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  1. Autonomous added a post in a topic Taking tons of damage   

    Double your DP.
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  2. Autonomous added a post in a topic I used to be able to play on High / Medium but now...   

    Low power card mode or auto frame optimizer?
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  3. Autonomous added a post in a topic Should I awaken Ninja?   

    If you love someone, let them sleep.
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  4. Autonomous added a post in a topic Crafted costumes   

    Edans Travel wear was 100% worth it for me and there was an enormous difference in my awk chase going from +2 Movement speed to +4.
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  5. Autonomous added a post in a topic Resist vs Ignore Resist   

    240 AP should be just about enough to cancel out his 30% ignore.
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  6. Autonomous added a post in a topic Blackstone Powder shortage.... Any remedies on the way?   

    I finally stopped giving a f*%£ and ground down my black stone weapons.  They can give up to 99 BSP each and they literally drop. Off. Of. Everything. 
    Some people called me nuts, but I'm happy with my 30k black stone powder in the bank.
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  7. Autonomous added a post in a topic Musa dash cancel   

    Is there a costume we can convert that has MS???
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  8. Autonomous added a post in a topic Effects   

    Press Z and absorb it?  Aside from that maybe lowering your textures, optimization mode or(if there is an option) removing your own spell effects.
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  9. Autonomous added a post in a topic What move is this?   

    yeah, you're absolutely right.
     After the secret spinner, you can go into normal spinner and the ATT speed bonus does not stack so I guess it's only there to look flashy in PVE.  I was hoping that the final move would be some amazing secret down smash.  Meh...
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  10. Autonomous added a post in a topic Musa or Maehwa?   

    Musa fits what you're looking for.
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  11. Autonomous added a post in a topic What move is this?   

    Defintely not Spinner as it chains off Crust Crusher and I haven't been able to perform it stand alone.
    Any Musa that has ever used Spinner in PVP only has to do it once to realize it equates to an instant respawn. ;)
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  12. Autonomous added a topic in Musa   

    What move is this?
    After performing Crust Crusher press Down+Left Click.
    My Musa does some upper swing, followed by a poke, followed by a forward windmill attack, ending with a downward swipe. 
    I did this accidentally while farting around on some green mobs.  Does anyone have any info on it, does it give Super Armor, does it apply down attack or down smash or is it another skill that will leave us open to the CCmageddon that is Red Battlefield?
    thanks for any feedback given.
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  13. Autonomous added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

    Lovin these DK pics....
    ...wait did that sound right?
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  14. Autonomous added a post in a topic best potions to run?   

    Blue grade Demihuman or Human hunt depending on mobs.  If you're fighting golems or mobs with what looks like a "Green Deer Head" icon next to their names, that means they have high defense, use elixir of penetration to bypass the DP.
    If you're lazy then just use the +attack one(frenzy/fury/carnage???)
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  15. Autonomous added a post in a topic White Horn Warrior Bow vs Rosar   

    With most classes being able to one shot us I can't imagine 50hp being better than evasion(if rosar gives more).
    at 2980HP if I get put on my back in pvp(which is all the phuking time) I will be dead long before I can stand back up.  I'm actually considering replacing my BM Cobelinus with Down ATK evasion 10%.
    That's a sick build on a wizard, they can already mop the floor with multiple people and  buffing their evasion+Iframes would make them terrible to fight against.
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