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  1. Kaytie added a post in a topic CPU Temps spike up and stays there   

    Late but, yes it is.
    How safe are those to block completely?
    Whenever I see those processes starting to hog my CPU I just stop them for now, but not always I notice the degrees spike up when farming.
    Can't they make a better way for the game to do whatever it is that those processes do?
    Something that wouldn't cause my CPU to fry because it went unnoticed for a little too long lol.
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  2. Kaytie added a topic in Technical Issues   

    CPU Temps spike up and stays there
    Not the best title for this but couldn't think of anything better.
    Basically my CPU temp spikes up from 38 which is my more normal temp (spiking to 50 sporadically in towns due to the amount of players) to about 60, sometimes reaching 70, but then stays there.
    To explain a bit more, say I die at an area, gotta rez at closest node or town, then I see my temps at around 60, and it stays there, even if I go to an area where I know for certain my temps were at 38-42 just a few seconds ago.
    Restarting the game usually fixes this, until something happens and it decides to get stuck around 60 again.
    Sorry if I'm terrible at explaining, if there's something you (the reader ) don't understand, then just ask and I'll try explain it better, always easier when there's a question in front of you.
    i7 6700k (No OC)
    16 GB RAM
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  3. Kaytie added a post in a topic Better optimization would be nice...don´t ya think?   

    The only times I dipped down to below 60 fps was in towns where it'd go around 40 simply because of the mass amount of people.
    Same graphics card, i7 6700k processor, neither is overclocked, 16 gb ram.
    That is, until my computer fried while playing BDO after having bought the computer 2 months ago. '-'
    But the 2 days I got to play was fine, at least on NA server, EU server is when I got BSOD after talking to a few NPC's, and then it froze after a while of playing after the BSOD and now it doesn't turn on, with CPU_Led constantly red lol.
    Why did I decide to say that here? I don't know, I'm salty af still.
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  4. Kaytie added a post in a topic Its already going downhill ?   

    I'ma just assume this game will become PWI 2.0.
    For those that don't what that is, it's the perfect example of a game gone P2W to the extreme.
    It started out as P2W and got worse, but the thing that makes me believe this is gonna go in the same direction is just one thing.
    Economy, on PWI, after about 2-3 years after western release, added these packs to the cash shop, these packs had some pretty valuable and much needed gear in them.
    After about a week or so, the prices of even the simplest of things increased ten folds, or more, the items are now far more expensive.
    And this all because of these packs, where people could make millions, in a game where having one million before the packs was considered a lot, now you're poor if you have a billion,
    Because of this, and because the company behind PWI never made a sure fire way for non-paying players to make enough money to compete, the game is now filled with people who've spent thousands of dollars.
    And that is what I feel could happen here, when people start selling stuff from the Pearl shop, you're gonna see a huge increase in prices, people are going to max out the price, cash shoppers are gonna buy out everything, max price will increase to accomodate, and this will go on until the max price for an item is reached.
    Eventually this could go so bad that it's hard for non-cash shoppers to keep up.
    Is this what's absolutely going to happen?
    I don't know, it's just a feeling.
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  5. Kaytie added a topic in Technical Issues   

    BSOD (Win10) randomly when talking to NPC's
    Hello there!
    So I'm having a problem...
    I recently started playing this game, I'm still on trial period, now this is a pretty major issue, since I don't want my computer BSOD'ing over and over.
    Basically, I'm getting the BSOD error: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, I still need to find out which file causes the error, so I'm trying to reproduce the error.
    It has happened twice, first time the file name might have been mentioned but by that point I was already frantically looking for solutions, so didn't see it.
    Second time the computer completely froze on the BSOD screen so had to simply reset the computer.
    Now, I have been playing for about a day or two, mostly on the NA server, I have now switched to the EU server, and that is when this problem started, I had no issues on the NA server, no matter how long I left the game running, and no matter how fast I talked to numerous NPC's.
    Now, on EU server, this has happened twice in 10 minutes time, trying for a third time like I mentioned, so I can see which file causes it.
    Will edit post when it shows up, but I can't control it that much, all I can do is spam talk to all NPC's I see.
    Computer froze and now it won't turn back on.
    I can't even react to this lol.
    So now I'm just, thinking about why the hell it won't turn back on.
    No image either so can't really do anything at all about it as I can't even begin to understand what the problem is.
    And this game? Wooh, I don't think I dare play it again, after my $2000 computer broke playing it, when has had no issues previously, and it's only 2 months old.
    And I've now found out what the problem is, my CPU has overheated.
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  6. Kaytie added a post in a topic [Two Questions] More like an upcoming adventurer~   

    I think he'd appreciate that.
    Might PM you and refer you to this thread (to avoid confusion) when we start.
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  7. Kaytie added a post in a topic [Two Questions] More like an upcoming adventurer~   

    Thanks for answers<3
    I believe what we'll do is make a character on both EU and NA and see who of us gets the best ping. :3
    But @Hirxeth, sounds promising. 
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  8. Kaytie added a post in a topic Why PvP should be unlocked at 50 and NOT 45   

    I'm just hoping one change doesn't lead to another after/if this goes through.
    I wouldn't have a problem moving the PvP level (personally I'd love for it to start at level 10 but, I love PvP so :P) to 50 as long as that's where threads complaining about PvP ends, but this is the start of a pattern I saw on Aion so has me worried, a great game for PvP got ruined.
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  9. Kaytie added a post in a topic Why PvP should be unlocked at 50 and NOT 45   

    This sounds a lot like threads in Aion did before NCSoft completely destroyed the game because of threads like this.
    Ask for a PvE only server instead of changing the core of the game, please, I personally don't want another Aion.
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  10. Kaytie added a topic in New Adventurers   

    [Two Questions] More like an upcoming adventurer~
    Hello there!
    I don't have the game quite yet as I'm waiting for my new computer to arrive but I have two questions~
    Lets start with the "easier" of the two shall we?
    Can this run the game?
    I'm not talking maxing the game 60 FPS but 60 FPS at 1080p with settings around medium and perhaps tweak a few settings, like shadows for example which from my understanding are very GPU heavy? Or was it CPU?
    If you couldn't tell by now, I'm not good at these things so no, I'm not trolling or anything, I legit just want to know.
    Intel Core i7-6700K - 8 threads / 4,0GHz (4,2 Ghz Turbo)
    ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 980 TI Gaming 6GB
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB)
    Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500 GB
    Onto my second question~
    I'm in EU, I'm going to play with a friend who currently lives in the US.
    So my question is, what server would you reckon is the best ping wise? Where are the different servers located?
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