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  1. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic GM lucky box   

    Without screenshot this is like saying youve seen Bigfoot irl
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  2. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic Event random boxes...anyone gotten the top item?   

    Isnt he talking about the alchemy stone worth 1bn?
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  3. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic kzarka or liverto which best for DK?   

    You cant go wrong on any class with this setup
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  4. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic How much have you spent?   

    Neither me or my rl mate have ever gotten one off the mp and weve been trying for months. Its actually next to impossible on the EU server
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  5. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic Bro's, that PVE map could be EPIC   

    There is a english KuF2 Version, i think in SEA: That was really well playable with a proxy. Game didnt have the dw feeling at all. BDO is way closer to dw
    e: not sure if that KuF2 SEA version is still alive, when i played it there were next to no players and updates where also way behind the schedule of the official version
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  6. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic Did Certain Elites Just Get Harder?   

    They are actually the same as Shadows of Gahaz now and they also both drop Seraps now
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  7. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic Musa or Maehwa ?   

    Musa is better for farming and does more AOE dmg while Maewha is more single target.
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  8. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic Value pack price   

    But pls for the love of god stop selling the same costumes over and over again. Make the game look more unique by selling lesser offered costumes.
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  9. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic Bro's, that PVE map could be EPIC   

    As a die-hard dw fan ive to disagree. The combat system here is what dynasty warriors couldve been.
    I rly would want such a mode tho
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  10. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic Armor reform stones broken?   

    It always worked like that, they just have a lower chance of upgrading to ultimate
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  11. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic Getting fishing ability to +5   

    There is several ways. Join a guild that has fishing upgraded, get a pet with +1 fishing, use steel/golden rods or buy the magikarp costume
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  12. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic Black Spirit quest line is long af now.   

    You dont get the inventory slots if u dont do the BS boss quests
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  13. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic We need a "Re-roll Ticket" in the pearlshop.   

    Good idea, lets all just play the same class. We do a monthly rotation id say
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  14. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic Please bring back Cutscenes   

    LOL thats exactly how i thought it was either.
    Its actually pretty stupid how they constantly remove this stuff. Just like now when Bartali says "... when i first met you in olvia". New players never meet him in olvia lul
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  15. ZebraNinja added a post in a topic My few months' worth of experience.   

    Is this a new trend? To tell people that actually write productive stuff to basically ----- off and instead read the same whining oneliners?
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