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  1. Maizekeen added a post in a topic 100% on wizard not being used?   

    oh i thought they disabled 100% for wizards with 350+ AP on character sheet, too bad
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  2. Maizekeen added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    Wondering when players realize, it is permanent change ...
    Seal tooltip saying TRI Ogre, patch notes saying DUO Ogre for 100 seals, which one is true ?
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  3. Maizekeen added a topic in PVE   

    King of Jungle Hamburg
    I hope someone can clarify this for me, blue version of this food is 110 minutes of "Critical Hit Damage increase" and yellow version is 120 minutes of "Slight increase of Critical Hit Damage" ... tooltip of both buffs saying "slight increase"
    OK we all know they really do excel in translations ,  but did someone test it ? I was able to find it should be 20% critical hit damage increase for blue version, it is the same for yellow and difference is only the duration of buff ? Thanks you for any input.
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  4. Maizekeen added a post in a topic [Event] Book of Combat Exp and How i miss it   

    Everything stacks. The only thing that does not stack is +50% XP scroll for 300 loyalty + sealed book of combat. So it is weekend 100% + loyalty scroll 50% or weekend 100% + sealed book of combat 50%.
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  5. Maizekeen added a post in a topic Cadry Ring Evasion?   

    I spent whole 59-60 on Cadry. Once i was able to pull this in 1h15min
    I know it is pretty extreme, but overall, i was always able to earn more than 3-4m per hour (node lvl 0, all mobs on S). If nothing, they dropped hundreds and hundreds ancient scrolls for me.
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  6. Maizekeen added a post in a topic Why the hell you still not give us this item in NA/EU ?????   

    or the item, able to make crystal socket in outfit ...
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  7. Maizekeen added a post in a topic Motivation to grind?   

    Level 60 is different dimension. 3rd skill addon, all skills upgrade (except Petal Bloom) including cooldown reductions, damage multipliers ... You can burn warrior block much better, and that is the point, right ?
    Plus i must say, this "weakest PvE class" negativism, i am un-affected. I have no alts to compare, and i was satisfied with 1.4% per hour on cadry, level 59, during the weekend, with sealed book of combat/beer/xp elixir and 2 xp crystals in helmet. 
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  8. Maizekeen added a post in a topic Did Certain Elites Just Get Harder?   

    hehe yes, cadry elites are pretty tough now
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  9. Maizekeen added a topic in Maehwa   

    Say something positive about our awakening buff
    I am not very alt-positive in this game, i only leveled 56+ on kunoichi alt. I was pretty amazed with kuno awakening buff (crimson eclipse) and at the time, i was in impression it is only some kind of sick joke and other classes have comparable buff with ours.
    But yesterday, my friend playing witch show me their awakening buff and told me to check other classes... wtf ?
    Witch/Wizard is extreme ... but i think every class got something juicy. Except us, we got attack speed, accuracy and in my opinion, not really useful critical rate. Are you guys satisfied with our awakening buff ? I apologize, if this was already discussed before, but i had no clue
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  10. Maizekeen added a post in a topic Possible accuracy issue?   

    Yes i had exactly the same. lvl 56 DK, TRI liverto (185 AP), +5 acu on quest yellow chest, serendia meal +10 acu. Accuracy bonus on skills. I was unable to farm sausans. Sometimes it took 4 aoe skills (on max lvl) to take down one group. Also tested autottack, which has +19% accuracy bonus on max lvl i think, and it was doing nothing, 0 dmg
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  11. Maizekeen added a post in a topic We all roll Cresent ring   

    Yep it was lucky strike. Bought 45 crescents ~28m. Result was x6 DUO, x3 TRI on first try, kept x2 TRI for myself, and sold the rest
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  12. Maizekeen added a post in a topic We all roll Cresent ring   

    Well buy crescents for 28m, make some TRIs for yourself or for profit. http://imgur.com/6HDy7pY
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  13. Maizekeen added a post in a topic Accuracy on Baehwa worth it ?   

    Hard to believe you had a issue to kill player 5 levels lower ...
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  14. Maizekeen added a post in a topic Anyone else notice the change in boss drops?   

    I would like to see this. Could you please link ? Ill reward your time, by gifting any cash shop item you choose.
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