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  1. Dreed added a post in a topic Kutum Vs. Nouver.   

    I sold my Kutum and stay with Nouver only... maybe some day ill do Parring... but even with kutum on node war vs ppl on similar gear... uhh will not help one CC and u are dead, but lower AP make a big difrence, when whole players running witch bufs etc. lower ap = much less dmg so u can't kill on combo so overall you don't  do what you should do.
    Currently im stay at 253 AP and 283DP..
    Till they don't change DP system ill go full AP and DP only from Armors...
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  2. Dreed added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Say Bye Bye to your accounts all who using 3rd programs for BDO ... If you are stupid enought to use it... so what i can say is "good for you" hope BDO CS will not help you.
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  3. Dreed added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Family name: Dreed
    Region: EU

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  4. Dreed added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    if u want to nerf witch/wiz... so... start nerfing:
    - full grab and instant heal for BERK,
    - tons of iframes while moving on musa, mahewa, ranger, sorc,
    - great Defense while can kill u on 2 shots on Val Warrior... even Berker with less AP can kill You with perma grab style..
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  5. Dreed added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    KR get after AW after 6 weeks.. so stop crying.. its just a 4 weeks after DK on our server !!!!
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  6. Dreed added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Get gear .. then cry for nerf.. muhahahaaa
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  7. Dreed added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    You cry about Kamasilva... did u even ready for it...
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  8. Dreed added a post in a topic Boss Event   


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  9. Dreed added a post in a topic BDO - P2W Explanation   

    Im tired to told everythink what you Say to others ppl in my country. Because all think what player Deska done this game was pelted with mud, called crap, called p2w, failure of the year and mindless game where you can only kill tons of mobs ano without any other point called end-game stuff.
    From moths i fight with this. With all sale and with lower price of the game many of players start tested this game and start thinking for they own. Many of new players came on my stream and in 99% 1st question is about P2W... all because one Plaeyer and one Website what helped him to spread the untruth about this game.
    It's incredible how one man and one website can destroy an opinion about the game and make it current and future players have disgust.
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  10. Dreed added a topic in Suggestions   

    Value Pack 90days
    Please add Value Pack 90days to Auction House... plox...
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  11. Dreed added a post in a topic 200% Black Spirit Rage   

    i dont know all 200% skills.. Witch 200% is useless...
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  12. Dreed added a topic in General   

    200% Black Spirit Rage
    Only me or someone too think that 200% skills are useless?
    Impossible to earn solo
    DMG is less than 100% skills,
    Useless on pvp and PvE...
    For what we have that skills?
    I write from the point of view my Witch and Awakening Weapon.. realy try 200% in pve and pvp and there is no point to earn it and use it.
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  13. Dreed added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

    Even with max 44 FS u still have ONLY 27% chance for TRI... ITS ONLY 27% !!!! DAMM PPL .. no metter how many FS u have you will never ever have 100% chance for it..
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  14. Dreed added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 11th   

    So you telling me that New/Returning Players get 2 tabs ? and Loyal get only ONE...

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  15. Dreed added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    My love

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