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  1. kobitz added a post in a topic We received a few buffs this patch.   

    nah you melt the crafted costume for the gem. you get the gem slot from an item that drops from gahaz and using it on one of your costumes. it's all in game shit. however, you need a cash shop costume to put the gem slot into. this lets you use any outfit you want tho. once again, this is not in NA yet. should be eventually tho. its a pretty cool system.
    Edit: Also keep in mind that the crystals we get in kamasylvia kind of make the existing craftable costume obsolete so it makes sense that they add a new kind that's still relevant after we get those crystals.
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  2. kobitz added a post in a topic We received a few buffs this patch.   

    5 is the cap unless you slot one of these in your costume gem slot http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15643/
    Mind you getting gem slots in your costumes isn't out in NA yet so 5 is the cap in NA.
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  3. kobitz added a post in a topic Ninja and 2x Tri Rce   

    accuracy is the best stat in the game. period. unless the sacrifice is huge (i.e ring of good deeds or neck of good deeds) it should be your main priority always.
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  4. kobitz added a post in a topic We received a few buffs this patch.   

    the sudden decap changes were to dual sword stance. so like if you hit spacebar right click. not transition stance. imo, the best buff was being able to use murder more fluidly mid combo as its kinda our bread and butter.
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  5. kobitz added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    One day people will be held accountable for the dumb shit they do on the internet. On that day, @NotHero, I hope you see the error of your ways. Like a damn hurricane made of shit I swear. Nothing good ever comes outa you, and you just suck up and ruin everything that everyone else enjoys. All while thinking you're doing good and "just having fun". I wish people like you could just step back and realize how idiotic they're being, how little their sentences make sense, how terribly they meet arguments. I suppose your momma never taught you manners. Never taught you basic human decency and respect. Never taught you to think before you speak. 
    Try putting some quality content out sometime and see if people react better dude. Although I'm pretty sure your definition of "quality content" is BMing a bunch of people for 20 hours straight.
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  6. kobitz added a topic in Ninja   

    TIL Corrupt Swords Dance is animation canceled by side attack when its off cooldown
    was just screwing around waiting on night time and found this out randomly. essentially useless, but eh. neat i guess.
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  7. kobitz added a post in a topic Evasion vs boss "build"   

    Witch (the class) has great base acc on their skills yes.
    Yeh its 4 more evasion, but you lose the 3 set and 4 set effects on boss armor as well as the 100 HP from Giath and a shit ton of accuracy (imo best stat in the game). Rocaba helm/gloves also loses 5 DR to Giath/Bhegs of same level according to the datamined info. 4 evasion worth 100 HP and 5 DR? I'd say no.
    ofc rocaba chest/boots are actually completely useless except as a filler I guess.
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  8. kobitz added a post in a topic Dear Ninja Community, Musa Here...   

    Sorc plays a Centerline role in node wars, so they are generally closer to the action. Ninja is more of a flanker. Skirt around the outside and pick off runners/stragglers. Sorcs generally have a larger impact on node wars assuming similar gear.
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  9. kobitz added a post in a topic Evasion vs boss "build"   

    to put it simply, boss armor has more evasion than any other set of armor in the game on its own. its base evasion is simply higher.
    in other words: Rocaba is garbage.
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  10. kobitz added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will last long enough?.   

    Looking at all the games that are coming and look interesting, there are a bunch of neat things to look forward too, however; I wouldn't be surprised if, by that time, all those game don't meet the standards that BDO is setting. I could definitely see a bunch of people flocking to a new MMO, trying out the combat and flow of the world, and immediately feeling let down by shallow content with no real depth and sub par controls and mechanics and come right back. I'm not saying this WILL BE the case, I'm saying I wouldn't be surprised. I hope this is not the case, in fact. But really if you want to know what I mean, go try out Revalations Online. It's a new MMO that's trying to out-do games like BDO. 
    Ofc, I hope these upcoming games are not that. I hope they are full of depth and intrigue with engaging and fun gameplay mechanics and solid net code. 
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  11. kobitz added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will last long enough?.   

    how you figure? This game is super healthy for an MMO, especially considering the age  Maybe this is your first MMO or you just making conjecture based on zero evidence or research? The content stream is ridiculous and there's a pretty constant influx of players. Even people who quit come back all the time. The combat and sheer scale of stuff to do keeps people in for a while (i.e endless gear grind). I also see you make zero arguments to support this seemingly unfounded opinion while also insisting people argue against or put evidence against your no evidence non-point. =/
    we watched the same tourney? I saw little to no desync  I could be blind tho, idk i wear glasses
    also note my opinion on KR desync is from playing on KR and dueling and warring. Not from watching KR streams. Direct comparison of the two servers through gameplay.
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  12. kobitz added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will last long enough?.   

    should try playing on KR, you would be surprised to know they already fixed the lag. Wasn't just server upgrades either. KR had desync early on just like us, they fixed it pretty recently. Be patient man, its only been a year.
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  13. kobitz added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    You try on mobs that aren't grey? Seems like a skewed test that has zero effect on anyone if it only does this to grey mobs.
    this actually just sounds similar to "level scaling" that exists in other games. 
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  14. kobitz added a post in a topic Recent RBF data   

    sorry for late reply, I'm just referencing the livestream they did showing the k/d data and stuff.
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  15. kobitz added a post in a topic Best ninja combos and moves.   

    Murderous Intent is pretty easy to spam as an opener and is pretty safe. just use it in an iframe chain till one lands and follow up with a combo. Put burn on it to dot people to death if it never lands
    also, this thread looks into combos for ninja more in depth. lots to read if you wanna check it out.
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