to regain the WP and then change back to awakening weapon. The damage is pretty high, but still Musa is relatively squishy compared to other close range characters and there is a slight delay between the awakening skills so it's great for damage, but if you can't play Musa very well other classes could burst you in PvP.
    Speaking of the weapons, I don't get why people think the Musa's sword is a Katana. First, the way he carries the sword the hilt of the sword is pointing straight up, not forward. Second, the blade is  almost straight, not curved. The Katana get's curved because of metals of two different hardness being used. And when you see the bow, he's obviously not a Japanese. The bow looks more like the Mongolian or Korean composite bows than the Japanese wooden bow. Also the bow's top and  bottom is almost symmetrical. The Japanese bow, also known as Yumi is asymmetrical. The top is larger than the bottom and it's much larger than the Musa's bow.
    If you wanted something Japanese, you will have to wait for the Kunoichi and the Ninja.
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  10. jeffrey8777 added a topic in General   

    Speaking about the weapons and Musa and Maehwa
    WARNING: the following information is not intended for use in BDO. If you were expecting something about gameplay, you are in the wrong spot.This is about the historical part of the weapons and Musa and Maehwa. If history is not your thing and it makes you fall asleep, only read this when you are having problems falling asleep.
    The Horn bow, also known as gakgung is a traditional Korean bow. It is made with oak wood, bamboo, white mulberry wood, water buffalo's horn, the cow's sinew, and the isinglass of Miichthys miiuy(can't find the English name of this fish.) Just by looking at the armors of the Musa and Maehwa I can't tell which time period they are based off of(they have armor from Goguryeo : 37 BC-668AD, Goryeo : 918-1392 and Joseon : 1392-1897. It is a very broad category so I am assuming they mixed everything they could find about the history of Korea), but the Korean peninsula is very mountainous(especially in the region where North Korea is) and they built castles on top of the mountains so bows were the main weapon and in the Joseon dynasty the King encouraged people to train in archery and Scholars were encouraged to train in archery as well(It's Korean Confucian stuff. Don't ask me why scholars need to be good archers.) The Black horn bow(흑각궁) was a term used because of the black water buffalo's horn used on the bow. The white horn bow (백각궁) was a special bow made with a white water buffalo's horn, but I could not find any information if the white horn bow was better than the black horn bow except for the fact that it was much more expensive. 
    About swords. In Korea swords did not have much use, because the weapons used in the battlefields were bows and spears and later when gunpowder was invented so the battlefield was filled with flying objects, cavalries and soldiers armed with pole weapons, so the odds of the person armed with a sword surviving or at least killing more than one enemy was low. Anyway, swords are a good sidearm, because you could just pull it out and swing it when you need it. The sword was used as a sidearm or used with a shield made with Wisteria floribunda. I do not know much about the swords used in Korea so I can't say much about it.
    The awakening weapon. First, the name of it is Woldo, which is a Korean weapon. It looks similar to the Guandao, but it's a little bit different. Most of the martial arts of China was lost after the Cultural revolution in China(they do teach how to use it some places, but I doubt it is the same style they teached in the past.), but how to use the Woldo is written in the "Muye dobo tongji" and the style the "Muye dobo tongji" teaches how to use it is different from how the Chinese martial artists teach how to use the Guandao. Also, the Guandao is much bigger and fancy compared to the Woldo.
    Musa(무사) means a person trained in martial arts. If there is anyone who knows Chinese 무사 is the Korean for the word '武士'. It is not specifically a person who uses a blade. Mu means martial arts and Sa was a term used for the Seonbi, which were scholars of Joseon. So Musa is a scholar of martial arts. Maehwa is just Prunus mume. I don't really understand why they decided to name the female musa 'Maehwa', because Musa is not really a gender specific name(although women were not really allowed to train martial arts in Joseon, in Goguryeo women and men were both trained so if the female "blader" was based off of every Korean history they could call the female version musa as well). Thinking about the historic facts, 'Maehwa' or plum blossom is one of the "Four gentlemen" that commonly appears in Confucian art, and the mysterious thief who went by the name "Iljimae" was known for leaving a Prunus mume on his crime scene. (by the way, there is one record about the thief Iljimae in the Seungjeongwon ilgi. If you could read traditional Han then the link is here -> http://sjw.history.go.kr/id/SJW-D42090040-01800 and you could check it out.) Also, the Joseon kings feces was called 'Maehwa' because nobody wants to say s*** in the royal palace, but I am sure the class is not named after the Joseon kings feces. Seriously, if anybody knows why they named the female musa 'Maehwa', please enlighten me. I would like to know why that class is called Prunus mume.
    So what I wanted to say is the weapons and the armor used by musa and maehwa is based off of Korean history and it is one of the most non-fantasy class I've seen in BDO(except for the crazy skills they use. The weapons and armor is pretty realistic.). 
    P.S. Why did PA and Daum add 4 sec CD on Chase ;_; it's too long in my opinion. And one question. Will the Awakening for Musa in EU/NA server also have problem with WP like the awakening in KR? Because my friend told me that when using awakening weapon it is hard to get WP so he had do constantly change his weapon to get WP.
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