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  1. Chromas added a post in a topic Balenos Rod   

    I have the durability up to 95, still won't let me force. 
    I've also made sure i wasn't moving, nor typing anything.
    So, I used the durability down to 90 (from 95), tried it again and failed on my main. Switched to two different toons (none of them had failstacks). My 2nd character worked. Doesn't make any sense, but it's +10 now. Thanks for the idea of trying another character.
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  2. Chromas added a post in a topic Pre-Orders: How much are people really paying?   

    when a game is played from the MP iinstead of playing the game...great content and gameplay. This just shows how bad the game content really is and how much is actually lacking. 
    @CM_Serenity @GM Felaxus @CM_Tytyes @CM_Yukimura
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  3. Chromas added a post in a topic Node Wars   

    Most certainly making numbers fair would help...one thing i have notice is how much of an issue group pvp is in this game. No real overall Strategy. 
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  4. Chromas added a post in a topic Balenos Rod   

    Well I've placed a request and so far nothing...they replied back saying "we will look into it" that took 5 days..
    @Momofu Yes it's at max that it can be at
    adding error 
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  5. Chromas added a post in a topic Dungeon questions   

    mmo lacks mmo content..
    mmo has single player content..
    Sounds about right...
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  6. Chromas added a post in a topic PVP Is Completely Broken. Admit it.   

    The fact still stands that the PVP in this game doesn't require any real teamwork. There is no class roles, everyone is everything, which overall is boring. 

    You don't want equal GS fine, but we need a balance and defined or creative roles within the game. Everyone shouldn't be everything. 
    The OW pvp in this game is beyond bad and is its completely pointless unless you dec on people 24/7 to control a spot which just as pointless. The end game content lacks so much it always forces me to look for other games to mess around with because im so borreeeeeeeeeeed. Equal GS would bring more people to the PvP side of things to enjoy a more fair environment. Increase PvE content with grouping, drop rate, item enhancing...etc...everything so far in this game feels 70% complete without the ending...
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  7. Chromas added a topic in PVE   

    Balenos Rod
    I've tried to force enhance my balenos rod to +10, but keeps coming back with an error. Has anyone been able to do this?
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura @GM Felaxus
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  8. Chromas added a post in a topic PVP Is Completely Broken. Admit it.   

    The few out way the many. (tet dande lol)
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  9. Chromas added a post in a topic PVP Is Completely Broken. Admit it.   

    Good job at reading.
    Please note, the RBF is completely unfair, unbalance, and not really any fun to be had when fighting 15+ people with 10; also when people are losing they tend to afk or leave. There is nothing good about RBF. Nothing special nor interesting. Zerg pvp isn't pvp. If that's your thing, then so be it. It's not mine.
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  10. Chromas added a post in a topic PVP Is Completely Broken. Admit it.   

    Level matters heavily (skills increase %) over mostly everything else
    AP/DP is a known issue that no-one cares about
    First to knockdown wins 90% of fights with equal characters (level,gear,skill points) or they run away if they are losing because nearly every class has a instant perma dashing ability that gives iframes and invincibility. 
    Overall, my issue is there is no real class style in this game, everyone is everything excluding witch/wizard because they are above everything. It's old and tiring. To add, the games end game content is really lacking, let alone people saying PvP is end game when it's just a zerg fest.
    I'm all for the equalization of PvP in some sort of zone. Maybe introduce new servers that equalize PvP and see how many people jump to it?
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  11. Chromas added a post in a topic Node Wars   

    So overall, we need something in place to allow smaller guilds(10-30?) to actually contest lower end nodes while preventing larger guilds (50+?) to just zerg those lower nodes without any real effort. Any efforts in progress to help balance end game PvP? Adding more end game content that doesn't involve life skill, oceans, or crafting an item that adds no real value?

    Is there anything in the works to help out with the PvP content?
    As it currently stands the game doesn't offer anything for being a small / medium guild. 
    @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura @GM Felaxus
    I would really like to see Node wars become little more fun with using a tower defense style, but so far all i see is zerg style pvp which isn't really that much fun.
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  12. Chromas added a post in a topic Node Wars   

    That would also fix the issue for how node wars are handled.
    I would really like to see equalized GS scores for something...just brings a better overall environment i think. 
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  13. Chromas added a topic in PVP   

    Node Wars
    Just curious on what people think of the current node wars and how most "large" clans own level 1 nodes. Shouldn't something be in place to bring little bit of fairness with small medium large type guilds and what each can participate in?
    Do you think Node Wars should be separated based on size of guild?
    Would switching Node Wars from GS dependent to equalized GS scores make it little more fun? 

    My opinion is that the game is really heavily focused with zerg type guilds that really pushes small guilds away from even trying node wars. I see that some guilds have billions of funds, while small guilds might break 200mil without spending money (guild bosses/attempting node wars/payouts). 
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  14. Chromas added a post in a topic Our Class is literally a meme now :(   

    Why are you in this section if Valk's are just fine? Leave go back to classes you play. 
    useless player
    On another note, i would like to see some more grapple resistance towards how slow our skills are. So many times I'm casting after a KD for the other player to just get up and have block back up before i can finish a combo or to desync out of my grapple. 

    Would also like to see our dash to be some sort of iframe or cc immune so we can stop being grappled / desync while we actually try to dash and be mobile...if everyone can run away, then give us something that "disables for N seconds" if  you wont fix how broken mobility is in this game...
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  15. Chromas added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Features
    Wanted to discuss on adding better feature management with guilds and how we can give leadership roles out.
    I would like to see the ability to give sub-officers the ability to start and complete guild missions so that it's not limited to only officers. This is due to the fact that officers have the right to ban from the guild, which is an issue as not everyone should have this right, not even all the officers. Give us a way to manage the guild in a more open manner or provide roles that will allow guild members to do missions without losing out on the rewards due to no-one being online to complete them.
    The guild bosses need to be updated to drop actual useful items to promote more guild related things. Maybe dropping silver, more guild points xp, something along those lines.
    Guild missions actually stating where they are located instead of not telling us. Maybe give guild members silver reward for assisting in a guild mission. Add ability to buy items with activity points (cron stones, armor/weapon,,etc).
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