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  1. Sephina added a post in a topic What to do about scroll scammers?   

    Honestly, speed and laziness kill. Why would you do 3 scrolls ever? It's not safe, it's not smart, it's just lazy.
    If you don't make an effort to protect yourself then you are not the victim, you are your own problem. If someone scams in a 1-scroll lead pass then they're dirtbags. If you agree to 3 in a row and lose out big by being first then that's on you.
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  2. Sephina added a post in a topic What to do about scroll scammers?   

    100% name and shame. The person is making a reputation for themselves in a negative way. You can help that reputation along by letting people know.
    Like people who help and get publicly praised, also make sure people who cheat or scam get the attention they deserve.
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  3. Sephina added a post in a topic Being online 24/7 should not be encouraged   

    Games nowadays have afk mechanics built in to keep you online in order to increase their player conversion chance; that is have players be more likely to spend money.
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  4. Sephina added a post in a topic Fishing Hot Spots - What's the point?   

    Okay so this is a really tough thread/topic.
    First off, I should mention that there are tons of hotspots out there. I have found at least three undocumented hotspots, one that is a unique all-blue hotspot containing Pomfrets and Golden-Threads, and two hotspots of the John Dory, Grunt and Mao Mao types.
    Upon doing a little bit of experimenting I found some interesting tidbits on how to locate a hotspot without just fishing every few meters and moving on. I plan to keep these to myself. However, it should be noted that even if I am able to find 20 new hotspots out in the sea, we come down to a simple problem that is the reason many hotspots are overcrowded: convenience.
    So take a look at Velia, Iliya and Epheria's yellow hotspots. They're packed chock-full of boats and people. There's a very good reason for that: their turn-in times are sinfully low, and (potentially more important) they have storage nearby. Just a hop skip and jump to turn in your fish at a trader then you can drop off your silver at the storage. This is what is causing the spots to be so overcrowded; that is to say more people would push out further and thin out a bit if there was a way to do currency exchange at traders. But there isn't, and the better at the keyboard fishers understand that minimizing downtime is key to bringing in larger incomes. So even though I've found a few neat hotspots, none of them are truly viable because of how far away they are from storage.
    I think when we get down to it, fishing fills the lack of "gold progression" that many players are seeking which BDO doesn't offer. I personally enjoy amassing large amounts of money in games, generally either by gathering or flipping the auction house. Because this game doesn't offer safeties in that regard, fishing is the safest and most reliable way to gather copious amounts of wealth rapidly. I've been enchanting the crap out of my gear and easily have the money to buy it. Just at a meager artisan 6 fishing - and from just fishing - I've easily brought in over 150 million silver. No amount of max level grinding node is going to sustain that level of income.
    I had one idea, and that's to make higher levels of fishing yield a fish on a hook much faster if the area has not been overfished, and penalize the timer for areas that are fished a bit more often (speaking in abundant right now.) So a virgin spot which has never seen a cast might yield a hook in 10-15 seconds, whereas a Mao Mao spot that is still abundant might take 40-60 seconds, with an overfished exhausted spot taking as long as 90-120 seconds. That would either cause people to fan out or search for their own spots. It doesn't negatively effect afk fishing much, because long periods of afk can still fill a 192 inventory.
    So this was a long post that will probably be blown over. What's all this to say? TL;DR: overloaded hotspots suck, they're just convenient. Fishing an abundant hotspot more rapidly but slightly farther away from a warehouse has the best turnaround. Fishing too far from a warehouse is a bad use of time. Hotspots are everywhere, people just follow the path of least resistance.
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  5. Sephina added a post in a topic <Baited> Fishing / Sea Superiority / Hand-picked Members / Edan Server   

    Hey all, thanks for posting. I'll get back to you soon. Having a day with friends today.
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  6. Sephina added a post in a topic A little help?   

    I just perused your post history and you seem to be mad at the world. Who are you to know somebody else's situation?
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  7. Sephina added a post in a topic can't go more like that   

    Better watch that door my friend, it has a fairly tight spring.
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  8. Sephina added a post in a topic Vote with your Wallets!   

    I just dislike how every costume is for every class. It doesn't make me inclined to buy anything. The yukata is especially hideous on most taller classes; it's cropped up way too short and shows too much leg for what the costume is supposed to actually be. It looks -ok- on the Tamer.
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  9. Sephina added a post in a topic Epheria fishing broken?   

    Here's what I've discovered from fishing so far:
    Fishing + skill: decreases the time necessary to hook a fish.
    Fishing life skill: increases the types of fish you can catch, DOES NOT decrease junk catches, but raises the chance for a fish caught to be of better quality. Increases the chance that you will not lose durability on cast.
    Perfects just skip the WASD minigame.
    No rod truly helps you catch better fish. Just use Steel. Until this is proven otherwise, there is no tangible reason to splash out on an expensive rod if you are ATK fishing. AFK fishing is a different ball of wax, if you need a larger rod for filling your inventory then by all means.
    None of the above modifies the quality of fish caught at a hotspot. Artisan 5 fishers are going to catch the same quality fish as Beginner 1 fishers.
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  10. Sephina added a post in a topic Need help finsing fish   

    Honestly just search the seas. Start from Epheria and head north, stopping your boat occasionally to fish. Throw a few casts each stop then keep moving. Eventually you'll find Porgies.
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  11. Sephina added a post in a topic 1, possibly 2, LFG - Soonish - Leaning Orwen   

    Do you like fishing? Because my guild is 100% about social, and fits your social requirements.
    We use teamspeak and we really just hang out. We of course have our own plans (who doesn't?) but if you're new and potentially going to enjoy fishing a lot, you might be right for us. And I'll take social over fishing for you
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  12. Sephina added a post in a topic Anyone Miss Dancing?!   

    I imagine that you'll be able to buy emotes for a convoluted pearl mechanic. Buy pearls, buy an item that you take to a vendor in the game who will teach you a random dance if you complete a mini-game like 10 times.
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  13. Sephina added a post in a topic [Levelling rush to win] Level 56 confirmed, so level CAP is?   

    I find it amusing people are treating this game competitively. There is like zero competition in this game. Aside from leaderboard positioning, it's all fluff and cuddles right now.
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  14. Sephina added a post in a topic IF YOU PLAY MELEE, REROLL NOW!   

    Is fishing rod considered ranged or melee?
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