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  1. Zycrus added a post in a topic Awakened Dark Knights Are Ruining The Game   

    i am ready, but you are talking about future content. With the game we have right now, except aakman and hystria (where grouping is actually a lot of fun), grouping just makes no sense.
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  2. Zycrus added a post in a topic EU Market   

    Even if he could get close to the amount of memory fragments from pilas that you could snipe for the money you make while he goes for pila scrolls...he still has no blackstones, becaue the amount of seals you get from pilas is just laughable. Much fun to have 500 mem frags, but not the armor stones to even get a 20 fs
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  3. Zycrus added a post in a topic Awakened Dark Knights Are Ruining The Game   

    In my opinion (sry for my first post, maybe a bit tooo harsh), this game simply does not support group pve. Which for me is fine, because the group/mmo content is not found in pve, but the pvp system. You have a really fun and awesome node/siege war system for people with different strengths (tier 1-3 nodes, territory/castle sieges). 
    What i think is the main issue here, is that people always want to grind in what is known as "the best grind spots in the game", as in sausans, pirates, and maybe gahaz. And then they realize that they cant really do that because there are other people as well, that might play the game longer/more, are better geared, are higher level, or have better pvp knowledge of their class, so they wont really be able to enjoy the pve grind in those spots. But instead of maybe looking for a spot that might not seem to be as efficient, because it is not one of the top spots, they want to party up/grief/karma bomb/whatever and finally, end up in the forums complaining about classes being op.
    The thing is, most people that are strong nowadays started weak as well. They didnt just go to sausans/pirates, they started at manshas/catfish, worked their way up to helms/manes/rogues when mediah was released, then they slowly started to grind elrics/sausans when their gear and level allowed it, and then there were a few that were even able to grind pirates when it was released.
    Nowadays people rush to 50 or even 56 (with how fast it is, not their fault), and then expect to do those "big boy" grind spots instantly, while skipping the "low tier" spots and not even having the gear to efficiently grind any of the better spots. If they would just start as people used to and go to the lower grind spots, there wouldnt be that much of an issue. They would be able to find people that are maybe more even in pvp because of more equal gear/level/skill, would in the end make more money (exp maybe not, but exp is secondary if you have no gear at all) because less pvp/getting pushed out by stronger people and enjoy the game more. There are actually a few spots in mediah that provide good money, maybe with the cost of less exp and maybe with money not being as good as sausans, but enough to get better gear and without having to fight stronger opponents for a spot all the time.
    But this is just my opinion. I for my part enjoy seeing a 5 man party at pirate main spot that tries to push me out of my spots with pvp threats ("we are 5, just leave or die"), and in the end i wipe them and even their attempts of outgrinding me dont work because they are just not fit for pirates yet.
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  4. Zycrus added a post in a topic Awakened Dark Knights Are Ruining The Game   

    I really wonder. Will there ever come a time when people realize that Black Desert is not a game for group pve? you just lose out in every aspect if you grind in a group. You get less exp, you get less skillpoints, you get less money, ... And if you want a spot, just fight for it or switch channel and keep looking. There is not a single class in this game that is unbeatable if you are good and especially dark knights die very easy once you catch them.
    Solo in this game = fun, efficient, for winners.
    if you group : you will always cry, be weak, and post loser stuff in the forums.
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  5. Zycrus added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    That might be the reason why it takes so long as well. They split up the content in so many little pieces, that the drawing takes like forever.
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  6. Zycrus added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Which i will probably regret for as long as i play this game  
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  7. Zycrus added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Their releases/release orders never made sense. Not the awakenings we got every 2 weeks, not the order of patches we get, not the delay of Kamasylva (which was announced for march, and later deleted as wrong information, without giving us any other "correct" information). But who are we to judge, we only are the stupid players that still play this game, because after all, it sadly is still the best game currently.
    @Draconnix What release schedule do you mean? Doesn´t really feel like they follow a schedule, more like: we release what we get.
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  8. Zycrus added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    That would make sense if the awakening of wizard and witch would have been released in KR at the time. It was not though. DK awakening is released in KR, so there is no reason to hold it back at all.
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  9. Zycrus added a post in a topic Gear dependency   

