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  1. Neodymium added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Windows 125% zoom breaks game
    Hi, becouse of my sight problems I have to magnify the app and text dimension to 125%. When I tried to log in into the game the menu had something strange, the borders weren't well defined (appearently when I take a screenshot it turns out to be normal) and most important I could not click on any option. The game was like it couldn't find the cursor's position (neither option got highlighted when I passed over with my cursor), the only way i had to do something was by pressing Enter to go to the server selection (where I eventually got stuck becouse I could not select one) or by closing the game. I've put the zoom level back to 100% and it works fine again. Is there any hope this issue will be fixed in any future patch or do I have to change that every single time I log in into the game?
    I'm curious to know if you are already aware of this issue and your concerns about it. Looking forward to seeing a response.
    Thanks, Neodymium.
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  2. Neodymium added a post in a topic Family Name Reset?   

    Thanks that helped me. For anyone who is about to ask the same question, the reset link doesn't show up until you reserved both family name and character name. I didn't reserve the char name so it didn't show up. 
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  3. Neodymium added a topic in General   

    Family Name Reset?
    Is it possible to reset your family name once you reserved it? After I did the operation I saw it must be in compliance with the ToS, I think I didn't respect that so I want to change my Family name. I can't see any reset button even relogging, so I was just wondering.
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  4. Neodymium added a post in a topic Awakening   

    Thanks for the replies. Now I got a much better idea on what awakening is. Tbh I like the Giant's awakening, would have tried it if I weren't loyal to Wizard. Can't wait to see the Wizard awakening!
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  5. Neodymium added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard Awakening   

    What about Tarot cards? Would be awesome! Something like Genei wo kakeru Taiyou. Even a grimoire or orb would be cool, also bard awesome. I hope they won't mess up, there are so many cool ideas and usually if you have a lot of cool ideas you end up chosing the worst one... 
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  6. Neodymium added a topic in Classes   

    What is that? How does it work? 
    All I know is that you unlock it @ lv 56. I heard it consists of a change of your weapon (???). But what is it truly? Does it modify your skillset? If yes, do you need to unlock new skills, i.e. level up to get a more powerful awakening? How long does it last? How often can you use it? What happens to your equipment if it "changes" your weapon? And other questions like that, I really can't figure out.
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  7. Neodymium added a post in a topic Community Team Update   

    CM_Jouska do you agree?
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  8. Neodymium added a post in a topic Community Team Update   

    Welcome! I'm glad we have someone like you in this community. I am relying on you to make Black Desert Online the game I've always dreamed of! So please I just ask you to do not forget about the pve fans among all these pvp pressures! That's all I ask you, becouse I'm sure you will do a great job!
    I hope to see you here for a long time. Have a nice stay! 
    (Grant me this informality) Lots of love, Neodymium!
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  9. Neodymium added a post in a topic Youtube guides for newbies   

    Thanks, was going to ask something like that. I want to know as more things as possible before CBT1. Does anyone else have well done guides? Or vids?
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  10. Neodymium added a topic in General   

    Traveler or Explorer Package?
    Hey Folks,
    I can't decide which Pre-Order package I should buy. The fact is that I just have 50€ on my card right now and if it were up to me I would buy the Conqueror's Package to help the developers of the game and generally all people who worked on it but I can't. So I'm not sure if I should spend all the money to get the few extra features or save some money and spend it on other things, becouse I won't recharge my credit card for a while from now. So my question is, are the features in the 50€ package worth the 20€ difference from the basic one? I do not care about the weapon skin, I'm definetly not buying the package for that. But a +24h headstart, a horse to start with, the permanent whistle and that pet seem to be interesting. I do not have much knowledge about the game so starting with a horse helps me a lot becouse I do not have idea how or where to tame a horse and things like that, I do not know if I'm clear enough. I think this is the game I've always dreamed of,  I'm so excited that I can't think reasonably right now. The fact is I won't be able to get some other things I planned to buy if I spend all the money, and it's still some time till the release date of the game, but hey, we're talking about Black Desert Online, I would regret the choice if I lose time becouse my Donkey is too slow and lazy to come to me or I fucked up my skillset and have only 1 partial reset left.
    I hope all this text didn't bore you and thanks for anyone trying to help me.
    • 11 replies