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  1. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic King of Jungle Hamburg   

    the old translation notes said it this way
    blue: 50% damage increase
    yellow: 100% damage increase
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  2. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic High priority target killer nodewars   

    tamer is best assassin class for 1v1, 2v3 situations in node wars with an 215+ ap build, and if they have 415+ dp, they simply cannot die with the right buffs/potions, while cc'ing everyone around them for instant guild wipe on base
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  3. Cheonjiwang added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Kunoichi Bug/exploit? Iframe teleport while overwieght???
    witnessed a player using some kinda of iframe, teleporting a few meters ahead constantly during overweight, he seemed to b able to constantly iframe, and then attack right afterwards with super armor, and could not b cc'd whie any ability I had other then my tamer pet aoe, which is AI controlled, and not affected by dysync, I could not land any other cc on him otherwise, is this some kind of bug or exploit or what?, seems extremely overpowered and allows them to do practically anything while overweight.
    he was a kunoichi, and was overweight 704% according to him
    I am a tamer, 505 gs with awakened weapon(tet)
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  4. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic [Orwen] <Iconic> Hosted Balenos Territory Siege Tournament   

    balenos war, from a tamer perspective, October 9, 2016
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  5. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic New Tamer, best stun lock combo?   

    just to add in my 2 cents, try this combo
    flash>flash:pole thrust>upward claw>BJ>LBP>BJ>soaring kick>BJ>LBP>BJ>fearful trembling>BJ>LBP>BJ>repeat
    hehe.....btw if your opponent doesn't get floated, go directly into soaring kick after claw
    can also do variations after soaring kick, like surging tide, whiplash, (if you catch 2-3 people with the grab)
    getting scratch maxed out can maximize the potential as well, just don't do flash, use your evasion>scratch combo to aoe cc 8 people in the area =p
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  6. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic Heilang: Surging Tide   

    as of the current patch, heilang uses its underground depth charges after surging tide, fires 3 shots in the direction of the nearest enemy, up to 75-100m away, even if you cannot see them.
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  7. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic I love the new P2W system   

    so I presume once you get geared enough with your p2w aspect of the game, you will get bored of the game cuz your the best and people who don't p2w or no life the game, leave the game cuz they cannot afford to compete with someone like you, am I hearing this post correctly? in archeage, p2w players spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to win with gear that they bought from silver they sold APEX in game for with real money, do you wreally want such a great game like this to lose its potential and become a greedy company who just wants your money? throwing in small updates here n there for their cash grabs and costumes that u feel forced into buying? those small convenience items add up over time. this is all I had to say, and I don't presume a p2w person like yourself would listen to this post. have a great day.
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  8. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    2nd post on this thread, I noticed you revised your statement, but took no notice of current petitions or other threads on this subject in your new revised post, please respond to the current players feedback, please show that u do indeed, respect players monetary value and thoughts on this subject, please respond, to players feedback, give some feedback yourself as a respectable business, and show u do indeed care, instead of rewriting that you "are" going to pay to win features, that the current non-Korean/Russian/Japanese player base, does not clearly want. I just want a post on your feedback, as a paying customer.
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  9. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic Payed expansions to support the game and no P2W elements   

    I would take this over p2w aspects in any game, I would even subscription based, if that's what it took to stay away from p2w aspects.
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  10. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic Let's be civil please   

    if I were a new player, I would want 200 hours of better blackstone drop rate, a bonus of 300% xp bonus, so I could catchup to current average level of player base, the ability to have some kind of invulnerability to pvp until level 55, so I could catchup without getting destroyed instantly, 2 value packs, and 10 million silver to start with, for buying gear I need and possibly 50$ worth in pearls, to catchup to current convenience fees involved.
    hmm, if I were a veteran player, I wouldn't even bother buying a p2w game, cuz ive been through that before and seen what it did to the game.
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  11. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    So, I'm voting no to pay to win.
    Reason being, a business model for p2w, eventually turns into more p2w over time, leading to massive loss in players, and in the end, your own business plans for the game, in the end, u will lose money over time, due to everyone playing having what they want, and no new players coming into the game community, I have seen this happen in archeage, and even if they did allow this to happen, the 5 item limit could possibly be removed someday and/or changed, this could lead to multiple disasters completely, I refuse to play games like that, and who knows how much each of the 5 items could sell for in game, and what if players make multiple accounts, and just sell in game items for transferring money over to their other accounts, what then, are u still gonna keep this 5 item limit? what if each item sells for over 250 million like some items on KR version?
    if you want to allow pearl items to b bought in game, make a npc vendor for set prices that sell the items in game for decent amounts of money, that way no player can gain an advantage at all over other players.
    I vote no to pay to win. Thank you.
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  12. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic New awakening System, what will you do ?   

    jolt wave: 3 mp on hit, and 10% attack speed     -allows continuous mana regen, sure less ap, but u can go for practically forever
    for pvp get these
    surging tide: 5% accuracy, 20% crit   - accuracy purposes, allows u to equip ap trinket, crit should b obvious for more dmg
    fearful trembling: 45 pain dmg, 15 pvp ap  the pain damage is so amazing people don't realize it, more ap is obvious
    for pve get these
    fearful trembling 45 pain dmg, 30 ap to monsters    - the damage to monsters is unreal with this buff, if you spam BJ
    flash: 30 hp/mp on hit   - 4x hits on flash, + total number of monsters hit
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  13. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic Not sure how i should build a tamer, LF some help   

    this is similar to my build, very decent for pvp, you need the flows at minimum for maximum cc potential, and movement possibilities
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  14. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic Daum/PA - Please allow tamer wolf to survive touching water   

    I'm 100% agreement with this post, pet despawns in water, then I have to wait 2 minutes to resummons heilang everytime, I understand that the ability itself says it will despawn in water, but that should be while swimming and not shallow patches of water while fighting monsters like basilisks, fogans, or even abandoned monastery monsters in the cave, i've had an issue with this problem since the game came out in North America, as that's when I started playing. This does severely limit tamers in the long run, while farming monsters.
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  15. Cheonjiwang added a post in a topic PVP build anywhere? - noobie.   

    currently use a build similar to this one, tho I have roaring IV, evasive attack III, and flowing water II, for pve
    also have flash III for more movement, and sharpened claws III for bleed effect in pvp
    also have instant mp restore on skill awakenings evasive attack/bolt wave, instant hp on whiplash, roaring, and flash, would put increase attack speed+15% on jolt wave or 10% on trample
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