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  1. Kageris added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    lol im left Russian version of game coze its p2w and im know 4 community of RU players who left game coze of p2w at start tottal members in these comm's. about 7000+
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  2. Kageris added a topic in General   

    I come from RU servers coze P2W and now you.
    I come from RU servers coze they have tottaly P2W model and now you after hal fyear going SAME way and they have f2p model you b2p... so ITS ok Legion come 2 WOW....... time 2 delite BDO if this  changes going on live severs.
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  3. Kageris added a post in a topic Godna (KR) vs equally geared valk   

    Maehawa  aweak  fokin uslees piano.....  Blader spamm  2 buttons good job blow jobe daum
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  4. Kageris added a post in a topic So Ninja or Kuno for strong PvE and PvP ?   

    my Sacura in 17-18 gear and PRI Jawels 56 lvl in 2  times stronger  lel.
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  5. Kageris added a post in a topic So Ninja or Kuno for strong PvE and PvP ?   

    it was worst  and unneeded classes on kr before  aweke.... weak in pvp and pve. ever classes is better that this 2
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  6. Kageris added a post in a topic EU/NA leveling slower then RU/KR in 3 times.   

    no problem wi retarded  mad  nolifers kid in this tred coze they alredy  done in there life, but  you will realize when aweke weapons go that you need 58-59.... and all casual  will go anather game and yea you wil say BB NUB but after there will be no more players and they do f2p model and you also say HELLO p2w and  go off from game.
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  7. Kageris added a topic in General   

    EU/NA leveling slower then RU/KR in 3 times.
    RU/KR version have 2-3 time per month exp  event 200-300% NOT 30% LIKE we.
    RU/KR veriosn have premium account  30% exp 15 days (7 millions from maerket)  and Tomes of War 50% exp 7days (15 mil from market) you say they p2w model OK Russian b2p server have passive premium 30% and  Tome of War fro NPC  and silver price.
    Im casual careober and take 56-57 lvl on KR  for 15 days playing 1 hour per day and less. on Ru server wis exp event 9 days/ ( evry PK on RU server -3%exp and - Crystals)
    on EU i will get my 57 in 35 days playing in same way.  And you say EU version for casuals.......
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  8. Kageris added a post in a topic Drop rate on Hard and sharp cystals nerfed?   

    192 Energy 5 hard
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  9. Kageris added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    why do you install  KR update on EU servers? You know that thet have Valansia like 1 year and middle lvl is 59 gear 18-19...... you just  cutting half of gamplay for us. Also WTF wis balance for  aweake weapons when we havent awake?
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  10. Kageris added a post in a topic Wizard solo farming painful   

    30 Accurasy 40% more dmg
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  11. Kageris added a post in a topic Russian ninja event rewards   

    after you repeat this in Russian thy)
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  12. Kageris added a post in a topic Russian ninja event rewards   

    Russian have p2w model and uur localizationcompany is bandits and robbers whos fuk all in ass sory. Also 10k ppl get documents 2 police about our localizators+ in our local comany works faired dicks from others company for example our localizator dircot selling TOp gear in other MMORPG for TOp guild players.
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  13. Kageris added a post in a topic If Ninja doesn't get free lvl 50-55 start I'm done   

    loled  1-56 lvl can be done in 1 day at gear 16-18... go done someesle
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  14. Kageris added a topic in General   

    Russian ninja event rewards
    Free pet )

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  15. Kageris added a topic in General   

    When you finally get T7 horse.
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