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  1. Micariel added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    well if you make this comparison... the play the game pong or stargoose now. They are old DOS games. You would not even able to play them because of the high frame rate. Because the motions in there are calculated to fast.
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  2. Micariel added a post in a topic What is the most boring class? Strawpoll!   

    From all Classes that i have played and have been fighting against, Warrior seems to be the most boring. At least from my perspective all you see most warriors do is wait for their 100% to fill up then trying to knockdown you and basically trying to oneshot you with their 100% awakening skill. Other than that they hide behind block.
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  3. Micariel added a post in a topic Let negative karma players defend themselves if attacked   

    tl:dr:  If you didn't read the text because its "to long"...  since reading short text seems to overstrain your neuronal connections you should probably keep them relaxed means you shouldn't even consider to comment either
    Reading just trought the first two pages here makes me hope and wish that all the lifeskiller puppies ("Its your decision to go red, you are a criminal bla bla bla") would go out to actually grind and maybe (hopefully) would have to defend their spot against some griefing butthat so they hopefully don't watch for it and go even 500 negative karma or such. And i really really really hope that other people would be there and immediately attack those puppies as soon as they go red. Making them loose 5% exp, and 4 crystals. Or flag up again to defend themself, then i hope the person attacking them will be smart and let them kill him. So they get another 70k negative karma trying to defend themself.
    I had exactly that once, went to grind some retarded person came in, ignoring party offers trying to fk one up. I killed him accidentially went negative karma because i didn't watch out and of course then people came, saw a red name and attacked, even if asked to stop the retarded people continued. And what would you do then? I got away with minus 500k karma since these retards were not really able to kill me but attacking me over and over. That being said they could have but of course you defend yourself. However i went to another spot to grind the karma back, got back to 350k karma when there came a group of three people. I ignored them, they  were grinding their way until they went into the rotation that i did. So i asked!!! them to consider moving to a different rotation or maybe switch channels. Their decision was... to attack me which was laughable as their equip was way lower and again defending myself and winning the fight netted me another -180k karma as well as a possible report of one of those retard because after they died they were starting to insult me.
    And this is how 80% of this community seems to be.
    (now don't  come to me with "Change channels", or "run away" or such bs, because i would like to see how you run away from a witch or wizzard or change channels mid fight)
    The Karma system as it is, is okay but the thing of "negative Karma player has to flag up to defend themself when being attacked and loosing more karma in the process" is just plain stupid and not a tiny little bit logic and should be fixed.
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  4. Micariel added a post in a topic why is dark knight so neglected? costumes/awakening/information?   

    Is there even a single topic made by yourself that does not include any sort of crying about something?
    Don't be such a crybaby. What happened to your tamer btw?
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  5. Micariel added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    My cute little DK, hope we get more Costumes soon

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  6. Micariel added a post in a topic BOOST YOUR MARKETPLACE BIDDING NOW.   

    50% of 1% chance is still only 1.5% chance.... yay much improvement here and still rng decides who wins and we all know rng is a -----
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  7. Micariel added a post in a topic Original Horse Flute Permanent   

    If its not in your account webpage thingy and on any character then you might open a ticket. No one on the forums can help you with lost items anyway.
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  8. Micariel added a post in a topic Please fix Stealth   

    well iam sorry to disappoint you  but i had mained kunoichi up until Dk release. So yeah thats that. 
    I might write more later  since writing on phone sucks
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  9. Micariel added a post in a topic Items are gone...   

    Why am i not a tiny little bit sorry for this...
    A greed person got rekt by a scam... thats funny.
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  10. Micariel added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    I got all my pets to t4, with the exception of the pinguin and the valentines bird couple (those are just t3) and my dog (which refuses to go to t4), during the last two months. So nothing really nerfed here. Of 8 pets 5 are t4 and only  3 aren't and 2 of those three i cant (though 1 since last maintenance) get to t4 since they are unavailable in marketplace.
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  11. Micariel added a post in a topic How do you sell a Tri Liverto?   

    wednesday right after maintenance is usually the lowest average price which means avg price  -10% = min price. The price slowly rises day by day until next maint. Even though you might not wnd up being the cheapest one you will be one of the cheapest.
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  12. Micariel added a post in a topic When are you going to fix Coherent UI CPU Usage?   

    If you or anyone else has this Coherent UI problem the easiest fix which works for me fine on my second Computer is using the ingame command "/reloadui" without the " ofc.
    I don't have any problems with this at my main Computer which i use for playing bdo while i am actively at home, while my AFK PC which i use while being at work or sleeping does have this CoherentUI problem since March 8th Maintenance. Though it seems to be fixed after yesterdays maint.
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  13. Micariel added a post in a topic How much benefit is there in investing in resource nodes?   

    There is none
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  14. Micariel added a post in a topic The new drama   

    Reported the topic here... obvious trolling
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  15. Micariel added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Well thats true, some are just taken from the Beauty Album... but thats what you get if you post something on the Beauty Album. My DK is unique though i also had different version up on the BA but that one is hightly different than my real char
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