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Snake Plisskin

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  1. I failed a tri Liverto long bow attempt 12 times, got it on 13th with 47 failstacks. 

    Min gettig there I now have toons with 62,56, 38,44 and 29 failstacks (too  over a month).

    just save up those failstacks, you might not get that tri weapon you won't for some time but a 60+ failstack is worth much more than a tri mainhand!

  2. This. So very, very, much this!

    They promised us a game with no "pay to win", and then they gave us a P2W game with the "pay" taken out.

    I think you mean with the "win" taken out ;)

  3. No screenshots but:

    Tree spirit belt: 27m

    Crescent Guardian x3: 34m, 34m and 37m

    Tree spirit armor: 317m

    Kzarka Axe: 217m

    Mark and Witches: between 4m-4.5m (never seen it higher or lower, have seen total of 7).

    Gaith Helm: 87m

    Bhegs: 122m


    Edan server

  4. I truly don't feel like this game is P2W. The definition of that term is somewhat subjective, however from my experience with P2W in literally every other game that has this mechanic is defined differently.

    P2W is when you can unload cash into the game and get end game gear off the bat. This is not the case in BDO for two reasons:

    1) Less significant, is the fact that the maximum of 100 mill per week is just not enough to put you on par with end game players, not even close.

    2) More importantly; the RNG nature of BDO nullifies most P2W mechanics. Even if you do spend a stupid amount of money on P2W it would take you several months to gather enough silver to be competetive, you're better off playing the game, it would take less time. Now let's assume that after six months you have several billion silver and have bought all of the end game gear from the night vendor.

    At this point it still doesn't mean shit, because you need to get that gear to at least TRI. Now you can buy some of that gear allready at TRI from the ah but those pieces are seldom sold and when they are they cost over a billion each.  You can buy one or two, maybe three but that still leaves you heavily under geared. 

    So your only option is still to RNG your way to the top. This game is not about how much silver you have (although that helps allot), it's about luck and patience! 

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  5. Sitting on 54, 40, 38, 44, 27 failstacks from 9 attempts at TRI Liverto longbow. So far 178 mill spent excluding whatever the sharp and hard shards are worth. At PRI right now.

    Cant even comprehend attempting a TET..

  6. -Expansions were already funded and made long time ago before they were implemented here so cost = technicians implementing it to the server.

    -They won an obscene amount of money already but they want even more.

    -OP you are retard.

    Just wanted to say these 3 things... To the next topic.


    First of all there is no need for insults. Second,  even tho expansions have allready been pre made almost every company will still charge you for them when implementing them to a new region.

    Lastly this game originally cost the majority of the community $30 (yes some like myself opted for other more expensive packs). 

    A base price point of $30 and free expansions is hardly breaking the bank for gamers.

    Bottom line, for the initial price, this was a good deal.

    So relax and if the $30 investment is to devastating for you get a job (or find a new one) or ask your parents for more allowance.


    Except nothing in this game is free because we all necessarily paid at least $30 for it.

    I said "allot", not "everything" 😉

  7. What we have so far is literally a copy/paste with a few variables changed and some modules disabled.

    We have NOT gotten $30 worth of development for OUR version yet (much less $50, $100 or whatever you've spent on the cash shop).

    Hell, even the translations are straight out taken from a community English patch for the Korean client.

    Call it what you want, yes it's directly transferred from the KR version from a technical perspective, however expansions are still free. 

    Many other company will charge the players additionally for an expansion in the origin nation and again in the nation the game is ported to.

    Still a free expansion.

  8. Allot of people are taking this "p2w" way too seriously. And even more are forgetting that Daum/Cacao has released BDO expansions for FREE! 

    Yah the company wants money, that's why it was created, to make money, no one builds a software company because they love gamers and want them to have their voices heard lmao.

    Still, don't forget that the average price of an expansion for an MMO is between $30 and $60 USD. Thus far we have had pirates, mediah and Valencia (3), with many more on the way. 

    Speaking of more on the way; Daum has provided us with a long term plan, spanning over a year: naval combat, northern continent, dark elves territory and dwarf lands. All of which are free expansions. 

    Not to mention all of the smaller updates every other week or so.

    So just remember that we got a whole lot of free content out of the initial $30 that many of us paid for this game.

