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  1. Tai added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

    Type something here friendo
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  2. Tai added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

  3. Tai added a post in a topic Chain CC's have to go!   

    Maybe try utilising your 20 years of super armor
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  4. Tai added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

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  5. Tai added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    For the love of god stop buffing warriors
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  6. Tai added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    If you have to buy cash items to remain competitive I think it's a gitgud issue my friend. However I do purchase a number of pearls in order to support the developers.
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  7. Tai added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    Honestly you entitled idiots just need to settle down. Kuckao doesn't OWE you patch notes - just be glad you get to play the game at all.
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  8. Tai added a post in a topic Daum needs to acknowledge the MAJOR issues with their servers   

    If you expect Kuckao to fix any of the broken shit in their game you are going to be waiting a very long time my dude
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  9. Tai added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

    Please join baka, we don't care about being good we just wanna zerg

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  10. Tai added a post in a topic Join <Prey> Skirmish/Nodewar PvP guild!   

    prey morelike gey hahahahhahahaa
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  11. Tai added a post in a topic LF a good guild.   

    Join baka
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  12. Tai added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

    Pretend all you want, I can smell orwen shitters from across the internet
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  13. Tai added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    Cho soon going the way of Iconic, after losing a 3v1 against Baka within 30 minutes. I guess merging with Uno wasn't a good idea after all :^)

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  14. Tai added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

    Gl iconicuck my dad works for the nsa he won't let them
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  15. Tai added a post in a topic Communication   

    GMs aren't interested in communication, they're only interested in pearl sales and shutting down dissent 
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  16. Tai added a post in a topic Black Desert is just a glorified Facebook game   

    I want to stop this evil company from stealing anymore hard earned shekels from working class Americans. I'm in c6 calpheon processing with the rest of the server if you wanna see me duder. 
    The redpill is a bitter one to take, but once you realise that PA balances the game around pearl sales you'll come around
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  17. Tai added a post in a topic Black Desert is just a glorified Facebook game   

    More Kuckao shills that don't have a generic response in their Shill Handbook™ so they resort to trying to get it removed rather than make an argument
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  18. Tai added a post in a topic Black Desert is just a glorified Facebook game   

    This account was made yesterday dude, I know it hurts having your favourite game dumpstered in a post like this but keep trying to derail the thread
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  19. Tai added a topic in General   

    Black Desert is just a glorified Facebook game
    Ask yourself, aside from looking pretty, what difference is there between Black Desert and your generic AFK Facebook Farmville style game?
    Heavy AFK emphasisExtreme balance issuesAbsolute minimum effort from developersExcessive RNGP2WThere's no difference between waiting for your crops to grow in Farmville to waiting for your crates to be made in Black Desert, which is the easiest way to make hundreds of millions a week.
    So you've made all money with your AFK facebook tier activities - time to spend it on gear so you can experience PVP!! 
    Oh wait, between the $20/month servers Kuckao rents, the atrocious class balance and extreme gear reliance (GL killing anyone with less than 200ap) PVP is a joke as well.
    I know the truth hurts for many of you who have spent each day for more than a year slaving away at this game, using your welfare money to buy artisan memories so you can attempt to keep up with the gear curve, but you must accept reality.
    Black Desert is ded
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  20. Tai added a post in a topic How much have you spent?   

    I haven't spent a cent outside of the initial purchase of the game. I refuse to support the outrageous prices on digital goods and the blatant money grabs that are having to buy carry weight, inventory slots and costumes on each character.
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  21. Tai added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    I don't know how anyone can even begin to describe Black Desert as a "competitive" game which requires thousands of hours of grinding to even acquire half the gear of the top 20% of the playerbase. My trans GF, who is quite the avid gamer, I might add, got extremely frustrated and quit after continually getting GRIEFED by top guilds at Sausans when she was just trying to get her awakening witch balls. If people think this is an acceptable situation for new players to find themselves in you're literally killing the game with your toxic attitude and need to shape up before the game falls apart for good, just having 5 guilds sitting in their castles and nodewars being completely dead.
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  22. Tai added a post in a topic Our GMS really are awesome   

    I hope I'm still entitled to my cookie in the mail for taking time out of my busy schedule to give my valuable feedback on the state of the game.
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  23. Tai added a post in a topic Our GMS really are awesome   

    @GM Felaxus @GM_Axion @GM_Dew @GM_Bytesize
    Sorry to bother you on what I am sure is a busy work day, but can you strongly consider segregating the NA and EU forum populations as the difference in culture truly is too much to bare.
    If you require assistance in identifying Europeans send me a PM as I have been training for this my entire life.
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  24. Tai added a post in a topic Our GMS really are awesome   

    Holy shit LMAO, I knew your Eastern European education is still a work in progress since the Soviet Union fell, but this is pathetic
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  25. Tai added a post in a topic Our GMS really are awesome   

    and I'm saying it's wrong for you to be defending shitty behaviour from "professional" GMs at Kuckao without any knowledge on the situation. Typical millennial acting as if they know everything in the world when it's quite clear it's the exact opposite.
    Ignoring your bad spelling which makes me assume you're a europoor, therefore have an opinion which carries no weight, I have done nothing wrong yet still get GMs randomly banning me and my guild, almost as if they are using a random number generator to decide what unfair punishment to hand out.
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