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  1. NoMercy added a post in a topic Life Skill Transfer   

    +1 for this. I have Masters on one character and masters on another. Would be good to have a life transfer skill coupon. Would happily pay for it.
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  2. NoMercy added a post in a topic Remove Xp loss on Death.   

    No lag problems here, Have you considered its your end?
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  3. NoMercy added a post in a topic I'm the only one who feels like the priority in the game is character with tits?   

    "I'm the only one who feels like the priority in the game is character with tits?
    DUDE i just love the title.... straight to the point! absolutely agree.... i'm sick of new character costumes looking like finalists for world of Sl*gs, brothels and street walkers...
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  4. NoMercy added a post in a topic Kamasylve Channels ~ A New Approach   

    ER? no..... People would use this to fast level even more and gain advantage by channel hoping, if you enter this channel then you shouldn't be allowed back into the other channels.
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  5. NoMercy added a post in a topic Implement the Korean karma system into NA/EU   

    Nope NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE! it would result in PKer's abusing the system and killing innocent PVE'rs by just trolling every mob area in the world..
    The system isnt perfect but is allot better than what the KR server has changed too. I'm glad that the EU server is not this way.
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  6. NoMercy added a post in a topic Remove country restriction = more players more money for you kakao   

    its not as simple as just removing the restrictions, there are allot of things before that can be done.
    1. Additional servers for that region.
    2. Staff to maintain those servers.
    3. Complying with laws with that country.
    4. PR campaign to advertise in that country.
    5. Market research.
    6. Language translation additions which means more programming.
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  7. NoMercy added a post in a topic Fix your server (✿◡‿◡)   

    I have no problems with any of the servers, ever thought it could be your end?
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  8. NoMercy added a topic in Suggestions   

    Storage Increase for Port Epheria
    There seems to be upgrades for every town, apart from Port Epheria. Please can this Storage upgrade be added to the Pearl Store. 
    Many Thanks
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  9. NoMercy added a post in a topic PVP Server   

    Its going to sound surprising to some people i know here but I'm a hardcore PVE player and I AM PRO PVP. What I am a little concerned with is how PVP is designed and operated in this game. I think with a little time and effort it can be redesigned in order to make it work for both Waring parties.
    There must be a way that hasn't been explored in order for this game to balance both PVE and PVP so the vast majority is happy?
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  10. NoMercy added a post in a topic PVP Server   

    Why do people ALWAYS resort to insults? what is the point? All you are showing is how immature you are being and I'm sure in RL you are allot smarter, lets please curb the insult and keep to the topic at hand please.
    Now a PVP channel would be advantageous since hopefully is will encourage the PVPers to play there and leave PVEers alone to do what they want to do.
    Remember, PVP and PVE must be in the pursuit of balance in this game, its not perfect, but we must make the best of what we have.
    A PVP channel and a PVE channel would be a good idea personally. I think ti will reduce the amount of complaints this game seems to be having.
    It seems to be the same old record playing..... the PVE/PVP dilemma..... I think the devs really needs to weigh in on this since we constantly see threads on this without some closure from the devs on their say on this.  
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  11. NoMercy added a post in a topic Implement the Korean karma system into NA/EU   

    This has nothing to do with ego, this has to do with fairness as a whole. Its true, I don't believe PVP in this type of game works fairly, no matter how many times they change it IF they change it there will always be a group which will say they are at a loss and a group that says it is fine. You have to take into account casual players too. Not everyone can spend hours a day at this game but still want to enjoy it when they do get time. Its not fair being bullied out of an area by a stronger opponent because you haven't had the time to spend loads of time playing a game due to RL. Players shouldn't be disadvantaged because even tho the motivation to play loads is there, they just can't allocate the time for what ever RL issues they have, you can say that players that play loads shouldn't be disadvantaged aswell.
    I know the system isn't perfect but I think its working the best it can at the moment.
    In your case my addition would work well, the intention to XP loss for attackers were to griefers and trolls only.
    I agree its a broken system, I'm glad they removed XP loss and maybe bringing it back for either the attacker or the victim would be a bad idea.... but removing karma would just increase PVP Trolls, griefers and abusers while increasing it will make PVP unplayable.... so in short I don't know what the answer is that will make everyone happy.
    What they do need to do is fix the party XP boosters and party XP Share.... you need to make being in a party more beneficial and attractive, giving more shared XP between party members AND better XP boosters the more players you have in a party, this will deter people muscling in while giving better XP while farming.
    We will have to agree to disagree then since I think Karma Bombing doesn't exist. I just share, Never had a problem and I've farmed every area, If I have problems I just move or change channel, even if I was there first, Its allot quicker and easier in my opinion. This False sense of entitlement which people think they can claim a spot is beyond ridiculous and funny at the same time to me.... its just a game....no point getting your knickers in a twist over....it just creates animosity and is very toxic.
    If these people harass you just move, be the bigger man and don't retaliate, you lost time by constantly fighting where if you moved of changed channel you could have saved yourself time and done more farming elsewhere. That's what I do and im a such happier farmer for it and less stressed over it.
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  12. NoMercy added a post in a topic Implement the Korean karma system into NA/EU   

    Interesting..... well allow me to retort....
    if someone sat close to me I would say:
    " can you move down a bit so we can both share the seat " if they do, great! if they don't I would SCREAM MY F**KING HEAD OFF RIGHT IN THEIR FACE UNTIL THEY MOVED!!
    Real life is very different to the game, in real  life i could push them off, that accounts for assault and I get arrested under the law and prosecuted, there is the deterrent...like the karma system...bad attitude incurs bad consequences.... you can't share and kill someone in-game just because you refuse to share and it takes you a little longer to get that EXP then.... prepare to be punished....
    I'm sorry but this accounts to greedy people wanting a whole area to themselves.... there are i think 36 channels now... lets say there are 150 good spots per channel, and I'm being very generous with the numbers here, that 5400 good spots in the game at any one time..... census says their are over 90,000 EU players above 56, reduce by 66% so 30,000 fully active players, lets further reduce by 66% and say 10,000 are grinders.... even when we reduce the numbers dramatically there STILL isn't enough to go round...
    My advice.... share.... 
    Yes, but as an addition to karma loss for the person you unfairly killed you, not the victim...
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  13. NoMercy added a post in a topic Difficulty Level Increase - Simple Idea   

    Try fighting enemy in the desert or in the arkham realms, 60+ level with 200 ap and 300 dp is still hard, maybe you need to find harder enemies. 
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  14. NoMercy added a post in a topic Implement the Korean karma system into NA/EU   

    not your spot, you don't own anything in the game, game belongs to everyone, learn to share and stop being greedy. 
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  15. NoMercy added a post in a topic Implement the Korean karma system into NA/EU   

    Karma bombing is just something PVP griefers made up when players refuse to be bullied out of an area by either returning or using tears they paid for. 
    The karma system is ok the way it is.... in fact I say it isn't punishing enough, the amount of karma lost when killing someone unfairly should be increased. 
    No such thing as karma bombing... 
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