    Some people here seem entitled, and are forgetting that the majority of AAA MMOs force their players to purchase additional content to enjoy their games. 

    So before you start thinking about leaving the game over something which is frankly, trivial. Remember how much you get out of the initial price of this game; the same cost other companies would charge you repeatedly for something Daum hasn't.

  9. 3t4vtaf.jpg


    (taken from reddit)


    Those are only a few costumes too... What's to stop someone from buying 5 a week to sell? Before tax that 500 MILLION silver!

    Node wars will end up having only the P2W people, because if non-P2W people participate, they become eligible for war.

    Our version doesn't have War Upkeep Costs. Say hello to being griefed by sociopaths if you dare take a node.

    Jesus I can finally catch up to -----ers playing 10 hours a day. 

    Right now node wars/red battlefield only have no-lifers, guys like me who work 10 hours a day have been missing out on PVP ever since +20 release. At worse this should even things out.

    I get that the more time you put in the more rewards you should get, but us casuals love this game to and we've been pretty much neglected as far as PVP is concerned.

  10. I don't get it, if you can spend 8 hours a day (40 hours a week) playing a game then you should have no problem getting a job and buying whatever you want in-game.

    It's a game people, no one slapped your mom so chill. If you truly enjoy the game (and I do) then you'll be here even if "90%" of the people leave. Otherwise you're here for the ego boost of being the "top ranked" player, not because you love the game.

  11. Try star citizen. You can buy the  starter pack for $45.00 before the game releases.

  12. People who say ranger is OP don't play a ranger. 


    Nerf witch/wizard or RIOT

    This man is right. Admittedly my ranger was OP when the game first came out, however with the past several nerfs that this class got it is far from what it used to be. 

    Still competetive but I would say that any class out there can stand its ground fairly well against a similarly geared ranger.

    Melee classes are clearly at a disadvantage, however if a zerker/warrior manages to catch a ranger by surprise the fight will be over fast (say when I'm grinding ogres and I get sucker punched).

  13. Would love more female armor in this game that actually looks like -----ing armor...

    ^ That. I'm all for stripper outfits but throw some bad ass heavy armor in there, since allot of classes are gender locked.

  14. Is nolifing mentioned as the main requirement?


    LMAO pretty much sums up BDO!

  15. casuals don't spend money on mmos.

    Because no lifers are the ones with money and jobs -_- ??

  16. He is not extremely well geared at all... I think its around 150AP ish and 200DP (around) which isnt much at all anymore with the +20 patch. But this guy has AMAZING timing. He is just a really really good sorc!

    I am not "suggesting" that skill is irrelevant to how well you do in PVP. I am telling you that it is a fact. Feel free to believe what you like, you think he is the "best" then go ahead and take pointers from him. 

    BDO is and always has been lvl-gear dependent. You can be the most skilled 300ap/dp sorc between all servers you still won't win against a 420ap/dp unless he has Down syndrome or is afk.

  17. OP you have never seen a good sorc after the patch? dude, the sorc in my guild is an absolute beast! he shreds through enemy like paper during node war, to a point where enemy guilds said in channel chat that they never wish to see him again in red. The sorc I mentioned, NEVER complained once about the"sorc nerf"... he actually doesnt understand WHY other sorcs are complaining so much because he has many ways of doing insane damage to other players. I dont know, maybe he is just... good... at this game.... 

    This guy is most likely extremely well geared. BDO requires absolutely zero skill to play. How well you do in PVP is entirely dependent on your level and your quality of gear.

    My second class is a sorc and there is a very noticeable difference in PVP dmg. Most will agree that sorcs took a hit, however they deserved that hit, much like witches/wizards do now. 

  18. 5 luck here, S rank on ogres, nose at lvl8. I get a solid ring roughly every 150 ogre kills and an ogre ring roughly every 450 ogre kills. 

    Dont take those numbers to heart, this is just my estimate from my personal experience. Frankly I think it's a matter of persistence and patience.

    I may be mistaken but to my knowledge the ogre ring is still one of the beat drops in the Korean version so yes, it is worth getting.


    * on a side note; does anyone know if we will be able to exchange 8 soiled ogre rings for an ogre ring or is that a rumor (and when)?