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  1. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic A special thank you to our Veterans   

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  2. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic Looks like it is time to move on.   

    this what I expected. The responses by these people advertise the true community of the game. In the end, this game's community is the end result of spoiled children without any social skills without restraint. You meet this kids in public, and they think highly of themselves, as they accomplish nothing with their lives. It amuses me, and their bold angsty responses fall on deaf ears, as my generation just rolls our eyes and enjoys the fact that we did something more with ourselves, to not seek validation from a video game. What makes them most angry, is that they cannot really ever beat people like this, because we already have success in the real world. 
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  3. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic Looks like it is time to move on.   

    The amount of messages that I have been receiving from friends in the game, discord and texts is awesome. I will miss you guys too. I know you do not want to say anything to the trolls, I have most of the blocked by now, as they are just crying for attention. Just ignore them like me, and only look when you want a laugh. They are try hards, and just want to validate themselves in a video game, since they cannot in real life. Have fun, whatever game you play. It has been awesome playing and chatting with you throughout these months.
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  4. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic Looks like it is time to move on.   

    Grim is already undeclared. Awaiting Infernal's to be removed. These pkers call it karma griefing if they search for you and kill you, and you do not declare for it, haha. The responses they post show that they are the ones that are really unhappy, and just want attention. I am laughing at their posts, it is amusing. They do not know how real life works, and it is fun to watch them react.
    Outfits and pets, house items as well. Horse items add up as well. We are also geared rather well, but not grinders. I am only level 58, with all boss gear and kzarka. Many of us are similarly geared or getting there. We do it while having fun, and not to bully or pk, just to explore and enjoy what is a beautifully made game, aside from the pkers mentality.
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  5. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic Looks like it is time to move on.   

    Lol, that was kind of trolly, you are right. Okay, I guess that I got carried away. It is true, they have made a mistake of every step of this game, and from everything I see, it rests mostly on Kakao. This game had a lot of potential, and was a lot of fun, until exploits made it unplayable. Their idea of pvp is camping the cities and nodes to kill people over and over. Basically, they have nothing better to do until bed time. Haha, I am pulling up Fallout 4.
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  6. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic Looks like it is time to move on.   

    Proof that the trolls taking the game, they have no ability to think clearly. I enjoy laughing at their jobless selves. Haha. They cannot afford to buy things, so they get mad and sneer at the ones that can and do. I have never trolled in the forums, and I will not either. But I will not support a game that does not handle their mistakes and problems. The trolls will be trolls, and all they can do is be keyboard warriors, because they cannot afford to do more physically or monetarily. Fight on liberals, fight on, you amuse us that actually have jobs and make something of ourselves.
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  7. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic Looks like it is time to move on.   

    It is funny how many laugh, but what do you think will happen when the spenders leave.
    Good luck playing a game where only the free players remain.
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  8. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic Looks like it is time to move on.   

    LegionZero. We are mostly full of high spenders.
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  9. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic Looks like it is time to move on.   

    Not sure how they did it, but it was already confirmed a bug to be able to declare war on us. 60 person guild heading to a new game over it though. Been a week and they haven't done anything to fix it.
    I am one of the casuals that financially supported the game, so they lose a long of money, losing me and many of the ones that are the same in my guild. They will have to just make it up by adding my micro-transactions in the game for everyone.
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  10. Zibbernopperrroo added a topic in General   

    Looks like it is time to move on.
    Despite being a protected guild, an exploit was used to declare war, and the GM's did nothing. We are leaving in 24 hours or less, if they do nothing by that time. We discussing what game we are going to. This is not a PVE friendly game, and I will not play a game that prohibits any ability to actually enjoy it, due to some adolescent teen with a bruised ego, because he attacked me and lost, so he has to get his guild to exploit and attack my guild.
    Below is the response my 4th ticket in for this after a week. Game is unplayable for me and 60 others in my guild. We are not interested in this, and we are sending the responses of each ticket to report the game, so there is a public trail of their failures. Ciao.
    GM Haliaeetus Yesterday at 10:23Hello,

    Thank you for getting back to us. I'm Game Master Haliaeetus and I'll be assisting you on your ticket today.

    First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to write up your concerns to us, we do care about our player base very deeply and every day strive to make Black Desert Online the best that it can possibly be.

    With that in mind, there are some issues that the customer support team is unable to fix and must be handled directly by the developers. I can assure you that both of your cases has already been sent over and are currently being reviewed by them.

    At the end of the day we're here to help provide the best game possible, we're gamers too and as players we want it to be the best both on a personal and community level. We have taken the opportunity to collect your feedback and I can assure you that we will do our best to improve in the areas you mentioned. 

    Please do not hesitate to ever contact us again, or to continue asking more questions. We will answer what I can and I sincerely hope you will continue to stay with Black Desert Online, it's players like you that help us improve.

    Kindest Regards,GM Haliaeetus
    English Game Master
    Our knowledge base is updated regularly and contains some of the most common asked questions and issues:
    You can also keep an eye on our social media pages for the latest news and announcements.
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  11. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic Connection Currently   

    Lol, this was from an issue with the server that night. The servers booted everybody that night, and the problem was gone after. It was a momentary issue on the server end.
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  12. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic LegionZero Orwen Based PVE Focused Guild   

    Guild boss fun. =)

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  13. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic LegionZero Orwen Based PVE Focused Guild   

    Having fun at Pirate Island, with a some guildies and allies.

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  14. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic Enchanting Question   

    It took me 5 months to +15 my Heb armor. I am not in any race for gear score, and having received this my first month of playing, I am still happy. I did build a 45, 44, 37, 27, 25 and 24 failstack on this armor, all starting with about 20. Finally got it at 27. I am patient and feel no need to roflstomp other, so this was a fun thing for me. PvE is a much less stressful way to play. 
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  15. Zibbernopperrroo added a post in a topic Kakao Games to Publish TERA Developer's New MMO 'Project W' in NA and EU   

    I see this as Kakao recognizing the success of the game, and expanding on it, not replacing. Gaming projects take years, and each game aims for a different target audience, though some might crossover slightly. As is, I have no intention on quitting BDO, even when this new game is released maybe 2 years later. For pve, this game is far from any p2w, as there isn't a 'win' in a pve MMO. Well, once in gw2, but that is another story. 
    I see this as the recognition of the success of BDO, and hopefully the proper investment in servers and support that have been lacking. I see this as a possibility that Kakao is learning, and will do better no things as they progress. It is no secret that their stock dropped more than half recently, so this might be a sign of a change in the company and their focus on what works. 
    Edit- no, to answer all my texts and messages at once. I will not be getting the new game either, as I learned my lesson. 
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