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  1. Fyrel added a post in a topic Blue Parts for Epheria Sailboat   

    The Hekaru and Ocean stakers can be done solo but you will need to return to port to repair after each fight.
    You can make a party with anyone but random people are going to want to share the loot.
    If you party with a guildie you can also trade the items using the guild storage or the guild ship.
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  2. Fyrel added a post in a topic Alchemy Pearl Costume   

    Don't think there is one coming since the +5 clothes gives a 7s reduction.
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  3. Fyrel added a post in a topic Kutum DOES seem to have hidden damage (testing within)   

    Resistances decrease damage?
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  4. Fyrel added a post in a topic Missing Workers.....   

    Have you tried opening the map clicking on the map icon for Olvia and then opening the worker list.
    This should just show the workers in that town.
    No idea why they aren't getting fed when you use feed all though.
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  5. Fyrel added a post in a topic Please explain why players voluntarily downgrade gear?   

    It is usually done with cheap armor like rebar.
    The player will have a full set at +14 and they will start throwing blackstones at it to try and build failstacks.
    These failstacks are then used to try and upgrade more expensive pieces of armor or weaponry.
    While doing this sometimes the rebar armor will upgrade to +15.
    Now rebar is useless armor so it isn't worth selling and upgrades after +15 are expensive.
    Once all the rebar is +15 they put it on the negative armor alt and get them killed in the hope that the armor will degrade back to +14.
    The 14-15 upgrade caps out at the lowest chance to succeed so is the most desirable upgrade to try and failstack on.
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  6. Fyrel added a post in a topic Need help with Life skill Profit   

    He will be harvesting lamb meat from goat mountain.
    He will have gathering speed 5, be using shining/ lucky/ magic butchers knife.
    I presume he is also around master level gathering skill since that's around the amount I gather.
    The 1000 meat for 200 energy will be coming from approximately 400 gathers with the greatly reduced energy usage his skill level provides. 
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  7. Fyrel added a post in a topic Musa: Best Alchemy Stone?   

    Pretty sure Destruction and Protection share the same cooldown.
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  8. Fyrel added a post in a topic [request] MANOS BELT GUIDE   

    To craft the belt you will need a level 4 handicraft workshop and a manos goldsmith.
    Monos goldsmiths are only available in Altanova and Valencia city as far as I am aware.
    You need to gather everything yourself or buy it from the marketplace.
    Required ingredients.
    1 hard hide 
    Opal in all forms from rough to moonlight, either gather and process yourself or buy from the market ( fairly easy to come by)
    Normal and resplendent gems of the desired colour,  either gather and process yourself or buy from the market ( fairly easy to come by)
    Coral, you need loads of it per belt since the conversion rate is pretty bad. it's fairly easy to gather but a bit inconvenient due to the swimming
    You can find some on the marketplace but are likely going to have to gather your own. 
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  9. Fyrel added a post in a topic House fame   

    Total level of life skills above pro 1 on all characters divided by 2 +1 I believe.
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  10. Fyrel added a post in a topic Hitting 1k fame   

    To level up processing buy up a load of Flax and Cotton and process it overnight into thread and then Cloth.
    The materials and product are both lightweight allowing for lots of afk processing.
    Use the cloth you are producing to make some life skill clothes for cooking, alchemy, gathering and processing.
    These will increase your exp gain and increase your speed giving a double bonus to your life skilling.
    Cooking and alchemy leveling just produce the cheapest recipe in bulk.
    Better crafting tables will allow you to afk craft larger batches.
    Weight limit will be a limiting factor
    The cooking and alchemy turn ins will generate you loads of cp to help towards your fame total as well.
    Gathering get up to gathering speed 5 and gather whenever materials you need or can sell easily.
    Alternatively you can just grab a load of water bottles and afk gather to burn energy then process it for alchemy use.
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  11. Fyrel added a post in a topic Upgrading an Alchemy stone   

    They can only degrade at sturdy or sharp.
    Upgrading a resplendent stone is a whole new level of scary.
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  12. Fyrel added a post in a topic Having trouble finding a couple of quests   

    "Harpy language" and "Delphe Knights Operation Command"  you should get for doing Margaret's quests in Delphe Knights castle.
    The Punitive Force and the Rescue Party from doing quests chain from Tactician in Delphe Outpost
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  13. Fyrel added a post in a topic Worker Question   

    Your workers don't get any extra while processing the materials.
    You are just throwing money away getting them to do it.
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  14. Fyrel added a post in a topic Does anyone know what melting/heating these give?   

    Bares weapons 
    Pure Platinum Crystal,
    Trace of Battle,
    Iron Shards (Not longbow or staff)
    Seleth weapons 
    Pure Lead Crystal,
    Trace of Death,
    Iron Shards (Not longbow or staff)
    Demihuman weapons 
    Pure Tin Crystal,
    Trace of Savagery,
    Iron Shards (Not longbow or staff)
    Kalis weapons 
    Pure Iron Crystal,
    Trace of Violence,
    Iron Shards (Not longbow or staff)
    Yuria weapons 
    Pure Zinc Crystal,
    Trace of Ascension,
    Iron Shards (Not longbow or staff)
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  15. Fyrel added a post in a topic Best City To setup a cooking empire   

    Probably the correct answer.
    Velia is worth considering for the daily quests and available resource for your workers.
    Your going to have to get your workers gathering from a number of cities in the end so it really doesn't matter.
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