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  1. Seraph added a post in a topic Heilang vs Witch Pet   

    That's just a way to make the last tamers reroll (the ones that didn't reroll already to kuno/ninja).
    If none plays the class then you won't have to balance it :'D.
    On a serious note tho, I'm really speechless. They have a few seconds of CD for the summon spell, which was needed for tamer since long time.
    So far it seems like the summons are just like heilang but better (can switch summon for different purposes). Also not to talk about the summon that is supposed to help with ranged attacks (instead of heilang running 5 cm from you then teleporting back to you because the world out there is so scary).
    It's true the awakening just got released so I'm not 100% sure of the different attacks but yeah I don't get it, they made a non pet class better than THE pet class.
    Another thing I'm curious about is the mob pull. If witch has now a pet, does that mean she can pull twice the mobs as tamer does?
    Tbh the only characteristic that tamer had (the pet) is no longer her specialty. Don't really get why a new player should roll tamer at this point.
    Want assassin class? Roll kuno/ninja/sorc. Want proper pet class? Roll witch.
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  2. Seraph added a post in a topic Millennium | Semi-Hardcore | Sieges & Node Wars   

    There's always a spot for active people  P:
    Mind sending an application to our website? http://millennium.corplaunch.com/
    Or if you have doubts or other questions don't hesitate to whisper me (IGN: Arwen) or others officers ingame (Genbu or Kirinth)
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  3. Seraph added a post in a topic Baby Elephants disappeared   

    Can confirm, yesterday morning I also found some baby elephants (forgot to update this one thread, my bad).
    Also, I agree. I'd recommend anyone who wants to tame elephants to wait around 48h unless they feel like wasting their time.
    Well this one problem is solved then, thread can be closed.
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  4. Seraph added a post in a topic 23.07 First Territory Siege   

    I think I can help here. Was having problems in these days finding baby elephants as well but turned out when there is a maintenance their respawn gets reset or something and their respawn is ridiculously slow. I just found one not long and last maintenance was almost 48h ago, it's very stupid.
    About the durability loss I agree there's definitely wrong. Our best elephant is sitting at 7k lifespawn now. Worst thing of all is that not many guilds have elephants so only a few people can test and notice so the problem doesn't get the right exposure it deserve.
    Good luck with the baby elephant though, I'm sure if you go look now you'll find some.
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  5. Seraph added a post in a topic Baby elephants gone, normal elephants lose durability too fast.   

    I see, thanks for sharing. Someone else pointed out in another thread that the spawn might have been slow, but more than 24h were passed so was kinda surprised. Well I guess this is what happens when game mechanics are kept in the dark on purpose. 
    Edit: just found a baby elephant as well. Don't have a clue about respawn time but dam it must be long.
    You discover new things every day I guess
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  6. Seraph added a post in a topic Baby elephants gone, normal elephants lose durability too fast.   

    Looked around some more just now; they just aren't there.
    A swift reply from a CM/PM would be appreciated, a guild hall in valencia is expensive, doesn't last forever and elephants need days to be raised. Not fun to waste funds and time like this.
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes
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  7. Seraph added a post in a topic Baby Elephants disappeared   

    Oh I see. That does makes sense, will try tomorrow then. Thank you very much, was really losing hope and thought the guild funds we used to get the guild hall would have gone to waste P:
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  8. Seraph added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Baby Elephants disappeared
    Since last patch (20th July 2016) I have been unable to find any baby elephants in the wild. In the last 2 days I've spent around 5h looking for one but couldn't find any.
    I even checked various channels.
    Before the patch finding a baby elephant took less than 5 mins; at this point I highly doubt it's just bad luck.
    Patch notes didn't even mention anything about decreased spawn rate for baby elephants.
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  9. Seraph added a post in a topic Baby elephants gone, normal elephants lose durability too fast.   

    Looked for another ~2h ish today as well and still no baby elephants in sight. Don't think this is normal tbh.
    Before last maintenance I used to find them in less than 5 mins just outside of Valencia, now in 5h and scouring big part of the desert/canyon border I can't even find one? Dafu?
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  10. Seraph added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    Imho either remove the tax reduction on marketplace and put something else in its place (like Armstrong's Guide) or change the loyalty item (make it 7 days or decrease the cost to something like 200-300 loyalties).
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  11. Seraph added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Guild Rankings are broken (again)
    After 20/07/2016 patch, guild rankings UI was revamped. Thing is no guilds can be actually seen in the rankings themselves.

    Not even searching a guild name makes a difference.

    Guild rank is still bugged even after 22/07/2016 urgent maintenance.
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  12. Seraph added a post in a topic Millennium | Semi-Hardcore | Sieges & Node Wars   

    That's some low tier bumping.
    We're still recruiting btw, even though we'll raise our requirements soon.
    If you're interested to join, send us an application here: http://millennium.corplaunch.com/
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  13. Seraph added a post in a topic Millennium | Semi-Hardcore | Sieges & Node Wars   

    Not seeing this thread on the first page makes me sad. Must fix.
    We're still looking for people to conquer the world with!
    Send an application >here< if you want to join.
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  14. Seraph added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Character limit on guild rank search
    As title might suggest, there is a problem with the search function on the Guild Rank window.
    The character limit for the research is 10 characters but the limit for guild names is way beyond just 10 chars.

    This problem is tied to another one: to declare wars effectively you have to make sure you put in the right guild name and out there there are guilds that like to exploit the lack of differences between capital i and the lower case L. So one way to make sure you're declaring the right guild is putting in a name and see if the pop up appears; ofc that is impossible if you want to check a guild with a too long of a name.
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  15. Seraph added a post in a topic Millennium | Semi-Hardcore | Sieges & Node Wars   

    Hey Marti P: glad to see you here, if you go ranger you'll have ez life hehe before choosing a class tho you might want to check all the awakenings each class have (awakening is a second weapon that becomes available at level 56, don't know when we'll get those here in EU but they're a game changer)
    Warriors start with shield+sword, but will get a greatsword;
    sorceress will get a scythe;
    ranger will get twin swords;
    tamer gets a bo staff;
    zerker a hand cannon;
    musa+maehwa a spear.
    Ninja, kunoichi, wiz/witch still have to get their awakening in kr but it's already known ninja will have 4/5 swords, kuno a chakram and wiz/witch elemental orbs.
    Can't explain everything here so grab discord and let's chat together like old times
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