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Snake Plisskin

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  1. Snake Plisskin added a post in a topic Gear Difference-Daum how will people ever catch up?   

    Exactly that ^, most concise explanation so far. Given enough time everyone will catch up, unless of course more content is released. Then you have to catch up to that. But let's face it, if new content wasn't released there would be no more game!
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  2. Snake Plisskin added a post in a topic What's your reason for still playing?   

    The game itself is awesome, I love Valencia, love everything to be honest.
    With the exception of PVP of course. +20 update ended that aspect for me personally, not to mention my only two classes sorc and ranger are still broken.
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  3. Snake Plisskin added a post in a topic I've quit GG Daum?   

    Don't think the game is dying but the combination of DDOS attacks and +20 putting an enormous gap (well gaps are in all games, this is a canyon) between casual and hard core gamers really has put a noticeable number of players off. 
    I have seen quite a number of people on my friends list taking a break while things settle a bit.
    *everyone can agree that putting end game gear behind a life skill mechanic that is relatively boring is just not a good decision.
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  4. Snake Plisskin added a post in a topic Baby Elephant   

    Yes that is coming this weekend. But is there really no place to store them? If I can store mount emblems in my storage shouldn't there be a way to store guild mount emblems in guild storage without having to register it first?
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  5. Snake Plisskin added a topic in General   

    Baby Elephant
    So I managed to capture one, only problem is that I can't seem to register the emblem that I have at the guild stable, moreover I can't store it in my personal stable/storage and the -----ing thing has a weight of 800!
    Short of destroying the emblem, does anyone have any suggestions or know where I can store it?
    Thank you!
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  6. Snake Plisskin added a post in a topic I have a solution.   

    I kinda have to agree with op, at least to some extent. I love this update but I feel that its too easy to get a tri if you have the resources. 
    There will always be a gap between casual and hardcore players, however this +20 update turned the gap into a canyon. 
    Allowing players to buy the stones with actual money is the wrong way to go about it, they should have simply made it harder to get PRI etc.. 
    Right now you need roughly 15-20 failstacks to succeed in PRI, it should have been more like 40 failstacks so that us casual "have-not's" would have more time to catch up. 
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  7. Snake Plisskin added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Anyone have the slightest clue of when T8s will be available to us? I've been storing up max lvl T7s in hopes of a T8 release, feels like a waste breeding them without a chance at a T8.
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  8. Snake Plisskin added a post in a topic Valencia EXP?   

    Been getting .007% at fogans in Valencia. Tho I'm lvl 55, if you're 56+ then obviously it'll be lower for you. Fogans are at the southeast part of the desert.
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  9. Snake Plisskin added a post in a topic T8 Horses   

    I get that but if the timeline is long enough I could get a few more T7s prepped before T8s are in.
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  10. Snake Plisskin added a topic in General   

    T8 Horses
    I've been holding my T7s without breeding them in anticipation for a chance at a T8.
    Looked everywhere online but can't seem to figure out if they are coming with the next update or a month or two down the line.
    If it is a month or more wait, I may as well breed them now. Anyone happen to have a clue of when T8s are coming (a rough estimate)?
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  11. Snake Plisskin added a post in a topic Black Desert character template website   

    Hey if you're taking requests can ya give Eva Green a shot? (The chick from "Penny Dreadful") 
    Been trying to make a witch version of her but I just don't have the talent for it! Thanks either way!!
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