    What is rather efficiently for you? I did around 3.5k trash/h.
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  10. Zycrus added a post in a topic Gear dependency   

    nono, they just go there in a party of 3-5 people, so they can actually kill stuff fast. Which is awesome since it is supposed to get a lot of money and exp there, you go there no matter what, even if its in a big party...I wonder when those people are going to realize that it doesnt work like this
    Same goes with pirates. I can understand grinding main spot pirates in a party for pure exp reasons until i am like lvl 58....but seeing groups shouting for people with lvl 59+ and 180ap+ for a party at mainspot is just a waste of time and makes no sense at all.
    180+ap at pirates in party: good exp perhaps, shitty money compared to solo
    180 ap at pila ku: shitty money, shitty exp, shitty everything, waste of time.
    180 ap at pila ku in party: shitty money, maybe okish exp, still a waste of time
    215-230+ap (depending on class, 215 works for wizards/witches, 230+ for sorcs/tamers/...) solo pila ku : great alternative to pirates/gahaz and sausans if you ignore the exp from sausans
    and i know, 230+ for sorc sounds like a lot. From my tests as a lvl 60 sorc, with 241 ap (nouver, no rce) i can grind there efficiently. With 238 ap (nouver+1 tri rce) its a bit better. With kutum and no rce its not efficient, with kutum and 1 tri rce it is okish, but worse than with the high ap. BUT my comparison lacks a bit, since i had 10 ap less from accessoires when i did the kutum tests (duo ogre rip). SO maybe/probably kutum + 1 rce works as fine as nouver +1rce. couldnt test that so far.
    But people claiming 200 ap is enough for pila ku...well, i like money and exp, with 200 ap i kill way too slow there to make it even better than bashims.
    In my opinion sorc is heavily gear dependend. Sure you can kill people with average gear that have average gear. But playing on a high level, you sure as hell see a huge difference between bad gear and good gear, unlike wizard where you pretty much have to get to 180 ap and can kill everyone. This works for pvp as well as pve, with low ap you can grind most spots as well, sure. But you are so slow its just not worth the time.
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  11. Zycrus added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    So actually, what was given out in the events that we cant get in game, so it would be an advantage after the merge. I pretty much can only remember the penguins. Shouldnt it be able to put the penguin in the loyalty shop for 1 loyalty combined with a maximum amount of penguins you can have? so people who "played" on 3 servers can get 6 penguins too? Everything else (boss armor, stones, etc) you can just get in game with a little effort. But those penguins really are an unfair advantage  (and before anyone complains about putting in effort to get those...you literally only had to log in, how is that effort?)
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  12. Zycrus added a post in a topic PVP is bad   

    the system is almost good at this point...The ONLY issue is that people can just grief without getting punished, while the people defending their spot get punished. This is the only thing that sucks. Make people that die from pk lose 1% again, and its fine.
    WHY would you ever be allowed to grind a) in a spot i was before you, just because you want it? if you want it, fight for it, if you lose, you are not good enough, leave. b) stay in a spot i want to have, when you cant defend it. There are a lot different spots you can go to, you dont have to be in the best one if you cant defend it.
    Right now, PK gets punished more than enough, they should rather implement something that punishes griefers.
    (and no the gear > skill argument is shit, if people spend more time and have better gear and they can beat you, they are usually also better in pvp, and if not, well, gear difference has to be huge if you still lose. If you cant live with that, i heard WoW is perfect for a casual like you, who wants to have max lvl in 1 day and who understands end game as a grind of the same raids over and over again, which is btw nothing else than you do in bdo, only that you dont have node wars/siege wars as real endgame)
    Saying it will lose players if they keep unbalanced PVP might be true. BUT it already lost a lof ot players because of the changes to exp loss, so you lose players on both sides, invalid argument.
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  13. Zycrus added a post in a topic Show/tell us what you got ready for Sorc awakening!   

    lvl 59 until this evening with 1300+ sp
    600 armor stones, 500 weapon stones
    20 hard, 20 sharp, growing each day
    400 MF, trying to get 600 until wednesday
    around 100m
    Dandelion Bundle
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  14. Zycrus added a post in a topic Awakened Weapons, Night Vendor, and further Imbalances   

    And for the sorc part.... every good player will tell you that sorc compared to other classes is really shit in pve/grinding. Every other class is more efficient. Awakening balances this out, as for the pvp part, sorcs are decent now, sorcs will be decent afterwards, just with a higher skillcap than before. Order of release seems fine to me. 
    I still agree, the night vendor might be an issue. Its not an issue though, if they only put awakening weapons on the night vendor once all of them are released. SO you cant roll any of them until then.
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  15. Zycrus added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   


    but didnt you hear it? it was "planned for end of the year" and they only release it now because of the high demand...
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