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  1. hermyt added a post in a topic Can Costumes be Family Bound instead of Character bound?   

    Daum should hire this guy he's genius (and fits in with their priorities!)
    Totally sound reasoning, I personally have to thank them for while I like the game and think it has long term playability, their incredibly overpriced store items coupled with the ludicrous 'per character' restriction on things like costumes and dyes has saved me from spending money on the game aside from the initial purchase and buying some family wide 'pets' which were only bought due to the account wide nature.  Having spent prob $300-$400 on ddo (possibly over $500 now that I think of it) I'm not remiss in putting money into a game that I think has sound and reasonable cash shop options, had the prices been more reasonable on BDO I likely would have purchased alot of pearls and used probably $200 over the course of the coming year to year and a half, but given their 'confidence' I've definitely reserved myself from spending on the cash shop and am not likely to in the future.
    I'll still play and enjoy the game because I think its alot of fun but I won't be a further source of revenue for a company with so little confidence and commitment to their product.
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  2. hermyt added a post in a topic Treant Camouflage Costume in PVP   

    I like the idea of an anonymity system existing in game but I think it should be involved than just a $30 fee to have unlimited anonymity (with the minor side effect of all bandits looking identical).
    Personally what I'd like to see is the ability for ALL player to flag the visibility of their names but perhaps adding a bit more to it.  Based on a notoriety system make it more or less diffiicult to maintain that anonymity.  A player renown for ninja ganking others should eventually become recognizable and unable to hide his identity as he'd have a pretty big reputation going by that point.  Conversely players with less notoriety would have an easier time being anonymous.  You would want to flag it off and on as some people might want to flag it on when they're waiting for friends at a bar for instance.  Also a system to enable visibility either for specific users (friends) or guildmates for easier identification.
    Daum tries to involve many systems to try to move away from traditional mmo tropes and bring back a bit more realistic connections.  While someone earlier stated that hiding names in an MMO was stupid I disagree and think that its quite the opposite, its rather brilliant but when done in such a simplistic way where its just a straight up $30 to join the anonymous gankers club and you all have to wear the same outfit, thats kinda sad.  Enable anonymity for everyone and expand the systems a bit to include a notoriety system that diminishes your ability to maintain your anonymity.
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