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  1. Lefty added a post in a topic Any PvE guilds around? (ie. suicide to stay at 44)   

    Try your luck at Hello Kitty Online.
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  2. Lefty added a post in a topic Ninja/Kuno need to come out now, not later. Read.   

    Everyone and their mothers already know that Ninja/Kunoichi will not be released until July. Just be patient, or, keep whining about it I guess. It really won't do you any good but whiners will always whine.
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  3. Lefty added a post in a topic Kunoichi NOT being in is killing the game   

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  4. Lefty added a post in a topic Witch Earring Drop Rate   

    It took me 5 days of farming 6+ hours each day to finally get a witch's earring drop. You honestly have a much higher chance at getting one from the Witch scroll bundle.
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  5. Lefty added a topic in General   

    What did everyone get from their GM Lucky Boxes?
    I got 2 armor blackstones. 
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  6. Lefty added a post in a topic Stop complaining about RNG   

    RNG Desert Online.
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  7. Lefty added a post in a topic New to BDO   

    Awesome! Add me on BDO!
    My family name: Raijinmaru
    My character name: Leftyy
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  8. Lefty added a post in a topic New to BDO   

    Hey there! I'm one of those people that like to help newcomers and enjoy making new friends
    Unfortunately, I'm playing in the Edan server  so if you ever decide to switch to the Edan server, let me know! I have a Discord channel where a couple of my buddies get on daily and play together. BDO's one of those games where having friends to play with really increases the fun tenfolds!
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  9. Lefty added a post in a topic Dear everyone who voted in favor of auto-pathing...   

    In a game like Black Desert where you pretty much HAVE to put in a lot of time, work, and effort into SO many different things, it's nice to get some help in regards to training. This game is so grindy in a lot of ways so it's like a breath of fresh air being able to "grind" other things while afk as well. Sure it may not be as rewarding for you but for someone like me, who does not care about the whole breeding and taking time to raise my horses' levels up, this is a nice incentive that allows me to achieve a higher tier horse, level my strength/breath, etc.
    Now that you've clearly worked very hard at leveling your Training and raising your horses, perhaps it's time for you to explore other aspects of the game? And level up some more? You might find other things that'll interest you and keep you entertained. And thankfully, while yes, the auto-looping will definitely make leveling horses MUCH easier, you can still do it the old-fashioned way and still feel proud of yourself for not taking the "easy" route.
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  10. Lefty added a post in a topic [Updated ]I'm sorry, I want instanced dungeons.   

    You're playing this game for all the wrong reasons.
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  11. Lefty added a post in a topic Is there any reason to play on NA/EU?   

    You seem pretty set on moving to the RU/KR version already (especially the RU version since you've already found an English speaking guild there) so what is the point of this thread, really?
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  12. Lefty added a post in a topic Quitting this game - What's the best way to go out?   

    Not crying for attention would be a start.
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  13. Lefty added a post in a topic Coming from AA. how good is this game?   

    Genuine question: What is the point of people mentioning they are coming from Archeage?
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