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  1. AmbientSoda added a post in a topic Beta New Forum - the time has come!   

    New forum looks like shit!
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  2. AmbientSoda added a post in a topic Roleplaying server?   

    Well I have returned to BDO, my main Character has disappeared so made a DK and looking for role play and Guild - any advice?
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  3. AmbientSoda added a post in a topic New Classes For BD   

    It would feel so strange kicking ass as a Shai - they be sooo small and cute looking!
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  4. AmbientSoda added a topic in General   

    Need help...how do I reinstall game without paying for a new downlaod?
    Hi Guys
    How do I reinstall the game without paying for a new download?
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  5. AmbientSoda added a post in a topic New Classes For BD   

    Well Striker has put all the mystery to an end...I'm hoping that we eventually get a robed alchemist class - that uses skills similar to Full Metal Alchemist!
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  6. AmbientSoda added a post in a topic Making Pub/Bars more interactive   

    I think pubs would work so well as a socialising systems in game while opening up more gameplay mechanics...We need a petition for the ability to own a pub!
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  7. AmbientSoda added a post in a topic Roleplaying server?   

    Well, I've returned to BDO - will be creating DK upon completion of the several updates Ive missed...If you game just message me?
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  8. AmbientSoda added a post in a topic English BDO Roleplaying Community Site   

    Thomas Gore...I'll definitely take a look into this as it seems fun!
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  9. AmbientSoda added a topic in Suggestions   

    Making Pub/Bars more interactive
    Hi Guys
    I thought of an idea for the Pubs, Bars and houses; wouldn't it be cool if we could play card & darts & music (bard skills) , get drunk and bar brawl as mini games in the pubs and bars?
    I also thought maybe we could give all characters the ability to lean bard skills and play music - in Pubs/Bars or in the street; even their own compositions by uploading short songs! And get money from NPC or Players who feel like dropping them some...
    Finally onto houses - wouldn't it be great if we could make houses into Pubs, with NPC workers? Getting players to buy beers and etc making yet another fun and interactive way to generate money
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  10. AmbientSoda added a post in a topic English BDO Roleplaying Community Site   

    Wow the site looks cool, so have you made a house into a bar?
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  11. AmbientSoda added a post in a topic LF Roleplay partner   

    Oh I'm interested...just cant play for next few months while on a semester abroad...I have no gaming laptop - and dragging a gaming rig back and forth between countries isn't gonna happen; will ya wait 5 months for me baby?...That last parts a joke...
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  12. AmbientSoda added a post in a topic New Classes For BD   

    You know i remember the gauntlet class of orcs in Lineage 2 which looked cool...but I'm unsure if this class could work, and Kaivon isn't that already what the sorceress does!?
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  13. AmbientSoda added a post in a topic LF Roleplay partner   

    I've never done role play before - how does it work!? Do we have to be logged in at the same time or just create a story here in the forum...do I say something like 'AmbientSoda was making her way back to Olivia; when Markru began hitting on her, only to find AmbientSoda is a neo-lesbian, and outside the game is a heterosexual male...which left Markru gender confused...and caused him to have a sex change in game'
    BD leaves me really confused about my gender, am I a heterosexual male or bad-ass female lesbian who kicks major ass?
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  14. AmbientSoda added a post in a topic New Classes For BD   

    I'm only repeating what I heard - but when I say unarmed fighter; I didn't mean bare knuckle fighter lol...I expect the class would have some kind of gauntlet weapon...but I think a BDO boxer class would be so boring...and unless the skill was like crafting where anyone could do it - have have bar brawls for fun and boxing competitions...
    I kinda feel I got 60% of what I wanted with new dark knight class, and love the one gauntleted arm, mixing sword skills with dark magic; as I loved Valkyrie but hated gender lock- but still want male elf and dark elf characters...
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