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  1. Triangulator added a post in a topic Bring back RU PK System to EU servers.   

    Create an opt-in flagging system. Allow people who opt in to not lose karma or enchants or crystals with the opt in flag on. Cant turn off opt in unless you talk to an npc in a major city. 
    This would create a solid owpvp system that allows for more pvp amongst pvpers. As you cannot attack non opt ins unless you flag as per usual with current or more harsh punishments for pk on non opt ins.
    As is. I have no incentive to just turn my flag on and let the world do what the world does, because i will always be the one losing progress or time.
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  2. Triangulator added a post in a topic Say NO to force enchant 16-18   

    If they take heed of this suggestion. I would completely support full RNG from 16. 
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  3. Triangulator added a post in a topic Say NO to RNG +20   

    Spread out 80% the DP/AP gained from +16-20 across 1-15and keep 20% for the 16-20 push. This way the numbers are more fair for the casual player base while allowing the hardcore number pushers to achieve a statistical advantage that isnt going to scare away any pleb pvper.
    EDIT:  This reddit conversation and suggestion is something I support.
    Suggests a way to balance the +20 progression.
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  4. Triangulator added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    I see at best 4 auto loopers in cities when I trade from Epheria to Altinova during primetime. And a significant amount more in between.
    You share something in common with those 4. Cowardice, uncertainty, and lack of perseverence. 
    Dont overexagerate non issues because someone, somewhere, kind of almost made a comment to someones friend that they heard a guy got PKd while auto looping.
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  5. Triangulator added a post in a topic Lost everything after a disconnect?   

    Another one bites the dust. No sympathy for the devil. 
    Gg. Wp. L2p.
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  6. Triangulator added a post in a topic Waiting for blader like...   

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  7. Triangulator added a post in a topic Appeal to Daum- Please let us know if there are plans to promote the development of your PvE focused community, and/or those of us that dislike nonconsensual world PvP.   

    If the players want a PvE channel. All the power to them. That is what I play for. I'm just not impressed that we, as a community, would rather alter the design choices to better suit our needs, rather that adapt and play within the spectrum currently implemented.
    I love MMORPGs. I love vast, populated worlds, bustling with activity and players. I would not like to see a less populated world/game because some people want to cut out the 'tension' created by a open world game and the player interactions therein.
    A suggestion made by a poster awhile back was of a 'tradesmen' class. Can level up and all that, but with perks to lifeskills amd non pvpable, with a skill tree that unlocks better life skill crafting. Somethin along those lines. I thought it was pretty cool, and a happy medium. Ill see if I can find it.
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  8. Triangulator added a post in a topic Appeal to Daum- Please let us know if there are plans to promote the development of your PvE focused community, and/or those of us that dislike nonconsensual world PvP.   

    If you get too caught up with the semantics behind your perception of moral and immoral options in a video game, an MMORPG at that, you are ignoring the whole reason and purpose of gaming. Allow the game and its mechanics to provide you with feelings of joy, excitement, fear, envy and whatever else the developers have in store. Adding in social interactions with other players, be they positive or negative, does nothing more than accentuate those emotions.
    Wanting to censor the direction and atmosphere developed by the game and its players because you do not want to feel certain things like fear, uncertainty, anxiety or whatever else you get from the knowledge of a possible ganking, is a terrible approach to MMO gaming. 
    Play the game for what it is. Take your lumps like a champ, and carry on. Nothing in a video game is significant enough, or important enough, to turn a player into a sniveling coward.
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  9. Triangulator added a post in a topic Give me the ability to turn off combat exp   

    I'm not looking to play the 'I'm right you're wrong' see-saw of opinions between you and me. You fought what you perceived to be a wrong with a wrong. I applaud you for feeling vindicated for also regurgitating information previously posted in an attempt to remain relevant to the OP, while primarily just venting your frustrations over my word usage.
    There is no objective fact in this above quote. And I hope in the future you approach all of your forum posts with less emotional backlash. But you are free to do as you please. It would be a grey world if we did not freely express ourselves.
    I have not once activated my PvP flag. Because I am a shy PvE player, and love it. I will probably be going to The Abandoned Monastery today and try my luck at some more Marks of Shadow for another PRI attempt. I have only been ganked twice. I am level 52. Preventing yourself from/afraid of hitting 45 is just a gamer behaviour that irks me the wrong way. Then again, I believe there is no glory in virtual cowardice.
    But hey, sling all the filth you want.
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  10. Triangulator added a post in a topic Give me the ability to turn off combat exp   

    Condescending is repeating the same thing other posters before you said. Are you assuming the OP didn't get it after reading the suggestion the first few times?
    I posted my opinion, and stand by it. The only person acting like a tough e-hero here is you, by disenfranchising and belittleing those that do not share your empathetic nature.
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  11. Triangulator added a post in a topic Give me the ability to turn off combat exp   

    Put your big boy pants on and embrace, and enjoy, the natural progression of your character. Remember it is a video game, if you are too emotionally vulnerable to accept getting killed by another player once in a blue moon, for your own health, please stick to single player games.
    Or go back to that 'other' game.
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  12. Triangulator added a topic in General   

    PC Level vs. NPC Level - drop rate
    Good Morning BDO Community,
    I have been reading various online forums for this game, as I do enjoy it. At some point I found a post that stated the drop rate for items on mobs decreases as the PC gains levels on the NPC. Thereby making any mob below the 'white' name plate an effort in futility to grind if seeking a certain drop.
    I have been unable to prove that post with official information or proof. With Mediah around the corner, I'm also conflicted if I should continue grinding mobs to get my 2nd Duo: Mark of Shadow, or come back to it after hitting 55. I wouldn't want to waste precious levels if the loot table is altered. Thus, I come here seeking some info from veterans or people whom have been playing the KR or RU versions, and can lay down the law on this problem of mine.
    Thanks for the help!
    TL;DR-- if you are a higher level than a mob, does its loot table receive diminishing returns?
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  13. Triangulator added a post in a topic Why are these gamebreaking eggs allowed?   

    I hear you. It is just hard to take anything positive or constructive out of this thread with that back and forth.
    I don't believe the eggs are breaking PvP because if you are engaginv in OWPvP there is a good likelihood you have a stash on you from your farming. They will not turn the tide in a gank, because a good ganking leaves the victim without room for reaction. Even those that will use them in the future to avoid death/gank or secure a win, are on a limited stock over time. 
    A global cooldown or shared cooldown with potions would be a welcome addition to the eggs. But, in my opinion, event items designed 'for fun' should not be marginalized in favour of 'fairness'. 
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  14. Triangulator added a post in a topic Why are these gamebreaking eggs allowed?   

    Holy crap. Sparkly Unicorn is knocking out the OP. Well played, sir. The man with the infinite egg basket story ran a very close 2nd. 
    You should be ashamed of yourself OP. Based on your overeactions in this thread I doubt you would stand a chance against anyone in PvP with or without the eggs. It would seem as if you would just start fat fingering and forgetting your comboable skills, as your eyes slowly start tearing up. Darwin will sort you out in time.
    Grow up, and move on.
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  15. Triangulator added a post in a topic Sharing a golden fishing spot   

    Just had a laugh at these two sentences. You got defensive over someone calling you defensive, and then stated your opinions and claimed them as facts. #internet101
    Thanks for sharing the hotspot. There is a map online with all gold and blue fishing spots, can be found on reddit. Will link it later on this board.
    EDIT: Interactive Fisher's Map
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