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  1. Asunay added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    i cant do anything in node war with this bug, it's unplayble. 2 shot and I die without shield and my stat are 223 AP and 313DP..........
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  2. Asunay added a post in a topic [Notice] Known Issues - Apr. 26 *Updated*   

    fix valk shield!!
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  3. Asunay added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    server up
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  4. Asunay added a post in a topic Confused and frustrated about money making.   

    I dont grind ( bored to grind, i'm only lvl 58), I fish a lot master28 and i can make about 50mil every day, sometimes i Cook  (but i cooked a lot i the past, master 19 here), and i have full boss gear tet, dandelion tet, kutum tet, crescent trix2, Sicil tri, basilisk tri and 2x tungrade duo, so you can make all money do you need without grind, only with afk play. I forgot to sai that i have a t8 pure breed lvl 30 with all skill
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  5. Asunay added a post in a topic How to power lvl cooking?   

    Master 19 here. Serendia, balenos and knight combat ration. Easy to craft( sure not easy like beer) and give more exp, cause they need high life skill lvl ( more than beer :p). 
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  6. Asunay added a post in a topic Valentines Day Popularity Event - Winners   

    from patch note
    Sample: If you participated 6 times and kept all the 6 letters from NPCs,  You’ll receive a total of 3 types of  prize packs from casting 1/3/5 votes
    I dont read "same NPC", anywhere. So wrong event description???
    thank you for nothing
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  7. Asunay added a post in a topic BDO - Margoria Fishing Guide   

    any1 understand how fishing resource work in this new areas ?
    I fished for two days and it was abundant, then it changed to exausted, I dont think so many ppl go to fish there to do it
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  8. Asunay added a post in a topic Please remove pearl shop gifts   

  9. Asunay added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 18th   

    Master1 gathering here. I got less hard/shard with that event than usual
    i gather every day, using about 3 tool
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  10. Asunay added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    @CM_Yukimura un italiano yeaaaaahhhh  
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  11. Asunay added a post in a topic PSA: 90 Value Pack is worth less than 3 x 30 day   

    It give more ingame money if u sell it, because of the 5 items/week limit.
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  12. Asunay added a post in a topic Marketplace Tax Ninja Nerf   

    It was 15,5% from july, when value pack was added
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  13. Asunay added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 14th   

    9 hours for this useless patch?
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  14. Asunay added a post in a topic Lavientia Event informations   

    Got 1 pearl and 1 diamond after 3 hours of Mansha grinding
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  15. Asunay added a post in a topic The Blackstone crysis Nouvember 2016   

    Night vendor 90% of times show BS (5x BS pack too)
    120k BS Armor
    150k BS Weapon
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